Reasons To Install Energy Efficient Windows In Your Home | Dallas, TX

Reasons To Install Energy Efficient Windows In Your Home | Dallas, TX

The windows in your home serve a few purposes. They allow clear views outside and let the sunshine in. Also, your windows provide protection from the elements and allow fresh air into your home. If it’s time to replace your old windows, there are several benefits of installing energy efficient windows.

#1 Reduce Your Heating and Cooling Costs

With energy costs on the rise today, you should do whatever possible to keep your energy bills down, and installing energy efficient windows can help.

Old windows have one pane of glass and can be drafty. Cold air can leak into your home, causing your heating system to work overtime when it’s cold outside. The same is true in the summer, and the hot air can leak into the home, causing the AC to work overtime, causing your energy bills to increase.

Energy efficient windows have two or three panes of glass, with insulating gas in between, keeping the outside air out and the treated air in, reducing your heating and cooling costs.

#2 Comfort

Does your family avoid sitting near windows in your Dallas, TX home due to warm or cold drafts? If so, you should consider installing energy efficient windows. High-efficiency windows will keep your home comfortable regardless of how hot or cold it is outside.

#3 Easy to Clean and Maintain

Older windows require a considerable amount of maintenance. Many older window frames are made of wood, and the paint can chip over time. You’ll need to sand and repaint the interior and exterior frames to keep your home looking nice, which can be time-consuming. Energy efficient windows are designed with fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum frames and don’t need to be painted. You can keep the interior frames looking great by cleaning them with soap and warm water, and cleaning the exterior frames with a garden hose is all the maintenance the windows need.

You’ll need to wash the windows regularly to have clear views out the windows, and washing old windows can be time-consuming and dangerous. You can clean the interior pane from inside the house, but you’ll need a ladder to reach the top of the first floor and the second-floor exterior panes. Climbing a ladder with window cleaner and paper towels can be dangerous, and one misstep can result in a dangerous fall. Also, moving the ladder to each window and climbing up and down can be very time-consuming.

Fortunately, energy efficient windows are a lot easier to wash. After cleaning the interior pane, you can fold the window to clean the exterior panes from the safety of your home.

#4 Reduced Condensation

Window condensation is a common problem with older windows. They have only one pane of glass, so the interior glass surface can get cold, resulting in frost on the windows, making it impossible to see outside. Condensation is also a problem and can cause water damage and mold growth around the windows.

Energy efficient windows have two or three panes of glass with insulating glass in between, which controls humidity. When the windows are installed, you won’t have to worry about frosted windows, condensation, and the problems that can occur.

#5 Protect Your Home Furnishings

When the sun shines into your home, it can damage your home furnishings. The sun’s harmful UV rays can cause your floors, carpeting, furniture, and the paint on the walls to fade, which can be expensive to repair or replace.

Energy efficient window panes are designed with low-emissivity coatings, also known as Low-E coatings. The coating filters the sunlight and allows only visible light to shine into your home, and the UV and infrared rays will bounce off the exterior pane and keep your home furnishings from fading.

#6 Soundproofing

If you live on a busy street, the sound of the traffic can be distracting when you’re inside the house. The same is true if you live in a neighborhood where the houses are close together. Also, your neighbors can hear everything that happens in your Dallas, TX, home, and you’ll have no privacy.

Fortunately, installing energy efficient windows can be the solution to your problem. The multiple window panes and insulating gas will soundproof your home, providing peace and quiet and the privacy you want and expect.

#7 Increase Your Home’s Value

One great thing about high-efficiency windows is that they’ll increase your home’s value. According to a study conducted by the National Association of Home Builders in 2019, most homebuyers said they would be willing to pay around $8,000 for a home with Energy Star-approved windows if it means their energy bills will decrease by $1,000 a year. If you plan to sell your Dallas, TX home, installing high-efficiency windows will allow you to increase the asking price if you sell your home, and you’ll get more interested buyers.

Why Choose Energy Window Solutions?

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