Let the light into your home with hinged patio doors. Hinged patio doors are similar to sliding doors, except that they swing in or out on hinges like other doors throughout your home. Hinged patio doors can give your home a classic style or a modern twist depending on the door you choose. Whether you are looking for the charm and strength of the designer patio door system or increased energy-efficiency and durability of Prestige Vinyl Patio Doors, we have the option that is right for you. Designer patio door systems work elegantly in any home. We can match your home’s style and needs with one of our doors. With customization options such as unequal door widths as well as other height and width size possibilities we can create the perfect door for you. Homeowners may be more familiar with other terms describing hinged patio doors such as garden doors and French doors.

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Hinged Door Configuration Options

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Designer Colors Options
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Swinging patio doors are also called hinged patio doors. These doors operate in much the same fashion as standard exterior doors. They are full view glass panels and often hang in pairs. The doors are center hung, hinged on either side of a central mullion and open much as butterfly wings.

French patio doors are very similar. The doors are hinged at the side jambs so that the door panels meet when closed. The latching mechanism is contained in an astragal (a component designed to help seal your doors against the weather) mounted to one of the doors. When French doors open, the entire area between the hinges is clear.

You can significantly improve your home’s energy performance with our ComforTech™ Warm Edge Glazing System. Every ComfortTech glass package features a NO-METAL spacer between the panes of glass and gas filled cavities. These features provide you with highly energy efficient glass and a warmer glass edge.

One of our most popular door manufactures is ProVia Door. Visit their website and find more comprehensive information on their door selection.

Mylar 10-Layer Vapor Barrier

The spacer used in our glass, Super Spacer®, is made from a thermoset foam matrix. Made with a 10-layer moisture barrier to keep moisture out and gas kept in. The combination of these features makes conductivity virtually nonexistent, reducing your homes energy consumption.

We make sure the window manufacturing process is done correctly down to the smallest detail. Our robotic paint process combined with a controlled environment ensures a consistent, even coating every time, ensuring that your windows do not have any flaws.

Hinged Door Configurations

Your door’s customization does not end with its width or height. You can also choose how many glass panes are in your door and where you open your door. We have several different configurations for you to choose from.

3 Lite Right Door – This door has three glass panes. The far right pane is where the door opens.

3 Lite Left Door – This door has three glass panes. The far left pane is where the door opens.

3 Lite Center Right Handle Door – Like the other 3 Lite Right door, except the center pane opens the door and the door handle is on the right hand side.

3 Lite Center Left Handle Door – Like the other 3 Lite Left door, except the center pane opens the door and the door handle is placed on the left hand side.

2 Lite Right Door – This door has two glass panes with the pane on the right opening the door.

2 Lite Right Door Left Handle – This door has two glass panes and the right side pane opens the door. However, the door handle is on the left hand side of the door.

2 Lite Left Door – This door has two glanes panes with the pane on the left opening the door.

Designer Color Options

When you choose a new patio door you want it to look like as if it has always been a part of your home. We have a large selection of colors that will blend perfectly with the rest of your home. Your color options include:

  • Mountain Berry
  • Snow Mist
  • Rustic Bronze
  • Primrose yellow
  • Café Cream
  • Enzian Blue
  • Sandpiper Beige
  • Sandstone
  • Geneva Blue
  • Forest Green
  • Coal Black
  • Chateau
  • Sterling Gray
  • Tudor Brown
  • Vallis Red
  • Clay

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