How To Prepare Your Home For The Installation Of Energy Efficient Windows During COVID-19 | Fort Worth, TX

How To Prepare Your Home For The Installation Of Energy Efficient Windows During COVID-19 | Fort Worth, TX

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Your windows are one of the places where you lose the most heat in your home. Nowadays, it’s hard to find single pane windows in residential homes because they lose so much heat and are not energy efficient at all. Most homeowners have double pane windows.

While double pane windows are so much more energy efficient than single pane windows, they’re still not the most energy efficient windows around. If you’re looking for the most energy efficient options, you’re going to want triple pane windows, windows with some type of low E coating over top and windows with inert gases injected inside.

Energy Window Solutions can help you find the energy efficient windows that are most compatible with your home. Once we find something that you like, we will put in the order and set up a time to come install the windows. Here are some tips and tricks on how to prepare your home for the installation during COVID-19.

#1. Remove Items from the Surrounding Area Ahead of Time

In order to make everyone’s job a lot easier, you should take the time to remove items from the surrounding area ahead of time. For example, if you have small plants on the windowsill, relocate them before the installation company arrives. This will allow you to ensure that none of your precious items make it damaged during the installation.

You can also create a walkable path from the door to where the energy efficient windows are going to be installed. You may want to remove furniture and other large objects that may be in the way.

#2. Give the Professionals Space

Many homeowners may want to hover around about while the company installs energy efficient windows. They want to make sure that everything goes as planned. However, with COVID-19, it is now a good idea to get the professionals as much space as possible. You may want to go to another area of the home while the professionals install the windows to social distance.

On the note, it’s a good idea to alert all your family members ahead of time as well. Give them proper notice, so they can prepare for the installation company as well. For example, if you’re going to be installing energy efficient windows in the kitchen, make sure that everyone has snacks and water before the installation company arrives. Make sure to relocate small pets and young children to other rooms into other areas of the home.

#3. Get the Payment Set Up Ahead of Time

Due to COVID-19, some companies now prefer different types of payment methods. You can make everyone’s job a lot easier if you ask the installation company whether they have any preferences ahead of time. Some companies prefer electronic transfers, but others may prefer credit cards. You can provide your credit card information over the phone for convenience.

In general, you should avoid cash nowadays as it can spread germs. If you’re planning to pay with cash, you should ask the company ahead of time if they’re OK with it and whether they have any policies in place for accepting this type of payment.

#4. Disinfect All Surfaces

Before the professionals arrive, you might want to consider disinfecting all the surfaces that the professionals will touch. This is just common courtesy during these hard times. You can also provide alcohol-based wipes and other cleaning supplies. If you have hand sanitizers, you can also leave them out.

On this note, you should also consider disinfecting all surfaces once the insulation company leaves. Wipe down all of the energy efficient windows with some type of alcohol or cleaning solution. This can help prevent the spread of germs even further.

#5. Wear a Mask

To prevent the spread of germs, consider wearing a mask while inside your own home. In general, most professional companies will now require their contractors and workers to wear a mask for the sake of their clients. However, if you are concerned about whether the company installed energy-efficient windows will require their workers to wear a mask, give them a call ahead of time and ask.

If you have any other safety concerns, you should also bring it up ahead of time so that the installation company can accommodate you. For example, many homeowners may ask that the professionals wear shoe coverings inside their home. This is usually standard protocol; however, by giving the installation company a call ahead of time, you can rest assured that these protocols and policies will be followed.

Give Energy Windows Solutions a Call to Find Energy Efficient Windows for Your Home in Fort Worth, TX

There’s no reason for any home to not have energy efficient windows. There are so many affordable choices on the market nowadays that it’s easy to find something that will work for your home. You can choose from windows that have multiple panes in them. Or, you can consider windows that have energy gases, like krypton or argon, injected inside. Our professionals can help you find something that works for your home. We also walk you through the pros and cons of different windows, so you know exactly what you’re getting.

If you’re unsure of where you can find windows that are compatible with your home, give Energy Window Solutions a call. We are one of the most reputable window installation companies in Fort Worth, TX, and have helped many homeowners find windows that meet their needs. We can walk you through the entire installation process, so that there are no surprises.

If you haven’t already, it’s definitely worth it to switch to energy efficient windows, as they will practically pay for themselves over time. You’ll notice that your energy bills will decrease drastically. On top of all of that, these windows are much more durable and will last for years. They are definitely a worthwhile investment. Energy Window Solutions is here to help you!