5 Features To Look For In Sliding Energy Efficient Windows | Dallas, TX

5 Features To Look For In Sliding Energy Efficient Windows | Dallas, TX

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If you’re looking to upgrade the windows in your home to energy efficient windows, one of the first things that you should consider is whether you want to switch to a different window style that might be more aesthetically pleasing or convenient. Sliding windows are some of the most popular choices nowadays, and it’s fairly easy to switch out your old windows with these options. The installation process should be fairly straightforward.

The difficult part is finding the right type of sliding windows. On top of thinking about all of the features that make these energy efficient windows efficient, like whether you want to go with triple or double pane glass, you also need to look at the design of the sliding window. This includes how it’s put together and built. In this article, we’ll look at some of the features and functionalities that you should look for.

#1. Interlockers

One of the main components that you should look for in sliding energy efficient windows is interlockers. Interlockers are sash frames with mating tongues that can engage with one another and interlock when the window is closed. This ensures that the sashes cannot move away from one another. Each of the tongues on the sashes is formed on a vertical metal bar that’s secured to the end rail of the sash frame.

Interlockers enhance the overall security of the windows and can prevent unwanted intrusion. In addition, they also increase overall window strength. As a result, this is a necessary feature that you should look for.

#2. Adjustable, Minimal-Friction Nylon Rollers

In order to move the sashes and adjust them, the windows must have rollers on the bottom to facilitate the movement. When looking for sliding energy efficient windows, you should also look for ones that have adjustable, minimal-friction nylon rollers. These rollers are not only more durable, but they’ll also be easier to use. Because they have minimal friction, it does not take a lot of effort to move the sashes, so the windows are suitable for the elderly and for small children.

One of the reasons why some homeowners may want to see the sliding windows in person is because they want to ensure that they can move the sashes with ease. This is particularly true if you opt for triple pane windows. Although triple pane windows are some of the best energy efficient windows out there, they have one small drawback and that’s the fact that they’re quite heavy. Without rollers that take on minimal friction, the sashes of these energy efficient windows can be difficult to move.

#3. Removable Screens

Window screens are absolutely a necessity. They act as a barrier to keep pests and even large pollutants away from your home. Look for sliding windows that have fitted screens that can be removed and installed from the inside of the room.

This function will make cleaning the screens a lot simpler and easier. Without regular cleaning, it’s easy for window screens to become dirty and damaged. The dirt can even clog the screens and restrict ventilation. Many experts recommended cleaning the screens every 6 months or so. You can also keep an eye on the screens and clean them as you see fit.

#4. Weather Seals Around the Entire Perimeter

Sliding windows also make great energy efficient windows because it’s fairly easy to install weather seals around the entire perimeter of the window. Each part of the frame should be fully sealed in order to prevent any heat from entering or escaping the windows. In Dallas, TX, the main concern would be that heat could enter the home during the summer; thus, causing the HVAC system to work overtime in cooling your home.

The manufacturer should provide some type of seal for the frames and the windows in general. However, if you don’t think that seal is strong enough, but you love the windows, you can always apply or install your own weather seals. It’s not difficult to do, and it’ll make a huge difference in improving the overall energy efficiency of the windows. High-quality weather seals are definitely a worthwhile investment.

#5. Security of the Locks and Tongues

Last but not least, you should also consider the security of the locks. This includes the type of material that the locks are made of. You definitely want to make sure that everything is secure and then nobody can break in through the windows. One of the most important things that many people claim is important is a diecast tongue. These tongues are able to offer added security, as they are difficult to break or damage.

Some people also recommend finding sliding windows with adjustable height key locks, as they not only help with added security but also overall convenience. It’s crucial that everyone in the household feels comfortable with how to open and close the windows, and that it’s easy to do so, especially in an emergency situation.

Look at Different Styles and Options Before Making a Decision

If you’re hoping to upgrade the windows in your home to energy efficient windows, you can also switch up the style of the windows. Sliding windows are some of the most popular choices because they’re easy to use and maintain. They’re also easy to repair because they don’t have many small, moving parts.

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