3 Tips And Tricks For Preventing Birds From Flying Into Energy Efficient Windows | Southlake, TX

3 Tips And Tricks For Preventing Birds From Flying Into Energy Efficient Windows | Southlake, TX

Did you know that 1 billion birds a year die from flying into the window? It could be because they don’t see the window at all or because they see their reflection and attack it since they’re territorial. Either way, having birds continue flying into your windows is not only upsetting but also problematic.

If you’ve recently had energy efficient windows installed in your home in Southlake, TX, you might want to implement some preventative measures to ensure that few birds will fly into the windows. Most energy efficient windows are double pane or triple pane, so the amount of damage that the birds can do will be minimal. However, you still don’t want the birds to accidentally damage or weaken the overall structure of the windows.

You can implement the following preventative measures at any time. Many window installation companies in Southlake, TX may even recommend that you implement these measures, as they offer additional benefits.

#1. Install a One-Way Coating Over the Glass Panes

One of the simplest things that you can do to prevent birds from flying into your window is to install a one-way coating over the glass panes. This creates a type of reflection or blacks out the energy efficient windows so that the birds are fully aware that the windows are present.

These coatings can offer many additional benefits. For one, they offer additional privacy, which is particularly important for those who live on busy streets. Two, the coatings can enhance the energy efficiency rating of the energy efficient windows by preventing even more heat from diffusing across the glass panes. Three, some of these coatings also do an excellent job at increasing the noise-proofing properties of the windows, which is, once again, particularly important for those who live on busy streets.

The good news is that these window curtains are fairly easy to install on energy efficient windows. Some energy efficient windows even come with them already installed. However, if they do not, a window installation company can easily do this either before or after they install the windows. There are so many different options for you to choose from and a good window installation company will walk you through the pros and cons of various features.

#2. Consider Getting Window Accessories, Like Shutters

Another thing that you can consider doing is getting window accessories like shutters installed on the windows. Shutters come in various styles and designs, and many of them can enhance the overall aesthetics of your energy efficient windows and your home. For example, raised panels offer a Victorian style and Louvered shutters, which have angled slats, are great for classical homes. The latter even allows air and light to pass through.

If you are interested in installing shutters, there are several different things you need to consider. For example, you need to consider whether you will be installing shutters for every window. For the sake of consistency, you really should do this. You should also consider the type of material that the shutters will be made from and whether you want to go for something that is standard for something that’s customized.

Much like with window coatings, shutters can also help enhance the overall energy efficiency of the windows. They can prevent a lot of heat from escaping your home during the winter and from entering during the summer. Shutters can also give you more privacy.

#3. Install Netting Outside

Last but not least, you can consider installing netting outside the windows. The nets will not only destroy the windows so that the birds know that they are present, but they also offer some type of cushion in the event that the birds do fly into the windows.

If you have a sliding window or a window that opens up, nothing can also help prevent dirt, dust, and other contaminants from entering your home. It can also prevent critters and bugs from getting in as well when your windows are open. This means that you’ll be able to keep your windows open at all times and enjoy a nice breeze through your home without any worries. This can also indirectly lower your energy bills during the summer because you won’t need to turn on your AC as often. Oftentimes, you can get by opening a window and allowing the breeze inside.

If you are interested in installing netting, you’ll need to speak with a representative from a window installation company to see whether there is netting already pre-designed for the windows you have at home or whether you’re going to need to get custom ones. You might also want to take this time to learn about the netting material and the mesh count, as it could have an effect on your overall experience.

We Can Help You Find a Solution!

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