7 Benefits Of Installing Energy Efficient Windows | Dallas, TX

7 Benefits Of Installing Energy Efficient Windows | Dallas, TX

With energy bills on the rise today, most homeowners are always looking for a way to save money on their energy bills. Installing new Energy Star appliances is a good start, and installing new energy efficient windows is a great way to save energy.

Many people don’t want to replace their windows if they are still in good shape; however, if the windows in your Dallas, TX home are 15 years old and aren’t energy efficient, there are several reasons why you should consider replacing them with energy efficient windows.

#1 Keep Your Energy Bills Down

The best reason to install energy efficient windows in your home is the money you can save on your monthly energy bills. Old windows that aren’t energy efficient are often drafty, and your heating system will have to work harder on cold winter days to keep your home comfortable, causing your energy bills to increase. When the sun shines through the window on a hot summer day, your home will heat up quickly, causing your air conditioner to work overtime.

Energy efficient windows prevent your home from getting cold in the winter and hot in the summer and can reduce your energy bills by 25 to 52 percent.

#2 Increase Your Home’s Comfort

Your home is where you should feel the most comfortable, and old windows can affect your comfort. Old windows tend to be drafty, making it uncomfortable to sit in front of the window, and the drafty window will allow the heat to escape, causing your energy bills to increase.

Summers in Dallas are hot, and when it’s 80 or 90 degrees outside, your home will heat up quickly if the windows are old and aren’t energy efficient.

Energy efficient windows support the temperature in your home during the winter by reducing drafts. Also, the windows have two or three panes of glass, and the space is filled with argon gas, designed to insulate your home, keeping you more comfortable. Finally, energy efficient windows have Low-E coatings designed to prevent a range of sunlight from entering your home, so the sun doesn’t work against your air conditioner in the summer.

#3 Reduced Noise

If you live on a busy road or in a neighborhood where the houses are located closely together, you’ll often be distracted and bothered by the outside noise while trying to relax in your Dallas, TX home.

The double or triple panes of glass and argon gas provide insulation and help with soundproofing.

When the windows are installed, the sound outside will lessen, and you’ll have more privacy because your neighbors won’t be able to hear everything going on inside your house.

#4 Easy to Clean

You need to wash your windows regularly to allow clear views outside. Cleaning the interior panes is simple because you can wash the windows inside your home. However, cleaning the outer panes isn’t as straightforward. Most home designs require you to stand on a ladder to reach the top of the windows on the first story, and you’ll need a ladder to reach the second story windows, which can be dangerous and time-consuming. You’ll need to climb the ladder with window cleaner and paper towels, and one misstep can result in a dangerous fall. Also, climbing up and down the ladder and moving from window to window can make cleaning the windows a lengthy project.

Energy efficient windows are easier and safe to clean. They have double-rung designs, and when you finish washing the interior pane, the windows flip in, and you can wash the exterior panes from inside the house.

#5 Less Condensation

High humidity levels can cause condensation on the windows, and it often affects the kitchen and bathroom windows in your home, as these areas are notorious places for moisture to collect in the air. When condensation forms, the moisture will run down the window, resulting in streaks and puddles of water. Condensation can also cause mildew or mold growth, causing damage to your home.

Energy efficient windows have two or three panes of glass and gas, eliminating the risk of condensation, keeping the windows clear, and preventing mold and mildew, which can be expensive to eradicate.

#6 Ultraviolet Protection

When the sun shines into your home, the harmful UV rays can cause your furniture, floors, carpets, and home furnishings to fade, affecting your home’s appearance.

Energy efficient window panes have a coating that blocks the UV rays, preventing the fading, and will protect your home furnishings.

#7 Style Upgrades

Old windows have old window frames, which can affect the interior and exterior appearance of your Dallas, TX home. You can give your home a style upgrade if you have energy-efficient windows installed. You can choose the pane material and color that fits well with the style of your home. When the windows are installed, the inside of your home will look great and improve the curb appeal.

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