Improving Home Security With New Windows | Fort Worth, TX

Improving Home Security With New Windows | Fort Worth, TX

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It’s well-known that brand new windows can improve curb appeal and energy efficiency. But modern windows are also designed with security in mind. Older or visibly damaged windows could leave your Fort Worth, TX home vulnerable to break-ins, while new windows and upgrades can make your home more secure. There are several ways that windows can keep you safe through improved locking options and recent glass advancements.

Modern window locks play a critical role in improving and maintaining home security. Whether your new windows have aluminum, wood, or vinyl frames, they will need to pass industry-standard ‘Forced Entry’ tests before they can be sold. Contemporary frames can also include traditional lever-action locking mechanisms, systems that lock as soon as windows are closed, and various other lock types to improve security.

More recently, window operating control devices are becoming popular. These devices only allow windows to open up to 4 inches wide unless the window is manually unlocked from the inside. Each time the window is closed, the mechanism resets to the 4-inch restricted opening, which not only gives you peace of mind for keeping burglars out, but it also protects pets and small children from accidentally falling out of a fully open window.

Types of Locks Suitable For Your New Windows

The lock most suitable for your new windows will typically depend on the style of window you have chosen to install. Sliding window locks, for example, have a very different mechanism to sash locks. Many modern windows use window latches instead of traditional sash locks. Windows latches are popular, in part because of their stylish look, but also because they can secure a wide variety of window frames. Vinyl windows, for example, often have locks that require the latch to be turned into the window catch to lock the window.

Some of the most common lock types you’ll find are:

  • Sliding window locks
  • Keyed sash locks
  • Hinged wedge locks
  • Push locks
  • Window latches
  • Pin locks

Sliding Window Locks

Sliding windows open by moving the sash sideways. Since they don’t open the same way that more traditional windows do, you may wonder what the best way to lock them is. Modern locks for sliding windows typically use a level or thumbscrew to open. However, new windows can also be fitted with key-style locks and sliding metal bolts.

Double-Hung Window Locks

Double-hung windows have a sash that typically slides upwards from the bottom of the frame, although modern designs sometimes have a top-opening sash. In either case, your existing double-hung windows may have traditional-style locks, although these are not as secure as newer locks on the market. The type of lock you’re used to seeing on double-hung windows will most likely be the two-part lock that has a half-circle fastener, which is turned into the catch to lock the window.

Push locks can be installed on double-hung windows, as well as sliding windows and awnings. A push lock has a locking bolt that you push to lock and open using a key, adding an extra layer of security to your window opening.

Casement Window Locks

Casement windows are one of the most secure window styles on the market today, as a hand crank usually opens them. Casement window locks can both keep the window from opening or limit the distance that the window is allowed to open, giving you greater flexibility over how much of an entry space you create. Chain locks and key locks are both regularly used as casement window locks.

Folding latches are also commonly used on casement windows, as they’re easy to use. Homeowners simply fold the latch down to lock and pull the latch up to unlock.

Keyed window locks are among the most popular methods of increasing home security, regardless of the type of window. Key locks can be attached to sliding windows, single-hung, and double-hung windows. They’re typically installed on the side or bottom of the window frame and require a key to unlock and open the window.

Improving Home Security with the Right Window Glass

Tempered glass has up to four times the strength of regular glass, making it very difficult to shatter. While this is an excellent option for homeowners, other glass options also improve security. Laminated glass, in particular, is one of the toughest options you can choose to put in your new windows as the extra layer of laminate built into the window is designed to hold the window together in the event of a breakage. Hurricane impact windows often use laminated glass sheets as they’re strong enough to resist shattering upon impact with flying debris.

Security glazing films can also be applied in varying thicknesses to both window and door glass to improve security. For best results, the glazing film should be applied behind the glazing beads, so professional installation is recommended. Security glazing acts like the interlayer in laminated glass, helping to hold the glass pane together when it’s broken to avoid shards of glass causing injury.

Increasing Home Security with Window Bars

Windows bars are another way that homeowners can limit the ease of access to the inside of a Fort Worth, TX home, and they work as a great burglar deterrent. Window bars can be built to fit a wide variety of windows, in custom sizes. While they do increase security, they can sometimes give the impression that the neighborhood is unsafe and may devalue the cost of a home.

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