New Options for Your Windows | Dallas, TX

New Options for Your Windows | Dallas, TX

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Are you considering installing or building a greenhouse in your home or your yard? If so, you should consider looking at this handy guide for the right window glass for the greenhouse. The right kind of glass and window quality will determine the sustainability, efficiency and durability of the greenhouse.

Here are some tips to make sure your windows work well in your greenhouse.

Number 1: Get the Right Window

There are several options for window glass in greenhouses that will work well. Some of them are listed below as examples.

Single Pane Glass

Single plane glasses are paired with overlapping glasses with full panels and seals. You should not go for the older styles of these kinds of glass since they can leak and the ventilation will be problematic.

In case you already have older models, you should have repairmen inspect them for efficiency or update them altogether.

However, you should bear in mind that even newer versions of single pane glass greenhouses are not energy efficient and will cost a lot in energy bills as single plane glasses let a lot of light through.

Double Pane Glass

If you want a sturdier, more energy efficient option for your new greenhouse windows, you should go for double pane glass greenhouses. Double pane glass windows in Dallas are the most energy efficient and reduce your insulation, heating, and ventilation problems very quickly.

If you want to get energy efficient options for low energy costs, you should invest in these windows as they will run for a long time. They have special low-e reflective coating inside them on the inner panel. This serves to insulate and reflect temperature.

This kind of window for greenhouses is expensive but aesthetically pleasing at the same time. You will have to pay a lot at the beginning when you buy and install it but the double pane glass is the best option for greenhouses, especially in Dallas weather.

Multi-wall Polycarbonate

Multi-wall polycarbonate greenhouse glass windows are thick, and their thickness can be customized. They can increase and support insulation and can be energy efficient.

These window options tend to diffuse sunlight and prevent and undo hotspots in the plants. You will then have adequate and even light across the entire greenhouse.

The polycarbonate panels can even be installed on your greenhouse’s roof so that you do not need to resort to other measures like cloths for shade options when the sun is too high and bright in Dallas.

Number 2: Think of the Aesthetics

If your greenhouse windows look good, your greenhouse will look good as well. If you are installing greenhouses for businesses, competitions or even for your own pleasure or environmental conscience, you will benefit from aesthetically pleasing greenhouses.

If a greenhouse looks good, you can even use it as a space to do other activities. Its aesthetics might even help brighten up the yard.

Number 3: Think of Your Geography

Always install windows and greenhouses according to your locations. If you live in a colder climate, you should remember to avoid glass options like single pane glass since they are not suited for this.

You should determine your glass choice according to the climate, humidity, light transmission and temperatures outside as well. For instance, if you have too much sunlight because of single-pane glass windows, you might have hot spots in the greenhouse which can adversely affect your plants.

If this occurs, you might need to put up cloths across your greenhouse. You will do well then to remember to get energy efficient and climate-friendly options for your new windows.

Number 4: Get the Right Glass

Your glass panels should be easy to maintain and should be weather tight, secure and allow for insulation of heat and light. Your glass should be sturdy and should last a long while.

Here are some options you can look for:


If you do not want high-priced glass, you can always opt for fiberglass panes that are impact resistant, lightweight and sturdy. They do not even need a sturdy pole or fixture to hold them up.

You should use transparent fiberglass for greenhouse windows if you want to have an adequate amount of light since these options tend to diffuse sunlight if their opacity is heightened. If you have low-grade fiberglass, it will lose color over time and mess up the amount of light transmitting into the greenhouse to the plants.

Make sure to not look for resin-coatings as well since they have life cycles of around 20 days and dirt will collect onto them.

Single-Wall Plastic

Another option for the glass is single-wall plastic coverings. These are often constructed from materials like acrylic and polycarbonate. They can be sturdy, rigid and seem like glass. However, this material can also have discoloring. If you notice it turn yellow, it is time for its replacement.

However, this material will yellow and discolor less than other options like polycarbonate. Both of these are often used on curved greenhouses and although some say that polycarbonate sheeting is better because of its coating of UV inhibitors, acrylic materials are usually more durable.

Polycarbonate and acrylic materials are usually more flexible and durable, so anyone constructing a greenhouse in Dallas should consider these as options.

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