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EnergyCore™ windows offer the very best in cutting edge technology. Our AirCell Technology windows are a revolutionary product, combining quality components and construction to make an attractive, energy efficient, and durable product.
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EnergyCore™ Windows far exceed today’s EnergyStar standards by using only the very best in materials. We offer a wide range of products in an assortment of colors. Our optional SuperCap Technology uses new exterior color technology, which absorbs less solar heat and provides superior durability.We are producing the next generation of energy savings. Our windows use the latest in technology to insulate from both the cold and heat. This technology does more than just keep a cool home. It translates directly to marked cost savings through significantly decreased energy bills.The EnergyCore™ material blocks thermal conductivity 6X better than fiberglass, 4X better than rigid PVC, and 3X better than wood. As a result, EnergyCore™ windows deliver superior energy performance.

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Thermally superior, patent-pending AirCell™ design.The EnergyCore™ Window is built with the technologies essential to a window’s overall energy efficiency and durability. Combining AirCell™ frame technology with high performance features such as triple-pane glass and standard exceeding composite spacers, the EnergyCore™ window gives you the most energy efficient, cost reducing window you can purchase.

Thermal modeling optimized insulation placement using insulation-fused profiles.

The system’s tri-extruded frame profiles have an engineered insulating core. EnergyCore™ frames improve full window U-factors (how much heat is lost through the window, low U-factors are best) by almost 15% over hollow vinyl window frames.

The products in the system are designed to accommodate triple glazing and reduce air infiltration to further enhance energy performance.

Exceeds Energy Star requirements.

EnergyCore™ windows using high-performance triple glazing significantly exceed today’s Energy Star criteria. Standards for energy efficiency and environmental programs such as Energy Star, NAHB’s National Green Building Standard, and LEED will continue to require windows with the best thermal.


  • Thermally bonded to extrusion = efficient manufacturing
  • 100% profile fill = superior insulating
  • 100% PVC = fully weldable
  • 100% recyclable = no landfill waste
  • Welded corners = better insulating
  • Saves labor/cleanup = cost savings

Manual Foam-Filled

  • Secondary manual fill = higher labor costs
  • Incomplete fill voids/gaps = less efficient insulation
  • Non-PVC material insulation = non-weldable
  • Non-recyclable = potential landfill waste
  • Not weldable = inefficient insulating ability
  • Labor intensive/generates scrap and requires cleanup = increased costs


Energy efficient windows are important. However, they aren’t the only consideration for homeowners. Color and style are just as important when purchasing windows for you home.
Our standard interior and exterior colors are White, Almond or Adobe offering smooth clean lines to your home’s design. We also have premium color options for you as well including pre-finished wood grain laminates in natural maple, light oak, medium oak, and cherry.

Another option for homeowners is our premium exterior colors manufactured to stand up to intense UV exposure. Our frame exterior colors feature optional patient-pending SuperCapSR color. The result of military infrared reflective technology, a SuperCapSR surface reflects 76% of infrared light to reduce solar heat and prevent heat-related frame distortion. Co-extruded with a thermally fused acrylic, the highly durable color layer is scratch-resistant and 12 times harder than paint for beauty that lasts. The colors available in the SuperCapSR include architectural bronze, hunter green, adobe, and brick red.

Like our color options, we also have several window style options available to homeowners as well. The window style you choose not only provides a visual appeal to your home but it also affects how you view the world outside of your home. Our window style options include tilt double hung, single hung, casement, single slider, round top, picture, half circle, awning, circle, octagonal, eyebrow, half eyebrow, trapezoid, and triangle windows. To get an idea of what each window style looks like there are examples to the left.
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