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Sliding patio door systems are an excellent, economical way to protect your home, while getting the benefits of maximum natural lighting.

Sliding patio doors are patio doors that slide open, rather than swing like hinged doors. Sliding patio doors do not require additional space to swing open, which means they occupy less space than hinged doors. Therefore, the space surrounding sliding patio doors can be used for other things. For instance, decorative vases may be placed on either side of sliding patio doors without hindering the door from being opened or closed.

Our sliding patio doors combine all of the features that you want in a door. They are easy to operate and are extremely durable with a long product lifetime. The door’s welded sash and frame provides a large viewing area and stronger structure.

For greater energy reductions, the doors have heavy-duty weather stripping around a deep pocket interlock and on the full perimeter of the door. The doors come in your choice of white or tan solid vinyl, with high quality, attractive handles.

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Solar control for all seasons

Every day, the sun provides an enormous amount of energy. In colder climate areas, this energy is beneficial and welcomed for warming homes.

But summer temperatures throughout the U.S. can reach a blistering level and bring discomfort into the home. Since the majority of solar heat gain comes through your windows and doors, choosing the right glass can be a key factor in comfort and year-round energy savings.

Cardinal CG Company’s LoĒ²-366 glass is the perfect glass for all season comfort. It significantly reduces solar heat gain when compared to ordinary glass. Although it is a clear glass, LoĒ²-366 even outperforms ordinary tinted glass typically used in sunny climates. And though it’s coated, LoĒ²-366 lets the light shine in to warm your house during the cooler winter months.

Features & Benefits:

  • Welded frame and sash enhances structural integrity and eliminates corner leaks.
  • Narrow frame and sash profile provides an increased viewing area.
  • Multi-chambered frame and sash construction enhances thermal and sound transmission characteristics.
  • Weatherstripping on the internal perimeter of frame and the full perimeter of the sash provides superior resistance to air infiltration. Eliminates drafts and provides enhanced energy efficiency.
  • Low-E2 insulated glass is up to 25% thicker than other doors. Keeps your home comfortable and quiet.

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Let the light into your home with Sliding Patio Doors. Choose from the classic charm and strength of the Designer Patio Door System or the energy-efficient durability of Vinyl Patio Doors.
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Depending on the region in which you live, you’ll want door glass that keeps cold out and prevents heat from leaving your home in winter and keeps heat out and air conditioning in during the summer.

Warm Edge Glazing System is designed to do just that. Combined with a high R-value, double- or triple-glass unit, insulating chambers filled with Krypton or Argon gas and Super Spacer technology improves the comfort and energy efficiency of our doors. Our Sliding Door System is available in seven options, including high-performance Low E glass and increased UV protection. All of our doors with glass using our Warm Edge Glazing System and Super Spacer technology are ENERGY STAR qualified for all climate zones.

When choosing a sliding glass door homeowners have several options available in door colors and configurations (how many window panes are used in the door and where it opens).

Door Configurations

  • 2 Lite Right Door – This door has two glass panes with the right pane used to open the door.
  • 2 Lite Left Door – Like the 2 lite right door, however the door opens from the left pane.
  • 3 Lite Right Door – This door has three glass panes, with the far right pane being used to open the door.
  • 3 Lite Left Door – Like the 3 lite right door, however the far left pane is used to open the door.
  • 3 Lite Center Door with right handle Door – Like the other 3 lite door configurations, however the center pane is used to open the door. Also, the door handle is placed on the right side of the center pane.
  • 3 Lite Center Door with left handle Door – Like the 3 lite center door right handle door, however the door handle is placed on the left side of the center pane.
  • 4 Lite Center Door – This door has 4 glass panes. The door is opened from the center two panes. Each of the two panes has their own door handle.

Door Colors

When choosing a Prestige Sliding Glass Door homeowners have several color options available. The colors available to you include sandpiper beige, euro white, dark oak, cherry, and light oak.

Sliding Door Hardware Options

Another option available for homeowners to choose from is the color of the door handle. The color options include white, beige, key lock bright brass, key lock satin nickel.

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