7 Surprising Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows | Dallas, TX

7 Surprising Benefits Of Energy Efficient Windows | Dallas, TX

If you are considering energy efficient windows for your home, you are probably weighing the benefits of installing new windows. It can be a huge task to undergo, so it is understandable if you are a bit nervous about making the leap. However, there are some very compelling reasons to take a second look at energy efficient windows. This one home improvement can help you boost the value of your home and your comfort.

With that in mind, if you have ever questioned whether it is time to look at energy efficient windows, the following guide will break down how it can be a smart move.

Improve Energy Savings

One of the top reasons to consider replacing old windows with energy efficient windows is because of the increased energy savings. You will almost immediately be able to reap the benefits of improved windows because the insulation factor alone will help prevent cold drafts or hot air from seeping in. Most homes with older windows had virtually no installation outside of the wooden frame that surrounded them, which means replacing them with any modern window is going to instantly transform their insulation value.

However, frame insulation is not the only variable that will lead to energy savings. Most older homes have single-pane windows, whereas energy efficient windows start with at least double-pane windows. In between the panes is a gas additive that impacts the insulation and helps keep an increased amount of outdoor air out of your home. When you combine all of these factors, what you get is improved energy efficiency which will be reflected in your energy bills. You should see your heating and cooling bills drop quickly, which is refreshing and is more of a reason to invest in new windows if you have been teetering on the edge.

Added Noise Protection

All of this extra insulation does more than just keep hot air out of your home; it also helps to keep unwanted noise out of your home. If you do not like the white noise that comes with living in Dallas, or the suburbs, then investing in new windows that could help keep it out might be a great option for you. If this is the main purpose for your installation of new windows, make sure you talk to the window technician at length to purchase windows with the right type of panes to help aid this process.

Require Less Maintenance

Another great reason to look at installing energy efficient windows within your home is that they will overall require less maintenance. Traditional old windows need to be taken out pane by pane to clean them and properly remove anything that might be hiding inside. Anyone with an older home knows that dirt and dead insects easily fill the inside of window sills. However, due to the plastic installation of newer windows, you will find that much fewer insects and dirt are able to get inside. What this means is that you won’t have to worry about vacuuming out the debris on a regular basis. Most are also hung so that they can be folded out to clean without fully removing them. This makes spring cleaning much more enjoyable for everybody in your home.

Earn New Tax Credits

Another great reason to look at energy efficient windows is that they can help you save money on your taxes. Many people don’t realize that replacing their windows is considered an energy efficiency improvement to their home. So long as you choose windows that are energy star certified, then you can claim an energy savings reduction on your taxes. Every state offers different credits and there are also federal tax credits available. Therefore, you may actually earn back some money simply by improving your home.

Keep UV Rays Out

As most people who live in Texas know, the sun shines a good portion of the entire summer. Many people have to keep their blinds shut or the curtains to prevent sun damage to their furniture or any hanging tapestries. This can be very annoying, especially when you want to let some sun into your home for natural lighting. The advantage of installing energy efficient windows is that you will no longer have to worry about this. Not only do they block out the hot air, but they also block out the UV rays responsible for damaging the items in your home and causing them to fade.

Boost Your Home Value

If you aren’t convinced yet about the benefits of installing energy efficiency windows within your home, then you might want to consider the fact that doing so will help boost the value of your home. Most people prefer to make home improvements that are going to help them with the retail value of their home, especially if they are considering selling their home in the future. New windows are an instant attraction to home buyers looking for homes in your area. They also will instantly add value to your home, which means you can increase your asking price.

Increase Home Comfort

Finally, the last, and some might argue the most compelling benefit of installing new energy efficient windows within your home, is the fact that they will add comfort to your home. When you know that you don’t have to worry about energy loss and high energy bells, it adds peace of mind every day that you look at your new windows. In addition, they will be easier to open and close should you let some fresh air into your home. They also will block the heat out so that you can open your blinds and enjoy the sun and natural lighting of a bright day without worrying about how it will affect the comfort of your home.

If you are ready to learn more about installing new windows in your home, contact Energy Window Solutions today.

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