New Window Installation: Why Choose Energy-Efficient? | Plano, TX

New Window Installation: Why Choose Energy-Efficient? | Plano, TX

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Energy efficiency is a buzzword right now. Everything nowadays is more ecological, saves energy and decreases your carbon footprint. But, did you know that by selecting a more energy-efficient option the next time you require window installation services, you can save serious money on your energy bills? Not only that, but eco-friendly windows provide additional comfort at home due to the reduction of draughts and an increase in security and soundproofing.

So, making the switch to windows that are as energy-efficient as possible saves the environment, saves money and keeps your family safe and warm. If you’re looking for a window installation contractor in Plano, TX, look no further than Energy Window Solutions.

A couple of decades ago, dual panes were a luxurious addition to a home. Since then, they’ve become more and more standardized. This is mainly because dual-pane windows tend to last much longer, provide enhanced protection against the elements and save people money on their heating and cooling bills.

Dual-pane windows are the most popular type of energy-efficient windows for window installation. As the name suggests, there are two panes of glass with dual-pane windows, as opposed to one. Triple pane windows are also available, with three panels of glass. Dual- and triple-pane windows capture the warmth from the sunlight and prevent hot or cold air from escaping through the window or window frame.

There is a space in between each pane, which is integral to how well the window functions. This space is filled with air as standard, but for extra energy-efficiency, we use a gas, such as argon. These gases have lower thermal conductivity than air, giving them better heat retention. If you’re thinking about calling upon window installation services, choosing dual or triple panes boosts your enjoyment of time spent relaxing indoors and saves money on your bills.

It’s not just the number of panes of glass that makes a window installation energy efficient. The frame plays an integral structural role in how much heat or cold is allowed to pass through. With energy-efficient windows, manufacturers carefully design the panes and the frame to ensure that air from outside can’t come in, and the air from inside doesn’t escape. Of course, ventilation is incredibly important, and these types of windows use technology to prevent stuffiness indoors.

Gaps Between Panes

The technology used in double- or triple-paned windows is highly complex and has developed considerably over recent years. As well as offering a distinct layer of protection against the outdoors, there is an extra space to fill with gas. This type of gas delivers an extra blanket against the elements. Whether it’s hot outside and you need to keep fresh air in or it’s cold out, and you need to keep warm air in, the way this pane is constructed makes all the difference to how much money you save on heating and cooling.

The Material the Frame Is Made From

Windows used to be made from metals such as steel or aluminum, but are now usually made from recyclable PVC. If you’ve got older metal windows, they probably lasted for years due to their strength but may have been draughty and ineffective. They can be recycled, and we’d recommend calling a trusted window installation contractor to fit new, energy-efficient windows that save you money and provide the insulation you need.

Spacer Bars

There is a strip between each pane of glass called a spacer bar. This was traditionally made from a metal such as aluminum. Because metal conducts heat, it gets lost from the window. Most manufacturers make spacer bars using insulating foam, which is far less conductive than metal. While these details may seem tiny and insignificant, research has shown that these small losses as a result of heat conductivity quickly build up. When hot air from your heater or cold air from your air conditioning stays inside the home, you save money!

Type of Glass

Low-emissivity glass has a special coating that lines the inner pane of the glass, making it the most energy-efficient kind of glass for double glazing. This additional layer stops air from escaping through the tiny, porous holes in glass. It also captures the heat from natural sunlight and provides an extra layer of security against glass breakage.

You don’t have to be a tree-hugger to benefit from energy-efficient windows. However, if you are looking for a window installation contractor, make sure they’re focused on energy efficiency as it has many benefits. Windows that meet environmental standards tend to last longer and save homeowners money on their energy bills each month. Some of the ways you can benefit from windows that save energy are :

  • Save the planet: Energy-efficient windows help people to keep their house at the desired temperature. Usually, well-insulated windows let the family inside the house turn down their heating or air-conditioning because the warm or cold air isn’t escaping outside. If every family in the U.S. turned down their HVAC systems or turned them off at night, the entire carbon footprint of the country would drastically reduce.


  • Improve home security: Windows that keep the heat or cold inside by using multi-pane technology have another essential benefit: security. Two or three panes of glass that are reinforced with the insulating coating are much more difficult to break than a standard window.


  • Increased comfort: Energy-efficient windows deliver an incredible additional perk because they put an end to draughts and cold-spots around the home. You can enjoy sitting close to the window and watching the world go by without worrying about getting cold.


  • Sound insulation: As well as insulating against heat or cold, modern windows insulate against outdoor noise. If you live in a busy street or have noisy neighbors, dual- or triple-pane glass defends against unwanted noise — leaving you and your family in peace.

Energy Efficient Window Installation in Plano, TX

The window installation process doesn’t need to be a challenge. Call Energy Window Solutions today at 972-290-1848 to discuss installing new energy-efficient windows.