4 Vinyl Window Cleaning Tips for Southlake Homeowners | Windows in Southlake

4 Vinyl Window Cleaning Tips for Southlake Homeowners | Windows in Southlake

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Cleaning windows in Southlake is one activity we all dread about all year round. Tiring and time consuming, it is easily amongst the first three wishes you want a genie to grant you.

In the exceptionally humid and muggy weather of Southlake, it can truly turn into a difficult chore. The hot and clammy weather can lead to slimy and sticky buildup over the windows. Debris and filth can accumulate in nooks and crannies making windows hard to open or slide.

Dirty windows are susceptible to get stuck, unhinge, or ultimately fall off. If cleanup is ignored, the condensation of windows in Southlake can ultimately lead to water stains and mold growth.

Mold can layer thickly on the vinyl framing, becoming an eye sore. According to a study, if it is inhaled, it can also be injurious to health and cause lung infections.

A thorough cleaning routine can ensure yourwindows function well and last for years. It also limits your exposure to disease causing filth. Here are a few tricks bound to make your window cleaning day a productive one:

1.  Pick a Cloudy Day in Southlake

Southlake mostly has a hot and stiflingly humid weather, making filth cling on to the window surfaces. The winters in contrast can be quite chilly and windy, bringing dust and debris along with them.

Ideally you need to wash your windows in Southlake twice in a year. These days can be spread out at any point on the calendar year. However, to get the best out of your cleaning routine, pick a dry yet cloudy day in Southlake.

According to the local weather trends, cloudy days can last up to 6 months starting from November in Southlake. Sunny and hot days usually start during middle of the year and can make cleaning windows in Southlake a living hell.

This is because the scorching sun can dry out the cleaning liquid as you lather it on the windows. This can make cleaning a nuisance, leaving soapy streaks behind.

Likewise, a cold day will be uncomfortable, especially when working with water. The wintery winds can also dry out the soap mixture, making cleaning difficult.

Hence look for a dry, cloudy and cool day to clean your windows for a stress free cleaning day.

2.  Forget About Home Made Cleaning Concoctions

Exterior windows in Southlake bear a lot of stress from the local weather. Some stains can cling harder to the surface becoming difficult to clean with homemade mixtures. Although vinegar and water is a classic pairing to clean windows on a budget, harsher chemicals and alcohols can agitate the surface.

You can lose the pristine appeal of your windows if the chemicals are unsuitable for use with your framing. Vinyl windows are sturdy and durable; however a branded soapy solution works best to remove tough stains efficiently from their surface.

Mix branded soap solutions with lukewarm water for better results. Lather them generously on the windows and framing to dislodge and eliminate the dirt. Follow-up with a window shine spray to keep the windows sparkling like new.

3.  Invest in a Microfiber Cloth

Getting the streak free shine on your windows in Southlake requires a lot of elbow grease. Humid weather can leave a slimy residue on window surfaces, while debris can settle within window sills.

Add to this the burden of ineffective cleaning materials and you end up with countless hours of rubbing and wiping. All this can make your cleaning day tiring and unproductive.

To keep your windows looking fresh and brand new, invest in a microfiber cloth. Created from strands of nylon or polyester, these are exceptionally porous and deserve to be a star feature in your window cleaning routine.

Efficient at absorbing higher volumes of water, these perform better compared to regular cloth or sponge. Additionally their tiny hooked loops traps slimy buildup better than any cleaning material. Use these on window shutters or all types of windows in Southlake for a quick and efficient cleaning job.

4.  Get a Sponge Brush for Dirty Window Sills

It is highly likely that if you have sliding windows, they have hoarded a mound of filth, dirt and debris in the window sill. The installation day of your sliding windows in Southlake is probably the only time you see white tracks.

It becomes a downhill road for your maintenance routine from that point onwards. This is because the getting into those nooks is a tedious task. Using a sponge brush, mostly found in an art supply store comes in handy when dealing with tight cleaning spots.

The tapered flexible tip makes it ideal to slide through window tracks. Additionally the spongy material can soak up cleaning liquid. This a useful feature to simultaneously dislodge the dirt and disinfect the area.

Dip a sponge brush a sanitizing solution or pine sol and run through dirty window sills. This will have your windows clean, dust free and smelling fresh.

Better Installations: Essential for Pristine Windows

Poor installations can allow debris and wind to wreck havoc on the condition of windows in Southlake. This can result in loosened edges and falling windows over time. Mold and filth can further deteriorate the performance of windows in the hot and humid weather of Southlake.

A seamless installation of windows is a solid solution. It can avoid filth from creeping into windows, keeping functionality of your windows intact. At Energy Window Solutions, our extensive installation experience guarantees your windows last for years.

You can choose from a wide variety of high quality Vinyl windows from our inventory, all built with state of the art technology.  Our sturdy and well insulated designs will also enhance the comfort of your living spaces.

Choose the best windows in Southlake; opt for the best investment your home deserves. Receive a free quote from us today at 972-290-1848.