7 Different Types of Glass You Can Pick for House Windows in Dallas Fort Worth

7 Different Types of Glass You Can Pick for House Windows in Dallas Fort Worth

When picking house windows in Dallas Fort Worth, most homeowners tend to fixate on the design, the frame, the style as well as the overall costs associated with the installment costs. While attention is given to the pane of the glass, most people tend to overlook this aspect unless they are looking for eco-friendly options.

However, while everyone has their own criterion as well as their requirements when they are picking house windows in Dallas Forth Worth, it is a good idea to be aware of the different kinds of glasses that you can come across when you are shopping around. Otherwise, you might become rather confused by the sudden options available and make the wrong choice. When picking a house window, it is best to choose a window glass based on what will work for the house, instead of what will work just for you.

The following are the seven different types of glasses that you can pick for your house windows in Dallas Fort Worth:

1.   Tinted Glass

An eco-friendly and inexpensive option, tinted glass is a popular option for homes that experience direct sunlight and have to deal with a lot of glare. The tinted glass successfully minimizes the overall glare of the sun. It also helps to prevent the heat from impacting the temperature inside as well. An added bonus with tinted glass for house windows in Dallas Fort Worth is that it gives a degree of privacy as the darker tint makes it difficult to glimpse inside the house. The tinted glass is also perfect for use in bright sunny climates. However, the only downside with these windows is that you get less natural light with these. Tinted glass can also be available in different tints that make it great for use with decorative home windows

2.   Dual Pane

The most popular glass panes for homeowners looking for eco-friendly house windows in Dallas Fort Worth, dual pane windows come with a low E coating on them. This helps to maintain indoor temperature with ease. It also has great insulation qualities and even prevents the occurrence of condensation because of the spacer in its window frame. Dual pane windows are favored largely in urban areas as well because the double pane also helps to reduce sound pollution. The major downside with these is that they can be rather costly for some homeowners and if they don’t plan to stay in that home for years, it might not be feasible for them to get these.

3.   Triple Pane

Another favorite for house windows in Dallas Fort Worth, triple pane windows work much like dual pane windows, except that they have an additional window pane and have two spaces instead of one. This additional pane enhances the overall usability of the triple pane windows and they even outperform dual pane windows. They also have a low E coating on the panes and are 20% to 30% more effective than dual pane windows. Unfortunately, they also cost more than double pane windows so can be extremely steep. However, their benefits make them a worthwhile investment for homeowners.

4.   Wired Glass

For extra security, wired glass is the best option as it has mesh steel wire ingrained into the pane. These glass types are largely used in public buildings, including schools and offices. On the other hand, they are good for use in house windows in Dallas Fort Worth, particularly if security in your home is a big issue. They are also popular for use in large mansions and other high security places. The main downside is that the wire mesh steel in the pane diminishes the attractiveness of the window. Since curb appeal does make an impact on the overall value of the house, most people tend to opt for other alternatives as it can make a house look ugly if not used properly.

5.   Hurricane Resistant

Hurricanes are unpredictable and devastating and the first things that suffer are the windows because of the high pressure winds that it can bring with it. For this reason, home owners can also pick hurricane resistant glass for house windows in Dallas Fort Worth. These are crafted specially to be resistant to high pressure. These windows are made with fiberglass core that improves the overall durability of the glass and makes them more tenacious. The best part is that the glass panes are also available in different textures including frosted glass and textured glass which allows them to be incorporated as decorative aspects in the house. Costs associated with these window panes can vary but if you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, this is a worthwhile addition to your house.

6.   Tempered Glass

Another feature that enhances the overall security of the glass pane, tempered glass panes are popularly used in vehicles. This glass is especially treated to crumble or rupture into small pieces instead of jagged, sharp ends that can cause further injury. For use as house windows in Dallas Forth Worth, this glass pane is also feasible since it is also durable and harder to break. The safety feature it offers also ensures that if you are using glass for large areas such as a glass patio door, people don’t suffer in case of accidents where they end up walking through the door.

7.   Patterned Glass

If you are looking for glass that adds to the privacy of your home, it is a good idea to get patterned glass. This glass is largely used in bathrooms and other areas of the house where privacy is needed. The patterned glass is usually treated to turn its clear surface opaque, preventing anyone from looking inside and vice versa. While they are largely decorative, you can also have them treated to be more functional or stronger. However the cost of patterned glass can be high and go up, especially if you are getting it treated to be eco-friendly. In such a scenario, it is actually more feasible to opt for other glass panes that are perfect for use in house windows in Dallas Fort Worth.

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