4 Tips On Getting The Best Window Treatments For Your Home Windows: Insights From Your Professional Window Company | Lewisville, TX

4 Tips On Getting The Best Window Treatments For Your Home Windows: Insights From Your Professional Window Company | Lewisville, TX

Windows are the eyes of a home, and if this is true, then a house without window treatments is incomplete. Again, window coverings are to your home as jewelry is to your outfit. Ever been to your friend’s place, and instantly you were wowed by the striking magnificence around their windows? If so, then there’s no refuting that the window treatments played a big part in your getting fascinated.

Perhaps, you might have thought to yourself, “I want exactly that.” But the truth is, there can’t be a shortage of window treatment ideas, not when there’s such a massive wealth of information on the internet. You can always get some great tips.

The only issue might be incorporating them into your space to achieve that desired look. In this blog post, you’ll learn about various window treatments and how to choose the best for your home in Lewisville, TX.

  1. Know Your Window Needs

First things first, before you choose those coverings for your windows, you must understand why you need them.

Window treatments bring a significant style impact on a space, but style shouldn’t be the first thing to look for. It’s a delicate balance between function and aesthetics for the best interior design.

Why is this important? Every room in your home probably needs something different. Thus, you aren’t just selecting what will look good on your home windows. You also want to know why you need what you desire.

Say, if you’ve got a sun-facing room, you may want help blocking off excess sunlight to protect your light-sensitive eyeballs or the luscious hardwood floors. And in another, you might require privacy at the most.

  1. Learn Window Covering Types and Their Functions

Now, this isn’t about every window treatment type you know of. Instead, they’re just a selection of the most common window covering options you might consider for your home windows. They may include;

  • Window Sheers + Light Filtering Curtains
    Sheers and light filtering curtains are usually lumped together since they help soften the edge of your windows by concealing the trim behind the window covering. But, there is a slight difference between these two window treatments, which centers around the amount of light each allows into the room.
    A sheer will let in most of the light, making it an excellent choice for darker rooms. On the other hand, a light filtering curtain is somehow heavier than a typical curtain. So, it can’t allow as much light to filter through. But it’s a good option when privacy is essential, but some light is desired.
  • Blackout and Thermal Curtains
    Typically, blackout curtains are any fabric window covering with a blackout lining that blocks or eliminates any light from passing through. Contrarily, thermal curtains are designed to regulate temperature and not light. They insulate the room from excess cold or heat entering the house through the window.
  • Honeycomb and Roman Shades
    Among the most popular window treatment solutions for home windows, honeycomb or cellular shades are probably one of them. And this is because honeycomb shades offer a wide variety to choose from.
    Roman shades are also a popular window treat, at least for most homeowners in Lewisville, TX. When lowered totally, these particular shades on your home windows will block the window, controlling privacy, temperature, and light.
  • Venetian Blinds and Shutters
    Unlike shutters, which are usually attached to the window frame, Venetian blinds are attached above or to the inside of the window itself. Sometimes, these blind types are wood but can also be plastic.
    Due to the cracks that might occur on the slats, Venetian blinds or window shutters cannot effectively prevent excess light from penetrating your house.
  1. Choose the Right Colors or Patterns for Your Window Treatments

After determining the functional necessities of the various home window covers, it now boils down to style preference. There are three ways you can approach style for your window treatments, as highlighted below;

  • Mimic
    Mimic, in this sense, means the style or fabric of the window covering you pick for your windows, though not identical, blends right in with the design aesthetic of the entire room.
  • Unify
    For a space that combines different shades or colors, window covering patterns that harmonize these colors will create a unified visual interior design for the room.
  • Contrast
    Window treatments with bold patterns or complimentary colors can be the room’s showstopper! Ideally, you’re emphasizing your home windows when contrasting the design with unique treatments.
  1. Consider How Different Window Treatments Hang

Window drapery plays a significant role in the functionality of your home windows. Here are details on how different window coverings hang.

  • Outside-Mount Vs. Inside-Mount Treatments
    An outside-mount window treatment means the window covering should be mounted outside the home window frame, whereas an inside-mount treatment refers to the opposite.
    Sometimes, an outside mount is the only option when your windows aren’t so deep. But that doesn’t mean an outside-mount treatment is all negative.
    Since the window treatment is placed outside the window, you and your window installer in Lewisville can create an illusion of big home windows, which adds a little grandeur to the space.
    An inside mount draws attention to the actual window’s size and helps showcase the craftsmanship around the window frame.
  • Top-Down/Bottom-Up Shades
    These are window coverings that can open and close either way – at the top of the window frame and the bottom close to the window sill.
  • Combination Window Treatments
    Another great way to add a little splendor to your home windows is using two different window treatment combinations. An example of combined window treatment is where one serves the functional aspect while the other meets your aesthetic needs.

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