Energy Window Solutions Provides Great Windows in Lewisville

Energy Window Solutions Provides Great Windows in Lewisville

A window is defined as an opening in a wall, door or roof that allows in light and air and wind and even rain to some extent if the owner may desire it. It is usually made with glass with a wooden or metallic frame. Now you may not think of a window exactly this way, but this is the exact definition. However, we never think of windows as part of our daily routine. They reside all over our houses, yet they occupy very little space in our day in terms of thought. The most that we do with windows is open or close them during summers or winters to regulate the temperature inside the house.

However, when windows break or don’t provide the function they’re meant for, we do tend to notice. That’s exactly what Energy Window Solutions understands. And they will provide you with the best Windows in Lewisville.

They have a lot of variety in their products in terms of function and fashion. They will provide you windows to let in the maximum amount of light, windows that will darken rooms if you want them too, windows that will keep out wind, hail, sleet, snow and rain, and windows that will save you on electric bills all year long for great savings.

There is also a lot of variety in color and style as they have windows and, in all colors, and shapes. They will help you customize your Windows in Lewisville the way that you want so that they serve the aesthetic purpose as well as the practical one.

Here are a few types of  Windows in Lewisville that you can buy from them.

V25 Slimline Series Vinyl Replacement Windows for Apartments

The slimline window series is a perfect option for Replacement Windows in Lewisville. If you want a new window constructed and you want to get rid of an old, thick window to go for a slimmer, more modern look, with the maximum amount of visible glass, this is the window for you.

These windows are especially suited for condo buildings and for private bachelor pads. They also work well for ancestral homes or for homes that want a great view out towards a garden. The sleek, low profile frame design increases both the viewing area and light penetration which makes for maximum use of natural lighting in the house. This of course, saves tons on power bills all across the year.

As for the glass used in the window itself, it’s a ¾ inch Cardinal Low E 366 glass that provides the highest quality thermal and sound insulation so that you can keep your home as hot or as cool as possible in all kinds of weather and so that you can keep it as quiet as you want for a family evening, a discussion or even for movie night.

Low Profile Frame

Our glass panes Replacement Windows, in Lewisville have the best insulation for any price point. The Dura Seal glass utilizes the latest in warm edge technology for the best energy savings all year round. The multi-chambered, aluminum reinforced center allows for extra support so that the window can withstand hits from rain, hail, sleet and snow for many years.

The heavy-duty stainless-steel balance system allows the sash to remain open in any position so that it’s easy to install in any room. The “Colonial” window grids fit between the layers of glass so that no cleaning is needed (this is an optional feature). It also features full frame depth to fit any standard window; this makes it easier to install and minimizes window opening customization.

Single Hung Window

Single Hung windows offer the basic and familiar style of windows present all over the country. These Windows in Lewisville can be opened by sliding up and have a dual sweep lock which exceeds forced entry requirements. This means that you have a simple, functional solution to your aesthetic and functional conundrum when purchasing windows.

It has dual weather-stripping capabilities, full 1 ½ inch integral nail fins, full span interlocking and reinforced sashes as well as a constant force stainless steel balance standard. The 3 ¼ inch double wall frame is built for increased rigidity and thermal performance. It ensures that you have great protection from all the elements of the weather that pose a threat to your peace of mind and to your health.

Picture Window

The picture window is as simple as it gets. This Window in Lewisville offers you a great view with little obstructions and great protection from the outside. It has a simple, vertical design with a glazed exterior. It is fitted with double strength glass for great thermal performance and sound reduction. This means that you won’t catch a cold, will have great savings on your electric bill throughout the year and won’t be bothered by the kids playing around your neighborhood or construction noises from your neighbor’s yard across the street.

Horizontal Sliding Window

One of the best Replacement Windows, in Lewisville, Energy Solutions gives you an easy to use, Sliding Window which has a ¾ inch glass standard and dual weather-stripping capability. It has full span interlocking and reinforced sashes, it has a tandem brass roller for ease of operation and durability, which basically means that you won’t have to worry about accidentally sliding the window so hard that you’ll break it. It has an optional two-piece mulling system and a cardinal double strength insulated glass to keep your home comfortable and quiet.

If you want to get the best Replacement Windows, in Lewisville then pick up the phone and call Energy Window Solutions.