Advantages of Energy Efficient Replacement Windows | Lewisville, TX

Advantages of Energy Efficient Replacement Windows | Lewisville, TX

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When it comes to your home, you want everything to be perfect. Many people choose older homes for their charming architecture and spacious rooms. While fixing up an older home can be very satisfying, it can also be very expensive.

It’s important to know which home improvement projects will add value to your home. Replacement windows are one way to instantly increase your home’s worth, no matter how old it is.

There are many other benefits to choosing new, energy efficient windows for your home.

Saves Energy and Money on Utility Bills

Older windows cannot create a solid seal from the outside temperatures. It’s through these leaks and cracks that your air conditioning or heat escapes from your house. This causes your HVAC to work even harder to keep your house comfortable. You will pay for this wasted energy in higher utility bills and, eventually, repair or replacement of your heating and air conditioning system.

Energy efficient replacement windows can help form a tighter barrier. They can lower your heat or air conditioning loss from leaks significantly. Energy efficient windows seal the uncomfortable temperatures out, while keeping the comfort inside. This saves your home’s energy usage, making your monthly utility bills lower.

Makes Your Home More Comfortable

Older homes often have old windows. You can feel the cold draft from the cold glass when you are near the window in winter. And in summer, the sun coming through the window panes can quickly heat up your home.

Energy efficient replacement windows use new glazing techniques that can help keep your home more comfortable. High-performance windows have a higher interior temperature during the winter months, which helps keep the inside of your home warmer when it’s cold outside.

Having new replacement windows installed keeps the comfortable temperatures in the house, while blocking the heat from the sun. This helps better control the inside temperature, making your heating and cooling system work less.

Reduce Interior Fading

Your home and its furnishings are costly to replace. So, if you’re like most Americans, you want your furniture, flooring, and wallpaper to look good as long as possible. Replacement windows can reduce the amount of fading your interior experiences and keep them looking good for a long time.

If you have noticed sections of your carpet, furniture, or walls are significantly faded, it is likely from the sun coming through old windows. They basically magnified the sunlight coming into the house, creating a mild bleaching effect on whatever was in its path. Over time, the faded parts become obvious and have to be replaced.

For Lewisville, TX homeowners, the summer sun can be brutal. Modern replacement windows use new glazing technologies that can protect your interior from the harsh rays of the sun. This could keep your home furnishings looking newer longer. This equals fewer carpet, wallpaper, and furniture replacements, which saves a lot of money over the years.

Allows You to Enjoy More Light and Better Views

The whole purpose of a window is to let the natural light in and give a good view of the outside. However, since older windows are known for radiating heat in the summer, many people keep their windows covered with insulated drapery. It’s the same concept in the winter, when the cold sneaks in through cracks in the window and frame. When you have to keep your curtains closed all the time, you can’t really enjoy the light or the sights from the outside.

When you choose replacement windows for your home, you can open those drapes and let the sunshine in. Because of the new glazing technologies, you can get all the light without heating up your rooms.

Tinted glazes and shades can reduce the solar heat that is gained from light coming through glass. This keeps your house from heating up and becoming uncomfortable. In addition, new glazings with low solar gain coating can provide even more protection from the sun’s rays.

Furthermore, energy efficient windows will form a stronger seal from the weather outside. This will block much more of the cold or heat from entering through weak spots in your window.

Reduces the Level of Condensation

Another benefit of the new technology regarding window glazes is a reduction in the amount of condensation that forms. Insulating frames and warm edge technology, which makes the glass surfaces inside your home warmer. This significantly reduces the amount of condensation that builds up on your windows.

Why is this important? If you have ever seen cloudy or foggy windows, you have seen the effect condensation can have on double pane windows. When the seal holding the gas layer between the two panes becomes compromised, condensation can get trapped there. This makes your windows look cloudy, ruining the way they look and blocking your visibility.

Lowers Your HVAC Needs

You know that having energy-efficient windows installed in your home can lower your utility bills throughout the year. It can also help reduce the load on your home’s heating and air conditioning system.

Every building has a peak load. This represents the maximum requirement for cooling and heating that structure. Peak loads are used to determine what size heating and air conditioning unit will be needed to keep the building comfortable.

When you choose to have your windows replaced, energy-efficient models can significantly reduce your home’s peak load. This can allow homeowners to switch to smaller heating and air conditioning systems, without noticing a difference in comfort level.

Replacement windows provide a strong seal from the outside temperatures. This keeps your home from absorbing the outdoor temperatures and letting your heating or cooling escape through the cracks. In addition, the new glazing methods reduce the heat that is absorbed by the glass.

A smaller HVAC system will pull less power, making your overall energy usage lower. If you can downgrade your heating and air conditioning unit and still be comfortable, you can have lower utility bills on a regular basis.

Contact Energy Window Solutions in Lewisville, TX today for more information about how replacement windows can upgrade your home.