A Complete Guide To Custom Shutters For Your Home’s Windows | Dallas, TX

A Complete Guide To Custom Shutters For Your Home’s Windows | Dallas, TX

The U.S Department of Energy encourages homeowners to have energy-efficient window attachments for new and existing homes to reduce the 30 percent energy lost through windows.

Operable window coverings such as blinds, shades (cellular, pleated, roller, and roman), window panels, and shutters are essential in lowering energy usage, regulating temperatures to enhance comfort, and making your home feel more inviting.

They are versatile, giving you a chance to select the ones that better meet your style and preferences and blend with your home’s interior or architectural designs.

But, if you are the type that fancies uniqueness, you can go for custom exterior and interior shutters to enhance the beauty and value of your residential property. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of custom shutters.

Pros of Custom Window Shutters

Unique Addition to Homes

If the conventionally available plantation and exterior shutters in the market do not appeal to you and cannot meet your unique style, custom shutters can come in handy.

Having a creative and imaginative window coverings designer is the best resource for getting your custom-made window furnishings. You might have to work closely with the contractor to select preferred colors, materials, textures, and finishes for your custom window shutters.

The professionals can use your selections and numerous design combinations to recommend and make unique interior or exterior window coverings. They can combine several shutter materials and styles such as paneled, shaped, full height, bay window, tracked, board, or louvered and use materials like basswood, steel, medium density fiberboard, fabric, synthetic foam, or vinyl for exterior shutters designs.

For interior custom shutters, they can use a combination of plywood, ovation, or faux wood materials to make unique and creative window shutters.

The window covering experts can ensure the mechanical cranks, rods, or motors they use blend well with your new, timeless, and unique shutters. You can get the best window shutters that meet your preferences, style, and taste with accurate measurements, installation, and quality craftsmanship.

If the hired window furnishing designers in Dallas, TX, are on top of their game, your custom-made shutters can be the talk of the town and a pacesetter for other homeowners.

Precise Measurements

Another advantage of custom plantation shutters is having precise measurements of window treatments that meet the specified window dimensions. Getting the exact fit of shutters for your windows requires hiring a window design expert to take your window measurements to guide them in making a perfect fit.

People with large windows that cannot find ready-made shutters that suit their windows choose to have custom shutters made from scratch that efficiently controls the amount of natural light entering their homes.

Energy Efficiency

Even though energy efficient windows lower the risk of heat loss and gain in homes for lower utility bills, they are not 100 percent at it. Adding window coverings to the installed highly efficient windows can also increase energy efficiency.

The Department of Energy points out that 76 percent of the sunlight falling on your double or triple-pane windows transforms into heat, which the window coverings, including custom shutters, can prevent from entering your home.

Using energy-efficient shutter materials for your custom-made shutters helps save more energy. Shutters made of vinyl materials have better insulation capabilities than wood. So, when going for custom plantation shutters, you can choose materials that promote insulation and effectively prevent heat loss or gain for increased energy efficiency.

Improves Comfort

In addition to the above pros, custom-made shutters enhance your comfortable lifestyle. They are highly energy efficient, an aspect that reduces issues such as cold or heat drafts near windows, and controls glare and daylight entering your house.

The custom shutters also prevent unwanted heat loss during winter through windows and stop unwanted solar from getting into your house during summer.

The temperature control and elimination of drafts increase comfort in your Dallas, TX, home because you will not find other rooms warm while others are cold during winter, and vice versa.

As the energy-efficient home windows and shutters prevent heat transfer from in and out of your rooms, the conditioned air inside adequately meets your cooling or heating needs, making your space comfortable.


Homeowners can also enjoy the privacy most window shutters provide. If you live in an estate with numerous neighbors or along the streets, noisy people with a habit of peeping into houses can be a nuisance.

The best way to ensure you have maximum privacy from neighbors that do not mind their business is by adding custom shutters with opaque materials on your energy-efficient windows. The plantation shutters enable you to control light illumination, privacy, and temperatures.

Cons of Custom-made Shutters


Unlike other window coverings, such as blinds and curtains, window shutters are more costly. The price of standard and readily available shutters is lower than custom plantation shutters because of the diverse materials and work involved in making them.

They are among the most expensive window coverings because of their energy efficiency, comfort provision, privacy, and uniqueness. The shutters are also costly because they can increase the beauty and home value if accurately installed.

Require More Space

Unlike curtains and blinds open upwards or sideways, custom shutters that open inwards need more space. You cannot place seats, tables, or a couch around the interior shutters.

Placing furniture in front of the windows will mean leaving the shutters closed day and night. So, if your house has limited space, it might be inappropriate to go for interior plantation shutters, but the exterior types can be a better option.

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