9 Great Reasons To Have New Windows Installed | Fort Worth, TX

9 Great Reasons To Have New Windows Installed | Fort Worth, TX

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The windows in your home provide a clear view outside. If you live in an old house, there is a good chance that your windows are old as well. You might think that your windows are doing their job; however, old windows tend to have issues.

If the windows in your home are old, you should consider installing new windows. There are several ways you can benefit by replacing your dated windows.

#1 Clear Views

Old window panes can develop tiny scratches due to years of cleaning and wear and tear. These scratches can obscure your view out the window. It is also not uncommon for the widow panes to develop a yellowish tint over time, which can also affect your view out the window.

When you have new windows installed, the panes will be clear and free of scratches and discoloration. This will give you a clearer view out the window.

#2 Save On Your Energy Bills

Old windows weren’t designed with very good insulation and with just one pane of glass. It is not uncommon for the windows to be drafty, which can cause your heating system to work overtime to keep your house warm. This can cause an increase in your energy bill. During the summer, the cool, air-conditioned air can escape, causing your air conditioning system to work overtime. This will also cause a significant increase in your heating bill.

New windows are designed with excellent insulation and have two or three window panes. This will keep the cold air out during the winter and the cool air in during the summer. If you install replacement windows, they will pay for themselves within a few years in the money you save on your energy bill.

#3 Low Maintenance

Old windows often have wooden frames and window sills. Over time, the paint can start to chip, which would require you to sand the windows and repaint them every few years. This can be a hassle.

New windows are made from a variety of materials such as fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum. These materials don’t need to be painted; therefore, you won’t need to worry about sanding and painting the frame and sills every year.

#4 Easy To Clean

You need to wash your window panes regularly to ensure a clean, clear view out the window. If you have old windows, it is easy to clean the interior pane because you can clean them from inside the house. Cleaning the outdoor pane can be more difficult. You would need to stand on a ladder to clean the windows. If you have a second floor, it can be especially dangerous. If you make just one misstep on the ladder, you can fall and become seriously injured.

Newer windows are designed to make cleaning easier. After cleaning the interior frame, you can flip the window inside. This allows you to clean both sides of the pane from inside the house.

#5 Improved Security

The locks on most old windows are designed poorly. If the locks on your old windows still work, they likely won’t be secure. When most home break-ins occur, the intruder gains access to the home through the window. If your window locks aren’t secure, the intruder will easily get into your home.

The locks on new windows are much more secure. If you have replacement windows installed in your Fort Worth, TX home, you can be sure that your home and family will be safe.

#6 UV Protection

The sun’s UV rays are very powerful. When the sun shines into your home, the UV rays can cause your drapes, carpet, and home furnishings to become faded over time. New windows are designed with a layer of UV protection on the window pane. This will protect everything that the sun hits, and you won’t need to worry about your belongings being faded.

#7 Soundproofing

Old windows don’t have very good insulation and just one pane of glass, as we mentioned earlier. Because of this, it is easy to hear the noise outside when you are in the house. If you live on a busy road or have noisy neighbors, this can be frustrating. Newer windows have better soundproofing, which will keep your home quiet, regardless of the noise outside.

#8 No Need For Storm Windows

Winter days in Fort Worth, TX are relatively mild; however, the temperature at night can drop below freezing. If you have old windows, you will need storm windows to keep your house warm. Because newer windows have excellent insulation and two or three window panes, storm windows are not necessary. This will save you the hassle of installing the storm windows every winter and storing them away for the summer.

#9 Increase the Value Of Your Home

Installing new windows will increase the value of your home. According to CNBC, if you install windows and sell your home, you can increase your asking price by $8,500. Most people looking to buy a home are looking for turnkey homes that don’t need any work. If you mention new windows in the listing, it will bring in more prospective buyers.

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