The Best Types Of Treatments For Home Windows | Fort Worth, TX

The Best Types Of Treatments For Home Windows | Fort Worth, TX

Home windows offer more than just letting sunlight and fresh air into the house. They serve as a visual aid and give a sense of space. However, when it comes to window treatment, most homeowners tend to overlook these essential elements.

Whether it’s for privacy or light control purposes, there should never be a time when you have to decide between privacy and natural light. Your window coverings should always strike that balance!

Depending on the design, window treatments go a long way in complementing your windows’ architectural view, which elevates your mood and gives you a feeling of excitement.

Studies show that there’s an improvement in people’s behavior and mood when positive imagery is generated in their minds. When you add something more appealing to your windows rather than just curtains, you might be surprised by the impact it can have on your sleeping or concentration patterns. It can be magical!

Energy Window Solutions is a reliable dealer in Fort Worth, TX, offering super-cool treatments for home windows. Some of the window covering options available include:


These are door-like, hinged structures in your home windows, although they can also be fitted with adjustable slats just like blinds. Shutters have been the most used window treatments in the market since the olden days.

They are available in all kinds of shapes, types, and sizes. The most common versions of these window treatment options include plantation and exterior shutters, as discussed below.

  • Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters feature small swing-open wooden doors fitted with adjustable slats for light control. Often, these treatments provide privacy in the bathrooms and living rooms without compromising light penetration. An installer will usually only place plantation shutters on the lower half of your home windows.

  • Exterior Shutters

You might see shutters on the outside wall for an older or custom home, usually on both sides of a window. These functional shutters are built for privacy and protection against harsh weather conditions like hurricanes. A professional will fix them so that you can open and close them. Exterior shutters come in a wide range of designs; Lovely louvered, raised-panel, and board and batten. You may upgrade your home windows by installing exterior shutters as they offer elegance in a home.


Typically, blinds are tiltable window covering options fitted with horizontal or vertical slats to control light and offer home privacy. Just like shutters, blinds come in a variety of styles too.

  • Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are best used in rooms within a home that somewhat offer a drier environment, such as the bedroom or home office. This is because wood absorbs moisture and can easily deteriorate as a result.

  • Aluminum Blinds

If you’re considering a remodel for your home windows and need a relatively pocket-friendly option for wooden blinds, aluminum blinds might be one of them. Again, aluminum blind slats are easier to maintain than wooden window treatments.

  • Faux Wood Blinds

Though they look exactly like and serve the same purpose as wood blinds, these particular ones are made of vinyl and built to stand moisture. Thus, you need not worry about maintaining them.


Shades are simply fabric placed on windows and can be pulled up or down to regulate light. They are also available in styles that can add that sophisticated look to your house.

  • Roman Shades

Roman shades usually have large fabric billows hanging from the shade when closed but fold nicely into neat pleats when opened. Their soft texture and blackout effect makes them perfect for bedrooms and lounge rooms. These window solutions will always bring out that enchanting feel in whatever room you place them. However, they’re high-maintenance options and need special cleaning.

  • Roller Shades

Contrary to Roman shades, the roller counterparts are easy to install and maintain. They are designed to roll up or down around a rail on top of a window. You can find them in various styles and finishes.

  • Woven Shades

The woven shades are an excellent option for individuals who want a more natural appeal on their home windows. These window coverings are made from natural materials such as reeds that are woven together.

  • Solar Shades

Another cool version of shades that homeowners can take home is the solar shades. These window treatment styles have light-filtering features that block excess UV rays while allowing a clear view of the outdoors simultaneously.

If you need to create a more darkening effect on your space, you might consider blackout shades as they have better light-blocking capabilities due to the many layers of fabric used in their making.


If your taste is a mix of the old and modern, something classy to add a statement to your home windows and give it that chic look, hybrid window treatments are the way to go.

Most hybrids are built for energy efficiency. Going for these smart window treatments can help you reduce your energy bills in a big way. Be sure to ask your window provider about the hybrid versions available. Typically, shutters, blinds, and shades can be customized into hybrids.

Energy Window Solutions: Your Best Window Treatment Dealers

When investing in your home, whether it’s windows or window treatments, you must liaise with a reliable company in Fort Worth, TX, that will offer guarantees and warranties for their products. Also, the years of experience the dealer has matters a lot because it gives you the confidence that they provide quality services.

Energy Window Solutions is the place to go for all your home window needs. Exceptional customer service is our mantra, and we strive to give value to our customers. We supply home windows in Fort Worth, TX, and the neighboring areas. Call us to get a free quote today! You can also consult us on the available window treatment options. You’re welcome at our office during business hours!

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