Energy Window Solutions, a World Class Window Dealer | Tips from Your Flower Mound, TX Energy Efficient Windows Solution

Energy Window Solutions, a World Class Window Dealer | Tips from Your Flower Mound, TX Energy Efficient Windows Solution

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The world of architecture is fast evolving with advent of new technology that has mushroomed new inventions and innovations. It has become apparent that most homeowners have a preference of long and wide windows that allow for great view, light and are awe in aesthetics. Energy Window Solutions is a prime window provider and installation company based in Flower Mound, TX.

Energy Window Solutions is a well-known window dealer, handling fabrication, designing, supply and installation of windows, doors, gutters and sidings for both residential and commercial buildings. We have over 30 years’ service to our esteemed customers providing the best, modern and efficient solutions. In addition, we engage in consulting and after sale services; a measure to ensure our customers get the best value out of us.

There are many specs that are looked into when choosing the best solution for your home or office. Energy efficient windows, durability, structural design, resilience, ease of operation among other things are considered. A quality window should be a perfect mix of these features.

Services offered at Energy Window Solutions:


Energy efficient windows are a revolutionary product with varieties to choose from. In fabrication and designing, science is applied to ensure they are energy efficient windows– do not heat up the room when it’s hot and not much energy is lost when it is cold. In addition, they are show stopping and durable. Here are some of the available windows types:

Slim Line Windows

As the name suggests, these windows have very fine and slim frame that is indeed trendy and a technology that has been cordially welcomed in the market. These windows allow for maximum light penetration, have an attractive design and is both heat and sound insulated.

Triple Pane Windows

This windows are made with technology at its apex. Three window pane are used at installation to ensure there is energy efficient windows, resistance to condensation and soundproof factors have been factored in. It is one of the industry leading innovation and a product that is high performing.

Sliding Sash Windows

These are windows that overlap on each other and it is yet another energy efficient window to consider in building and construction. They are easy to open with great friction mechanisms and strong pivot hinges. The window panes are made to repel heat and sound while still offering the best performance.


It is typically a side hinged window that is conventional and widely use in residential and commercial properties. Well, old is gold, and this type never gets stale as new technologies has unfolded more functionality, efficiency and aesthetics that are worthwhile. Casements is also known as the side hinge window, a type of the trendy energy efficient windows.


Energy Window Solutions is also a maker and installer of various types of doors, spoiling you for choice. Some of the key features that are applied is glass expanse for more scenery, performance, ease of operation and structural design. Below are a few designs available at Flower Mound, TX Energy Window Solutions:

Sliding Patio Doors

This ideally is a glass door that you slide sideways to open or close. It has a handle where you push or pull and a lock for security purposes. They offer great views, allow for light penetration and are awesome in quality and performance. Energy is conserved through used of insulated surfaces and materials as the energy efficient windows.

Hinged Patio Doors

These doors are made of glass just like the latter only that instead of sliding open, they either swing inwards or outwards depending on whether you are opening or shutting the door. They are more resilient, energy efficient windows, durable and has a great design. Hinged patio doors can not only be installed in homes but also in commercial buildings.

Entry Doors

Energy Windows Solutions is also a maker of exterior doors that can at times be more detailed as materials used may range from glass, wood grain, oak, to mahogany or a combination. Heritage fiberglass doors is artistically made to be durable, efficient and effective and comes with a 7-year warranty.


For a house to have a perfect finish that is great to the eyes, the exterior walls need to be enhanced by use of protective material. This cover, subject to material used is what brings about energy efficient windows that neither loses so much heat nor soaking in cold weather. Energy Window Solutions in the same vein expertise in siding. Some of the widely applied technologies include:

Mastic Siding

Here there is majorly the use of vinyl which requires low maintenance although there are options in using fiber cement, brick, wood and stucco. Mastic is long lasting, great in aesthetics and easy to maintain.

Alside Siding

This is the industry’s leading siding product as it comes loaded with benefits of energy efficient windows on the walls, heat insulation, sound proof, long warranty, beautiful finishes and value for your money.


One can argue the importance of gutters in a building but to say the least, its function is great as it prevents foundational and wall problems but allowing rain water to have channels of flowing out of the exterior roof. For over 30 years, Energy Window Solutions in Flower Mound, TX has been involved in the make, installation and maintenance of rain gutters.

Mastic metal gutter, the best gutters in the market is what this company uses to solve all you water passage problems that will last you long, easy to maintain and gives you the highest value for your money. Just like other Energy Window Solutions products such as the energy efficient windows, gutters come in different designs for all our customer needs, preferences and tastes.

If you would desire to get any of our services, reach us through 972-290-1848 and we will attend to you. Our team of experts on the exterior end wait to serve you satisfactorily. For more information about the company and the services we offer feel free to visit us on our website.

If you come from other locations outside of Flower Mound, TX you can check out for your nearest Energy Window Solutions office. Our unmatchable service delivery is assimilated by all staff members.