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I want to give my special thanks out to Richard and for being a part of a very professional company.. Energy Windows solutions. It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to work with a fine fantastic company that does fantastic work and knows how to treat a human being for their qualifications of any position…..

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For Flower Mound residents who may still be in need of replacing their windows. . . .Richard Ursetta is a great guy. . .Give him a try. He did our windows and later on we had him do our front door and side light windows. Send me a private message if you want to see them and I will message you my address. (Glenwick Estates).

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They installed three doors. One was a door in the family room that opens onto the patio and the other two doors were French doors from the bedroom leading out to the patio. The entire experience was exceptional. Rich, the owner, came out within a few days of our first phone call. He was awesome and has a passion for what he does and sells.

We had checked with several other companies but we knew after Rich finished answering all of our questions, we were with the right company. The installation team did an outstanding job!! They were true professionals and paid attention to every detail.

Truly amazing from the beginning to the end of the home improvement project!!!

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The house we had just bought had 13+ failed windows and broken patio doors, and I researched window companies to get quotes for just going ahead and replacing all of the windows so they would all match.

If you’ve never been through this process, it’s incredibly confusing and frustrating: every window manufacturer changes aspects of their ratings so it’s very difficult to compare apples to apples and it’s hard to know why pricing varies. And… be prepared to see some numbers that will make your eyes pop.

I ultimately selected Energy Window Solutions in no small part due to Rich Ursetta. I was hesitant about which company to choose for window replacement initially, but Rich really won me over. His bid was certainly not the least expensive quote (but he wasn’t the most expensive either), but here is what really made him stand out.

  1. Rich is not just a sales guy. A lot of the window outfits have a sales guy with little field experience who gives you a quote and then passes the baton to the next team. Rich was my point person and advocate throughout the entire operation and he’s been through it all and he does all the sales and measurements himself (he has very high standards).He has decades of experience in this industry, is *incredibly* knowledgeable, and also has a construction background. I didn’t appreciate the value of this until issues came up and the job was finally complete. He can explain any aspect of windows that you’d ever want to know, is familiar with the install process, can work with GC’s or other trades to ensure the windows are installed the correct way, is meticulous with his measurements, and helps you understand and navigate the window industry in general. (For example: Many window outfits promise a warranty and then go out of business 10 years later, so pick a well-known and established company.) Energy Window Solutions offers a lifetime warranty and they’ve been in business a very long time.Also, a testament to him, during his *quote*, he noticed that my concrete underneath the patio doors wasn’t actually touching the bottom of the doors by about 0.5 cm. This was a critical detail that numerous other people missed, including two property inspectors that I hired before purchasing the house.
  2. Rich is accountable, prompt with responses, stands behind his work, and gets things done RIGHT. I learned an incredible amount about windows from this experience, including how any wood rot exposed when the old windows were removed needs to be corrected and replaced. His install team (Kurt, Steve) is top notch, nice and friendly guys, and did a beautiful job with all of the carpentry for the new flashing and wood rot replacement.After the install was done and the bill was paid, I noticed that one window was leaking. I called Rich and in less than 24 hours his install team was back to correct the issue. It was due to an old piece of flashing they had originally opted not to replace, but ended up correcting it after the fact at N/C. (They had replaced everything else, but they said that one seemed fine, turned out it wasn’t). On a big job like this, things happen and what’s important is how they take care of you when they do.That is the level of customer service I’ve come to really respect and admire from Rich. Before/during the sale, he must have been out to my house at least 10 times for everything from keeping an eye on the install, to double-checking measurements, to talking to my GC about how the concrete patio should be poured, to even hopping over my fence (!) on my request to take some measurements when I wasn’t available to be there. After the sale, he treats you like a friend and takes care of you.
  3. The windows are fantastic. They look amazing, super high quality, feel cool to the touch even on a hot summer day here, and Rich even suggested some changes to the window style on one of the windows that I didn’t fully appreciate until it was installed.

I couldn’t be more pleased and enthusiastic about recommending Rich and Energy Window Solutions. And make sure to check out “Dutch Shine Window Cleaning” to shine up your new windows, AMAZING!
Dan C – Dallas, Tx

Energy Windows Solutions replaced 23 windows and 4 doors. Major adjustments were required due to how the house had been built.

The windows consisted of triple glazed glass with the primary glass, a thicker width than that offered by the other four contractors I negotiated with. The windows utilize a stronger core filled frame, special glazing and argon glass.
I have found one gets what they pay for and a lot of windows that were presented offered minimal energy savings.

The bonus was that final price of our quality windows and doors was less or equal to that offered by the competition. If you are looking for a quality product with a trained professional installations do yourself a favor, make sure Energy Solutions is one of the first contractors you talk to. The factory is located in Fort Worth and it was well worth the time to visit and watch the windows being made.

We highly recommend Energy Windows solutions for product, quality of installation and cost.

They installed three large windows that are triple paned. They removed three large picture windows in the front of my house which were sealed shut and installed triple pane windows. They replaced the wood and everything needed.

The work was definitely installed and completed as expected. Wonderful wonderful installers.

Old windows set in stucco had to be cut out and replaced. They refilled in the stucco and did an excellent job. Most all other installers will not do more then just set the window in place leaving the damage to the stucco as done. It is very difficult to get another company to come in and do that repair of the stucco after another installer has left the damage.

They do not do the painting of the stucco but that can be easily done. Richard was attentive to the job done and the installers were just great and knew what to do to get the job done. My neighbors have also used his service and are remarking that they are very satisfied. One who did not remarked that he knows you get what you pay for when comparing the difference in installation and quality. We were anxious to get the windows done and the wait to get them was worth it. The windows were upgraded from what we ordered because of a manufacturing mishap and the wait of having them redone.

Richard went out of his way to make sure that we were taken care of and got the job done as we had requested. He also made sure that the cleanup was done to my satisfaction. The installer was polite and knowledgeable of the job of installation. Quite frankly after some bad window nightmare mishaps, I was ready to adopt Richard and his company as family.

Excellent Job. Love the windows!

These guys were very professional, got in and out much quicker than expected, great people. my neighbors were also impressed with the products and craftsmanship so much that they both have now used energy windows on both of their homes. Three houses together. We have a remarkable difference in our utility bills now due to the windows and doors; in fact both neighbors have made similar comments when we have gotten together. They came out measured, and then it took about two weeks for the windows to be made, only took one day for them to put them in. I stayed home that day just to watch and have someone around, the crew was super nice and fast, these guys knew what they were doing.

The siding crew came out and let us choose colors, we picked two colors, one for the siding and another for the trim. It took them about two weeks for the material to come in. Then they spent less than a week doing the outside of our home. I’ve had two other siding contractors look at our house and both asked who put our siding on for us. Apparently the guys spend much more attention to detail than most contractors. The vertical lines of the siding match perfectly with the lines in the soffit. when you stand back it truly looks well done. My hats off to these guys, I originally was planning to do the work myself, we are so glad to have hired these guys, I don’t believe we would have had quite as nice of result.

For the price we are very pleased at how this work will save us time and money, and as my wife says it was cheaper than we thought it would be.

Installed 15 new energy efficient windows on the back of our now 20 year old home. The windows are triple paned with a very nice finish out on the outside. They open easily and tilt for cleaning.

We had been looking at windows for quite a while. We had 5 different companies come in. We asked for references and drove around to see what their finished product looked like on the homes in our area. Some companies we could eliminate immediately because we did not like the appearance of the windows on the home. This company’s finished product looked great so we hired them.

Everything went smoothly. They came out and showed us their products and did an estimate. Their triple paned product was very impressive and priced about the same as some double paned products we had seen. They were able to offer several window solutions that fit our needs. They called an made an install appointment about 4 weeks after we placed the order.

The installing team was very good and there were 5 of them so the job was done efficiently. They cleaned the windows and were very careful in my home covering all the furniture to minimize the dust. We noticed a couple of small things we needed changed after the installation and they came back and promptly made the changes beyond what our expectations were. We highly recommend them.