5 Things To Consider When Installing Triple Pane Windows | Fort Worth, TX

5 Things To Consider When Installing Triple Pane Windows | Fort Worth, TX

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It’s time to move away from regular single pane windows and move on to better things. Double pane windows and triple pane windows are all the rage. These windows are very energy efficient and can help reduce the energy bills in your home. More importantly, they make your home feel a lot cosier by regulating the amount of heat that enters and escapes from the windows.

If you’re interested in reaching for the stars and installing these windows, there are some things that you need to keep in mind. This article will look at five different things that you should consider and talk to an expert about prior to the installation. The more that you know, the better of a purchasing decision you can make.

#1. The Type of Frame That Supports the Glass

Many people don’t realize how heavy triple pane windows can really be. These windows are much heavier than double pane windows are single pane windows. Due to this reason, they need a strong frame that will be durable enough and strong enough to support the glass.

Many experts recommend fiberglass frames. These frames are extremely durable and able to withstand heavy loads without sagging or warping in shape overtime. They look great years after the installation. They are also a great choice because they are less likely to succumb to effects of UV radiation.

#2. The Spacer Used

Unlike double pane and single pane windows, triple pane windows have two spacers inside that separates the glass panes. When installing these energy efficient windows, you should speak to an expert about the type of spacers that they use.

Make sure that they’re using a spacer that is made from premium silicone that is resistant to silicon UV light oxidation. The type of material that the spacer is made of will also affect the retention rate for the Internet gases inside.

#3. The Type of Gas Inside

It’s also important to consider the type of gas that will be inserted into the chambers. Don’t use regular air. Most experts will recommend installing either argon gas, krypton gas, or a combination of the two. These inert gases are much denser than air and will do a better job at insulating your home.

Argon gas molecules are a bit larger than krypton gas molecules. Due to this reason, they are not as energy efficient. Due to the smaller chambers in triple pane windows, most experts recommend inserting krypton gas. It is more expensive, but it requires less maintenance. Those who don’t have the budget for this may want to consider injecting a combination of argon and krypton into their energy efficient windows to have the best of both worlds.

#4. Whether the Window Is Needed

Other triple pane windows are more energy efficient than double pane windows, they may not always be a necessary addition to your home. To determine whether your home in Fort Worth, TX benefit from having triple pane windows, considering the following:

  • Whether you live on a noisy street. One of the main benefits that these windows can offer is noise reduction abilities. If you live on a noisy street and would like some peace and quiet, you’ll find what you’re looking for by installing these windows. They do an excellent job at preventing outdoor sounds from getting inside your home.


  • Whether the temperature fluctuates a lot where you live. If you find that the winter months are significantly colder than the summer months and vice versa, then you’ll also benefit from triple pane windows, as they are able to better regulate the temperature indoors.


  • Whether your home is losing a lot of energy. If you have neighbours with triple pane windows installed at their homes, you may want to consider comparing your energy bills. If they have significantly lower pills, you might want to consider making the switch, as you will be saving money. In some situations, these windows will practically pay for themselves in a couple of years.

Knowing whether or not your home will benefit from these windows is crucial for making a purchasing decision. Our professionals can lay out the pros and cons for you, so you know exactly what to expect.

#5. Overall Cost

Last but not least, it’s really important to consider the overall cost. Depending on the type of triple pane windows that you’re interested in installing, the cost will vary. For example, as mentioned above, krypton gas tends to be more expensive than argon gas.

Our experts can help you figure out whether there are any rebates or promotions around. Some areas and organizations will offer some type of rebate for switching to more energy efficient models. By taking advantage of all the resources that are around you, you can significantly lower the overall cost of having energy efficient windows and get them at affordable prices!

Find the Best Windows for Your Home When You Call Energy Window Solutions

If you’re looking for energy efficient windows, give Energy Windows Solutions a call. Our experts have years of experience in the window installation industry and a great reputation in Fort Worth, TX. In fact, some of our experts have even designed window systems that can be found in many major commercial buildings.

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Regardless of what you need, we have heard it takes to ensure that you have the perfect energy efficient windows installed at your home. Make an appointment with us today, so one of our professionals can come out and do an inspection and assessment.