5 Things You Need to Know When Considering Triple Pane Windows in Flower Mound

5 Things You Need to Know When Considering Triple Pane Windows in Flower Mound

When you’re shopping for energy-efficient windows for commercial or residential buildings, you might face some confusion when picking between double pane and triple pane windows in Flower Mound. A major issue that arises is that people just naturally opt for double pane windows since they are more affordable than the triple pane ones.

While the cost of triple pane windows does tend to be higher, there are also marked differences which make them a better option for you to get. If you’re thinking about getting triple pane windows in Flower Mound, the following are a few things you need to know before you make a decision.

1.   Better Window ER Rating

Both double pane and triple pane windows have ER ratings based on their performance. Depending on this factor, it is easy to see that triple pane windows have a better ER rating than double pane windows. ER ratings are measured by examining the windows’ performance and studying three major factors, namely:

  • The heat gain
  • The loss of heat through the frame
  • The leakage and loss of air

Based on all these factors, the ER ratings for different zones can differ, which means that in some zones, double pane windows might not be very efficient. Triple pane windows in Flower Mound have a higher ER rating, which means that you should opt for them. Additionally, they also contain an additional space that is filled with either Argon gas or Krypton gas. Both of these are low conductors of heat.

When compared with double pane windows, the extra space gives triple pane windows a performance advantage. This means that they have a 20% higher rating than double pane windows. For this reason, it is a good idea to invest in triple pane windows in Flower Mound.

2.   Get Improved Low E

Apart from having a better ER rating, triple pane windows also have a better Low E rating. Low E refers to the coating on the glass which keeps your home insulated, blocks loss of heat as well as the harmful UV rays. This means that you can still keep your windows open to let the sun shine during the day without experiencing the transference of heat.

Again, when compared to double pane windows, triple pane windows in Flower Mound will outperform them because they have an extra layer of window, which means, they get an extra layer of a low E coating. This means that your home will be extra insulated, your HVAC system will work more efficiently and you won’t have any heating problems to worry about.

Additionally, based on the number of coatings you have on the window panes, you can also improve the overall ER rating of the window as well. For example, a triple pane window with a single layer of the E coating will have a low rating as compared to one that has two layers of E coatings on them. Overall, the two layers add a 12% improvement in the ER rating of the window.

3.   More Soundproof  Than a Double Pane

Double pane windows are touted for having sound cancellation features because of the two layers of glass that are in the window. Now, if you get triple pane windows in Flower Mound, they are a better option for sound cancellation. This is because of the number of spacers that are present in triple pane windows. Many people have stated that their triple pane windows are among the best ones that reduce noise.

They’re perfect for use in busy metropolitan areas and also noisy suburban areas. This makes your indoor environment extremely comfortable. Enjoying a good night’s sleep in your cozy home becomes easier and better when you’re using triple pane windows in Flower Mound. It might not seem like they make much of a difference but, you have to get it to believe it. Luckily, most homeowners are more than happy to get triple pane windows and enjoy the sound proofing that they offer to a household.

4.   Better Reduction of Condensation

Condensation on the windows is one that happens because of the moisture in the environment. High humidity levels can cause condensation and moisture on the window panes. This then seeps into the house and also causes damage to the frame of the window. In most cases, particularly when one has wooden frames, this is more likely to happen. The dangers of mold also increase because of the moisture damage caused by this.

Additionally, most people don’t always look to their windows as the culprit. Luckily, with triple pane windows in Flower Mound, you don’t have to deal with condensation issues as it controls the temperature of the glass. This means that when moisture in the air comes in contact with a triple pane window, it doesn’t turn into condensation because of the difference in the temperatures of the surface area.

5.   Increased Home Security

While this isn’t always touted as a major feature, it is easy to understand that triple pane windows in Flower Mound are more durable and therefore more difficult to break in. Burglars are always looking to make the least amount of noise and expend the least energy when they’re trying to break into a home.

For this reason, having triple pane glass windows can work in your benefit in terms of home security. Most burglars will not want to deal with the effort of having to break down three different panes of glasses. This gives you a bigger sense of safety and makes it less likely for them to want to rob your house.

All these features and more should be considered when you’re looking to get triple pane windows for your home.

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