7 Benefits Of Installing New Home Windows | Lewisville, TX

7 Benefits Of Installing New Home Windows | Lewisville, TX

Your windows provide several essential purposes. They provide clear views outside, protect your home from the elements, and open, allowing fresh air into the home. If you live in an old house and the windows have never been replaced, you should consider replacing them now. The same is true if the windows are 20 years old or older because dated windows don’t provide the level of protection your home needs.

If you aren’t sure if installing new home windows is worth the time and cost, you should consider how installing new windows can benefit your home and family.

#1 Reduce Your Energy Bills

Old windows don’t have the best insulation, and the cold or hot air can leak into your home, causing your heater and air conditioner to work harder. The HVAC system will consume more energy to keep your home at the desired temperature, causing your energy bills to increase.

If you’re tired of outrageous energy bills, you should consider new home windows with better insulation.

#2 No More Cold Spots

Does your family avoid sitting near the windows because of cold drafts? If so, it’s time to replace the windows. Old windows have just one pane of glass, providing very little insulation. New home windows have two or three panes of glass, with an insulating gas between the panes to prevent drafts.

No cold drafts will come into the home when the project is complete, and your family can sit wherever they like without worrying about being cold.

#3 Low Maintenance

Most old windows were designed with wooden frames, which require a significant amount of maintenance. The paint on the interior and exterior frames will start to chip over time, and you’ll need to sand and repaint the frame to keep your home looking nice. This is a time-consuming project, and you’ll likely need to do it several times as long as you have old windows.

New home windows are made of fiberglass or PVC and don’t need to be painted, saving you the hassle of regular upkeep. All you need to do to keep the windows looking new is wash the interior frame with soap and water and spray the outdoor frames with a garden hose.

If you’re tired of the maintenance required to keep the windows looking great, you should consider replacing the windows in your Lewisville, TX home.

#4 Washing the Windows Will Be Easier

If you have old windows, you know how challenging they can be to wash. It’s easy to clean the interior pane because you can do it from inside the house, but washing the exterior panes is more challenging. You may need a ladder to reach the top of the first-floor windows and will certainly need a ladder to reach the windows on the second floor. You’ll need to climb down the ladder after each window is clean and move it to the next window, which is time-consuming. Also, it takes one misstep to fall from the ladder, resulting in serious injuries.

New home windows are much easier to clean. When you’re done cleaning the interior frame, the windows fold in, allowing you to clean the exterior window panes from the safety of your Lewisville, TX, home.

#5 Soundproofing

Old windows don’t have much insulation for soundproofing, which can be very distracting if you live on a busy road. Also, the lack of soundproofing is a problem if you live in a neighborhood where the houses are close together because you’ll have very little privacy, and your neighbors will be able to hear everything that goes on inside your home.

New home windows have multiple panes of glass with an insulating gas in between and will soundproof your home. You won’t be distracted by the outside noise, and you’ll have all the privacy you need when the job is complete.

#6 Fade Protection

The sun’s UV rays are very powerful, and when the sun shines into your home, the UV rays will fade everything the sun touches. This includes your window treatments, floors, carpets, furniture, and the paint on the walls. Paying to repair or replace everything that’s faded can be very expensive, and installing new home windows will solve the problem.

New windows in Lewisville, TX, have a filter that allows the sun to shine into the home and keeps the UV rays out, protecting your home furnishings. Replacing the windows once will be less expensive than replacing faded items frequently.

#7 Increase Your Home’s Value

A great way to increase your home’s value is to install new home windows. Installing replacement windows can increase the value by $8,000 or more, which is great if you plan to refinance. If you decide to sell your home, installing new windows can help. Many people are looking for energy-efficient, turnkey homes, and including new windows in the listing will attract more interested buyers.

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