5 Benefits Of Installing Energy Efficient Windows | Plano, TX

5 Benefits Of Installing Energy Efficient Windows | Plano, TX

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Windows are necessary for every home because they provide your home with light and fresh air if they are open. There are quite a few different types of windows that you can choose from and one of the types is energy efficient windows. These windows have multiple layers of glass and gas between these layers that prevent heat or cooled air from escaping your home. This will help insulate your home better during the winter or the summer. Energy Window Solutions in Plano, TX would like to tell you about the different benefits that you could experience if you opt to have these windows installed in your home.

1. Protect Your HVAC System

Your heating and air conditioning system is responsible for treating the air so that it is the ideal temperature for your home. If this treated air escapes then your system could be working extra hard to make sure that the ideal temperature is maintained. This extra wear and tear will cause your system to break down more often especially if it is not maintained correctly. Proper maintenance and energy efficient windows will be able to help your heating and air conditioning system last longer. Energy efficient windows are designed to insulate your home so that the treated air does not get lost. In the summer, your air conditioner will be protected because cool air will not be escaping through the windows and let hot air into your home. In the winter your furnace will be protected because the windows will prevent hot air from escaping your home through the windows and letting cold air in. Your utility bill will also be lower since the systems aren’t using more resources to produce more treated air than necessary.

2. UV Protection

The energy efficient windows can offer you UV protection. This protection is a thin metallic coating that reduces the number of sun rays that enter your home. This is also called low- e coating. This coating allows you to get the natural light from the sun but not its heating properties. By blocking the UV and infrared radiation, you will be able to protect the fabric of your curtains and carpets close to the windows. You can also protect your furniture from becoming sun damaged due to the sun. If you are unsure if you could benefit from Low-E coating then you should contact professionals such as Energy Window Solutions in Plano, TX to assist you. They will inspect your windows and determine how much sun the windows are getting if it will be necessary to have windows installed with UV protection.

3. Improved Noise Insulation

Everyone is different when it comes to how much noise they can tolerate. Some people prefer it to be as quiet as possible while others seem to drown out the noise. If you prefer to have a quieter, calm home environment then you will be happy to hear that energy efficient windows will help you filter out the noise from outside. Triple pane windows are better at canceling out the noise since they are made with three layers of glass while double pane windows are not so effective but they are cheaper. If noise insulation is something that you value highly then you should contact a professional to advise you of the best brand and model to suit your needs.

4. Save Money

Your heating and air conditioning system is usually one of the biggest consumers of energy in your home, especially in the middle of winter or summer. Your systems will probably be working every day for multiple hours each day so that your home stays at a comfortable temperature for you. If you have energy-efficient windows installed then you can save a lot of money when it comes to your utility bill. The windows will insulate your home which means they will contain the treated air in your home a lot better than regular windows. Your air conditioner or furnace will not have to work as hard to keep the home at a comfortable temperature which means that it will use less electricity. Your furnace or air conditioner will also not experience as much wear and tear which will decrease the amount of time you have to repair these systems. This is another way energy efficient windows will help you to save money.

5. Minimize Condensation

Condensation occurs when the inside temperature is warmer than the outside temperature. The warm moist air comes into contact with the cold surface and then vapor condenses on the window which makes fog or small water droplets. This can negatively affect how much natural light enters your home as well as how much you are able to see when you look through your windows. The water can drip down your window panes and damage the wooden frames or the mortar around your windows. Energy efficient windows have multiple layers of glass and in between these layers of glass, there is argon or krypton gas. This means that the inner layer of glass will not become extremely cold and your windows will not form condensation.

These are some of the benefits that energy efficient windows provide when they are installed in your home. It is recommended to have a professional install energy efficient windows because if they are installed incorrectly then all these benefits disappear. If you are looking for a professional in the Plano, TX area then you should consider Energy Window Solutions as they provide a wide range of window solutions that will satisfy your needs. Their friendly staff members will also be able to answer any questions that you might have.

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