Shutter Company Near Me: 3 Types Of Shutters And Why We Love Them | Fort Worth, TX

Shutter Company Near Me: 3 Types Of Shutters And Why We Love Them | Fort Worth, TX

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If you take a look at many of the more modern homes in Fort Worth, TX today, you might find that they are missing one thing: shutters. Although shutters are not exactly considered a necessity, they can add a lot to your home and to your windows. They can make your home a lot more energy efficient, and they can also enhance its overall appeal style.

If you feel like your windows are looking a bit better, then consider finding a shutter company near me in Fort Worth that will be able to help you install the right shutters for your home. Look for a shutter company that has a lot of experience and great pricing. Do not hesitate to look at reviews from other customers to see what they think about the company after their experience.

There are so many different options for you to choose from when it comes to shutters. Here, at Energy Window Solutions, we not only carry a wide range of styles and designs, but we’re very passionate about the topic. In this article, we’ll take a look at 3 different types of shutters and why we love them.

#1. Louvered Shutters

If you are someone who has always dreamed of having a white picket fence and the perfect place to call home, you probably like shutters that have more of a romantic, Victorian vibe to them. In these situations, you cannot go wrong with Louvered shutters.

These are some of the most popular types of shutters, and you should easily find them at a shutter company near me. They can be installed either inside or outside of the home and will block out light and prevent people from seeing inside; however, they will allow for a bit of a breeze to pass through.

The reason why we love the shutters is mainly because of how they look. They give off a very romantic, Victorian vibe that no other shutters can offer. With that said, these shutters are very versatile. You’ll often find that a shutter company near me will be able to install these shutters for just about any home. These shutters will literally blend right in.

#2. Scandinavian Shutters

Another classic style that we absolutely adore is Scandinavian shutters. While these shutters are not that common and you often won’t find them at a shutter company near me, they are extremely beautiful. These shutters are very strong and sturdy, so they are a great option for those who are looking for durability. Unlike other shutters, they do not allow for any sunlight or even for a gentle breeze to pass through. They’re great if you’re looking for the utmost privacy.

One of the reasons why we love the shutters is because they have a very dainty five to them. The design is similar to those that you would find in a European Village. As a result, these shutters can completely transform the overall appeal and look of your home. If you’ve noticed that the homes on your block look quite boring, you can always opt for Scandinavian shutters by calling a shutter company near me.

Another thing to note is that while the shutters are very sturdy and durable, they are quite easy to install for a shutter company near me. The installation process should be a piece of cake. The only issue is that you’ll need to look for the right type of design and style that fits your home.

#3. Bahamas and Bermuda Shutters

Is your favorite place the tropics? Do you miss going on vacation? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you might want to consider installing Bahamas and Bermuda shutters. While these shutters are often mistaken for Louvered shutters because they have slats in them, they are significantly different in style and appearance.

For one, Bahamas and Bermuda shutters are attached at the top. The hinge is at the top, and you’ll be able to open the shutters from the bottom. One of the reasons why the shutters are so popular is because they are incredibly durable, and they are hard to break. As a result, you really don’t need to worry about them very much once you’ve installed them. A shutter company near me should be able to provide you with more information on the benefits and advantages of this type of shutter.

The benefits of this type of shutter is that the breeze can enter through the slats. Some people even notice that the slats can lead in a bit of sunlight depending on their style and design. Once again, there are so many different options around even when it comes to one style.

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Are you looking for a shutter company near me in Fort Worth, TX? If so, you will not go wrong by giving Energy Window Solutions a call. Not only do we have decades of experience in choosing the right type of shutters for homeowners, but we also have a lot of experience in installing shutters on various types of windows. Regardless of whether you have any windows or sliding windows, will be able to help you find the shutters that you need for your home.

Not only can we offer you some of the more standard options to choose from (and walk you through the pros and cons of each one), but we can also help you find hybrid or custom options that may be a better fit for your home. Our team can easily help you figure out which features and functions are most needed at your home and which ones might not contribute much to functionality or design.

Best of all, we are able to offer affordable shutter prices and installation services. If you are looking for a shutter company near me with over a decade of experience, that’s us!