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Rehau has been designated as one of the Most Efficient ENERGY STAR qualified products in 2016!
Made right here in fort Worth Rehau windows offer the very best in cutting edge technology. Our AirCell Technology windows are a revolutionary product, combining quality components and construction to make an attractive, energy efficient, and durable product.Rehau Windows far exceed today’s Energy Star standards by using the very best in materials. We offer a wide range of products in an assortment of colors. Our optional SuperCap Technology uses new exterior color technology which absorbs less solar heat and provides superior durability.We are producing the next generation of energy savings. Our windows use the latest in technology to insulate from both the cold and heat. This technology does more than just keep a cool home, it translates directly to marked cost savings through significantly decreased energy bills.

The Rehau material blocks thermal conductivity 6X better than fiberglass, 4X better than rigid PVC, and 3X better than wood. As a result, Rehau windows deliver superior energy performance.


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Energy core windows are built to last. Homeowners in Lewisville can choose them confidently when considering replacement window options. Our windows not only meet the government’s requirements for energy efficiency, they also are reinforced to ensure comfort and improved thermal conductivity for your energy savings. Their quality construction adds value and safety to your home. Our windows are designed in Fort Worth with the North Texas, especially Denton, area in mind.More information on our replacement windows
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Doors are more than the finishing touch to your home. They are both beautiful and functional. For Lewisville homeowners our doors have all the features you want and need. Our doors have a welded sash and frame providing a generous expanse of glass for a larger viewing area and increased structural integrity and quality. For improved energy efficiency, our doors have heavy-duty weather stripping around a deep pocket interlock and on the full perimeter of the door blocking out the harsh weather conditions in the North Texas area.More information on our doors
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Prodigy vinyl siding is a realization of your values. Lewisville homeowners look for several factors from flawless appearance and unsurpassed insulation that can increase the value of their homes, to true maintenance freedom, reduced energy bills and a worry-free warranty, Prodigy is the most evolved siding on the market. Prodigy’s high-performance insulation is form-fit to adhere to the outer panel, providing outstanding strength and durability to withstand the extreme North Texas weather while safeguarding against energy loss.More information on our siding
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We offer homeowners in Lewisville pre-formed gutters, gutter coil for field-formed gutters, and all the accessories to handle the rain removal needs of their homes. We can coordinate and match colors to your home’s exterior. Our gutters are made with durable and environmentally responsible coating systems to ensure we our doing our part to protect the environment. Our sectional gutters are designed with quality and performance in mind by featuring a patented free-floating hanging system that allows the gutter to expand and contract with temperature changes without causing the hangers to loosen.More information on our gutters