7 Reasons To Install Energy Efficient Windows In Your Home | Southlake, TX

7 Reasons To Install Energy Efficient Windows In Your Home | Southlake, TX

The average lifespan of your home windows is 15 years, and if they are quality windows that are well-maintained, they may reach 20 years. When it’s time to replace the windows in your Southlake, TX, home, you should consider energy efficient windows because there are several ways they can benefit your home and family.

#1 Style Upgrade

Old windows often look worn and can affect the appearance of your home’s interior and exterior. Today, plenty of options are available, and you can choose from fiberglass, composite, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl. You can also select a decorative frame to make the window the room’s focal point. Installing new energy efficient windows will also give you a chance to give your home a style upgrade, improving its overall appearance.

#2 Added Comfort

Do you feel a cold draft when sitting in front of a window in your Southlake, TX, home? If so, it may be time to consider installing energy efficient windows.

Old windows with one pane of glass will allow the cold air from outside to leak into your home, creating drafts because they have poor insulation. Newer windows are more energy efficient and have two or three window panes, with insulating gas in between, keeping the cold air out. You won’t feel any drafts when the job is complete, and you won’t need extra layers or a blanket when sitting by a window.

#3 Soundproofing

Old windows are poorly insulated and don’t provide much soundproofing. The outside noise can be very distracting if you live on a busy street. Also, you won’t have much privacy if you live in a neighborhood where the houses are close together, and your neighbors can likely hear everything that goes on in your home.

Energy efficient windows have excellent insulation providing soundproofing, keeping your home quieter, and providing more privacy.

#4 Less Condensation

Condensation is a problem when your home gets humid during the summer, causing the windows to get foggy and preventing clear views out of the windows. Also, the moisture will collect and run down the window, leaving puddles of water on the window sill. The water can cause mold and mildew growth, which can cause serious damage if ignored.

If you’re tired of the problems associated with condensation, you should install energy efficient windows in your Southlake, TX home. Energy efficient replacement windows have two or three panes of glass with insulating glass and help them maintain the surface temperature of the interior panes to prevent them from reaching the threshold that attracts moisture from the air, preventing condensation and the problems that go along with it.

#5 Save On Your Energy Bills

Summers in Texas are hot, and winters are cold; therefore, you rely on your HVAC system throughout the air. As mentioned above, older windows will cause poor circulation and allow the cold air outside to leak into the home, which will cause your heating system to work overtime, causing your winter energy bills to increase. Also, single-pane windows heat your home more during the summer. When the sun shines through a single pane of glass, it will pass through the window, turning your home into a greenhouse, and your air conditioner will have to work harder, causing your summer energy bills to increase.

Energy efficient windows are designed with two or three panes of glass with Argon gas in between to help insulate your home.

#6 Easier Cleaning

Your windows must be cleaned regularly to keep your home’s interior and exterior looking great and provide clear views from the windows.

Older windows with wooden frames require routine maintenance to keep them looking nice. When the paint chips, you’ll need to sand and repaint the windows, which is a daunting job. Also, the interior and exterior panes must be cleaned regularly, which can be a dangerous and time-consuming job. You’ll need to climb a ladder to reach the windows, which can be dangerous when carrying window cleaner and paper towels. It takes just one misstep to fall and suffer serious injuries. Also, you’ll need to move the ladder to every window and climb up and down, which can be very time-consuming.

Energy efficient windows are much easier to care for. Unlike wooden frames, they don’t need to be painted, and to keep them looking nice, the interior frames can be washed with soap and warm water, and spraying the exterior frames with a garden hose will keep them clean. Also, when you finish washing the interior pane, the window folds in, allowing you to wash the exterior frame from inside the house, eliminating the need for a ladder.

#7 UV Protection

The sun’s powerful UV rays can cause anything the sun hits to fade, such as your window treatments, floors, carpet, and furniture to fade. Fortunately, energy efficient replacement windows can prevent fading. They are designed with Low-E coatings that allow natural light to shine into your home and filter the UV rays, keeping your home furnishings safe.

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