Energy Efficient Windows Do More Than Lower Your Bills | Fort Worth, TX

Energy Efficient Windows Do More Than Lower Your Bills | Fort Worth, TX

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Your windows are important features of your home. From a distance, they give your property that good look to a visitor by enhancing its aesthetics. They also facilitate the entry of natural light into your home, lowering bills, and giving the indoor environment natural feels. Windows also allow warmth and fresh air into your home, which is good for your health and comfort. Over the years, they have changed drastically, with the most-recent technologies introducing energy-efficient windows.

These window types are designed to trap the indoor environment and ensure that the hot and cold air outside does not get into your home. The immediate advantage is that of lowering of air conditioning costs. Quality energy windows can save you up to 45% of your heating and cooling costs, which results in a significant lowering of energy bills. However, they have many more advantages to you as the homeowner that far outweigh the cost of installation. Here are some advantages.

Low Cost of Maintenance

The cost of maintaining energy efficient windows is lower than that of the traditional ones. These windows reduce condensation build-up as they do not transfer lots of heat from the inside of your home and vice versa. This trait reduces the amount of moisture that attaches to the frame and the risk of mold. Besides, energy efficient windows are UV resistant. Therefore, they experience low degradation and dirt build-up. This saves you from having to clean them now and then and frequent structural replacements.

The low cost of maintenance is extended to your HVAC system. With most heat or cold retained, your AC system does not work hard to maintain indoor temperatures. This, in turn, enhances its life and lowers instances of breakdowns.

Lowers Your Carbon Footprint

The whole world is looking for solutions to help lower the impact that homes have on the environment. One of the ways includes installing structures and fixtures that have low greenhouse gas emissions. According to research, replacing a traditional double plane window with an energy efficient one may reduce up to 2,001 lbs. of Co2 gas emissions into the atmosphere. These numbers are even higher for single-plane windows. You can join the movement to make the earth greener by purchasing an energy-efficient window.

Increased Comfort

Comfort is closely related to heat levels. With an energy efficient window, your home is habitable whether it is frigid or very hot out there. Therefore you have no problem pulling your curtains to let light in when it is very hot out there. These windows also eliminate condensation and drafts, making your home habitable and cozy. If you are looking for a way to feel homesick every time you are out there, start by installing energy-efficient windows.

Eliminate the Effects of UV Rays

Natural light is great as it brings calmness into the home. It also helps reduce your energy bills. However, natural light comes with UV rays that make your upholstery, curtains, and carpets fade or discolor if exposed to the light for too long. Replacing these items costs so much. Therefore, protecting them from damage should be a consideration.

Fortunately, energy efficient windows block these harsh UV rays while letting sunshine into your property. They have an outer coating that works as sunscreen to filter out UVA and UVB rays. They do all this without limiting visibility. In the end, you get all the natural light without damaging your furniture, fittings, and draping.

Lowers Condensation

Condensation occurs when moisture or water vapor in the indoor air cools down and settles on your window. This water creates puddles of water that run down the frame and walls. Such water may cause several problems at home. First, it may damage the frame, especially if it is made of wood. When it runs on walls, it creates permanent marks on paint that require repainting. Finally, the condensed water may cause mold infestation that can result in several health issues, including lung problems.

You will find most condensation happening in kitchens and bathrooms as these are the locations where large quantities of water are used. Fortunately, energy efficient windows deal with the problem by preventing the cooling effect as cold air from the outside does not get to the inside of the windowpane.

Pick an Energy Efficient Window

When choosing an energy efficient window for your Fort Worth, TX home, you should consider functionality and aesthetics. Check the material, design, frame, and installation procedure. Most of these windows come with wood frames. Unlike aluminum frames, wood is not conductive and, therefore, does not conduct outdoor heat. However, you may still have conductive materials with wood cladding for insulation.

Energy Star Rating

The Energy Star rating is the leading rating system that checks the energy efficiency of appliances and structures. This is a great start when choosing the right window. You will know that a particular window is energy efficient by looking for a blue sticker. It is good to check the energy efficiency rating and pick the highest rating in the market. Most of the best brands exceed the minimum Energy Star requirements.


The design of the energy efficient window determines the installation procedure. Windows made of PVC are fully weldable, while welded corners improve insulation. On the other hand, manual foam-filled windows may require a secondary manual fill and many are not weldable. Check the installation and maintenance procedures for every window that you buy.


As said at the start, one of the functions of a window is to ensure that your house looks great. Therefore, when making a choice, pick a window that has the preferred color and style. You may want to talk to your interior designer about the best color choices. The style choice is mostly dependent on your home design, although you may try several designs.

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