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When you choose to purchase your home’s windows from Energy Window Solutions you are buying a quality window that is manufactured in the local area. Each of our windows is made in our factory in Fort Worth, Texas. We pride ourselves on this because not many companies are manufacturing their products at home anymore.

Our manufacturing process begins with lead-free PVC lineal from a global leader in extrusion technology for over 40 years that was cut and welded to fit your windows measurement specifications. We use vinyl profiles for our windows because they are non-conductive (meaning when the sun shines on them, they do not create heat) and performance additives ensure a lifetime of color stability, impact durability, and weather resistance.

The multi-chambered vinyl profiles we use in the manufacturing process have the added benefit of offering more weld surface and creating dead-air spaces, which act as a natural insulator providing your family additional indoor comfort and energy savings.

As the demand for energy saving technology continues to grow, we are leading the window industry with high performance R5 and higher window technology. Whether you choose the clean simplicity of a single-hung window or the handsome good looks of our double-hung window line, you’ve selected superior windows that will stand the test of time and provide outstanding energy savings.

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High Performance
All our windows begin with lead-free PVC lineals.
We use vinyl profiles because they are non-conductive and performance additives ensure a lifetime of color stability, impact and weather resistance.

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