Features Of Energy Efficient Windows Installed In Residential Properties | Fort Worth, TX

Features Of Energy Efficient Windows Installed In Residential Properties | Fort Worth, TX

The versatility of windows in the fenestration market can confuse amateurs who are clueless or know little about windows. Residential property owners upgrading their old and broken windows can get recommendations to buy energy-conserving windows from most window experts.

Selecting highly efficient replacement windows requires help from professionals that can identify and understand the windows in terms of operations, U-factors and ENERGY STAR label as well as SEER ratings, and SHGC ratings.

The benefits of installing the windows in your house are not limited to maximum comfort, low utility bills, preservation of your fabrics’ color, and reduced condensation. Understanding the elements or characteristics that make home windows energy efficient is crucial in helping customers know what to look for when buying windows. Below are features of energy efficient windows you should know about.

Two or Three Panes of Glass

Glass panes are essential in windows because they allow natural light and fresh air in your house. Conventional or standard windows differ from highly efficient windows because of their one pane of glass.

You can identify energy efficient windows by the two or three panes of glass that prevent external heat from entering your home and conditioned air from moving outside. The two panes of glass are essential in adding to the insulation of the windows. Single-pane windows have poor insulation that allows the conditioned air to pass through the windows and cold or hot air to enter your house, accounting for 25 to 30 percent of energy consumption.

If you are wondering how the two or three panes of glass make the windows energy efficient, you are in the right place. Energy efficient windows have two or more panes that block heat movement in and out of the house because of their high level of thermal resistance.

Single-glazed windows allow heat to flow in and out of your Fort Worth, TX, home, making the air conditioners and heating systems work harder to provide sufficient warmth or coolness for comfort by using more gas or electric power. If the gaps in the windows increase, your HVAC systems will work in vain because most of the conditioned air will escape, and the electricity bills will skyrocket. Energy efficient windows are the solution to the high utility bills and the air escape thanks to their insulative abilities.

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Coatings

The glass of energy efficient home windows has low-E coatings and microscopically thin metallic coatings on window glass panes. Window manufacturers coat the inner parts of the window glass. They are different from the standard panes of glass that transmit and reflect heat through the windows.

The heat from infrared and ultraviolet light can make window coverings and furniture reflect on, fade or discolor over time. According to the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S Department of Energy, low-E coatings can reduce the fading rate to nearly 75 percent by reducing visible light.

The coatings on the low-E glass energy efficient windows allow a sufficient amount of natural light inside your house but filter out the UV light and infrared that discolors surfaces and fabrics, compromising the quality of curtains and other window coverings and furniture. They also keep external heat out of your house and cool air in, saving energy and reducing utility bills.

Gas Fills and Spacers Between Window Panes

Another significant characteristic of energy efficient windows is the space between the two or three-paned windows. The spacing increases the insulation properties of the windows as it stops conditioned air or warmth from passing through, saving energy. Standard single-paned windows are not energy efficient because of one single glass pane.

Double-pane energy efficient windows have one spacing, while triple-pane windows have two spacers. The more the pane of glass, the more spacing that comes with increased power conservation. The spacers in highly efficient windows have inert gasses, such as argon or krypton, that reduce heat loss or gain in Fort Worth, TX, households.

Krypton and argon gasses are not toxic inert gasses, making them a safe option for home windows. They do not pose any health threats to installers and families. The colorless and odorless gas fillers increase insulation in energy efficient windows, lowering energy costs.

Homeowners can choose windows with argon because of affordability and availability, while others can select efficient windows with krypton fillers because they are better insulators. Due to their different benefits, most manufacturers of energy efficient replacement windows prefer to mix the gasses with air for a perfect blend and peak performance.

Framing Materials

In addition to the multiple panes of glass, energy efficient replacement windows use different window frame materials that can withstand their weight to increase their efficiency. The frame selection process can be overwhelming, hence the need for professional help.

Choosing the best window frames can increase home windows’ optimal performance and durability. Fiberglass framing materials have glass fibers and resin that increase their strength to hold the weight of double or triple-pane windows.

Vinyl window frames are also preferable because of their durability and energy efficiency. They have top-notch insulating features blending with two-or-triple panes of glass with inert gasses to provide homeowners with the best energy conservation results.

In addition, you can opt for wood frames for your windows because of their insulation and energy efficiency. However, the wood requires regular sealing, painting, and staining once in a while.

Ready to Get Energy Efficient Home Windows!

Window purchase is a process that requires patience and help from window technicians to get the best that blends perfectly with interior decor and your home’s architectural style. Our professionals at Energy Window Solutions in Fort Worth, TX, can help you through the entire process from selection to installation. You are assured of top-notch services because our technicians are knowledgeable in new and replacement energy efficient windows.

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