Here are the Different Energy Efficient Windows You can Buy to Cut Down on the Power Bill in Your Home | Replacement Windows in Frisco, TX

Here are the Different Energy Efficient Windows You can Buy to Cut Down on the Power Bill in Your Home | Replacement Windows in Frisco, TX

We’re all indifferent to windows in our lives. They’re so common to every home that we stop noticing after a while. Sure, we stare out of them into the world every day, and pull them back and open them many times throughout the day, but they’re just not very interesting because they’re everywhere. 

However, they need attention because they literally are windows to the outside world. Due to their importance that we often forget about, when we choose one for Window Installation in Frisco, it should be nothing less than perfect. Energy Window Solutions can provide you with that and more. 

Types of Windows

There are various designs from which you can choose, and they all have their benefits for different reasons. They come in various colors and are designed for homes, offices, studios, apartments and guest houses. They provide not only a great view, but also climate control so you can keep your home temperate and just how you like it. 

Here is a list of them all so you can decide for yourself. 

Double Hung Windows 

If you’re new to Window Installation in Frisco, you should definitely go for double hung windows. They balance out your interaction with the weather and insulate the environment within the home. 

Since they’re designed very meticulously by Energy Window Solutions, they’re bound to function as you would like. They open up diagonally and let in sunshine and a light breeze now and then. They also come in handy if you want to experience a little bit of the extreme weather outside. If it’s snowing and you want to hold out your hand or feel the rain on your face, you can do so. 

You can also choose to lock the Replacement windows in Frisco and not let in any weather at all. However, who doesn’t like a little rain and snow now and then? 

Awning Windows 

These are the complete reverse of Double Hung Windows. It functions in a way that keeps things out instead of letting them in. If you’re the kind of person who wants peace and quiet above all, you don’t only need these windows, you absolutely require them. 

Awning Replacement windows in Frisco will keep out noise, sleet, hail, rain, and wind. You’ll sleep soundly as a newborn babe and wake to conquer the next day. These awning windows are placed atop doorways and walls that face the onslaught of wind regularly. They can keep out the weather this way and offer you a spectacular view of what’s happening outside. 

TRUE Factory Direct Value

Energy Window Solutions can provide you with TRUE factor direct value. What this basically means is that there will be no features held back. All the essentials for the windows will be delivered, and the advanced features you request will be added at a fair price. 

There are a wide variety of products that they offer such as luxury Replacement windows in Frisco, triple pane glass windows, gas-filled windows, etc. These will help keep the room warm or cool, however, you want it, and will help with the afternoon naps and the long night’s sleep. 

Rehau Windows 

Rehau windows can help you save on your utility bills, and that too in style. They come in various designs like single hung, double hung, casement, etc., as well as in different colors like medium oak, light oak, cherry, etc. 

Energy Window Solutions uses the best materials for their Replacement windows in Frisco and offers great technological advancements to comply with the EnergyStar standards that are applicable today. 

SuperCap Technology 

The SuperCap technology in Energy Window Solutions’ windows kills two birds with one stone. They offer you plenty of light to illuminate your home, but they also keep out a lot of solar heat. This allows you to avoid the fading of colors on various paintings, pieces of furniture, etc., offering greater durability for your home. 

Your home can stay well insulated against whatever weather there is. You can keep your home at constant temperature and never feel hot or cold again. 

Since the thermal conductivity resistance that is offered by Replacement windows in Frisco is six times better than fiberglass, four times better than PVC and three times as effective as wood, you can rest easy knowing that you’re keeping the microclimate in your home just perfect. 

U Factor 

The U factor is one of the most important things that influence insulation in windows. It’s the rate at which heat can travel between two surfaces that exist in any phase of matter. For replacement windows in Frisco, there is a special insulating core designed within the frame structure. It improves the U factor by 15%, allowing for a slower rate of heat transfer. This means that you can keep your home at the perfect temperature for much longer than before installing these windows. 


Energy Window Solutions designs its Replacement windows in Frisco with triple glazing. This prevents air infiltration which in turn increases the insulation capability of windows. Yearly power costs and monthly bills all take a dive because of this extra effort. 

The Great Advantage of an Energy Efficient Window

It’s easy to discount windows as just the bare essentials needed for a home, but they can literally change the way you live. A window can provide you with the best view you’ve ever seen, with savings on your electric bill, comfort when you need it most, and the atmosphere to curl up with a good book and stare out into the world without a care. Replacement windows in Frisco can do that and a lot more. 

Your home is a palace and should be treated as such. The right Replacement windows in Frisco cannot only let enough light in to liven up the atmosphere of your home, but also regulate the climate of the home to near perfect conditions. You shouldn’t have to accept anything less than perfect. Let Energy Window Solutions bring you the best in energy efficient windows to your castle.