Understanding the Challenges of Getting Triple Pane Windows in Flower Mound

Understanding the Challenges of Getting Triple Pane Windows in Flower Mound

If you’re in the market for energy efficient windows, two major options, namely double pane windows and triple pane windows in Flower Mound, will cause a bit of confusion for you. Both window options are known for being energy efficient, but they do have a lot of differences between them. However, most homeowners tend to favor double pane windows because they’re more pocket friendly.

On the other hand, more and more homeowners are looking to get triple pane windows in Flower Mound because they work better than double pane ones. However, there some challenges that you can face when you are getting these window types. It’s a good idea to take these into account since these can save you a lot of grief in the process.

If you aren’t prepared for them, you might find that getting triple pane windows is a huge hassle, and you will ultimately be discouraged from getting them. Luckily, we have taken the time to help you understand the challenges you can face when getting triple pane windows in Flower Mound.

High Cost of Triple Pane Windows in Flower Mound

On average, triple pane windows cost more than double pane windows. The difference in cost arises because of the extra pane of glass that triple pane windows have. This extra expense is well worth it because you can have more gas fill and improve the low E rating of your windows too. This means that even though the cost is more, you’re also getting higher performance windows.

In many cases, this allows you to reconcile with the high cost. Most people are happier with triple pane windows in Flower Mound because even if they cost more, they also give more. It’s already known that double pane windows cut down on your energy consumption. With the use of triple pane windows, you get to save more energy. An energy efficient house is a worthwhile investment to make, so it’s all about keeping your eye on the bigger picture here.

Changing the Window Frame for the Panes

One of the biggest challenges that come with getting triple pane windows in Flower Mound is that you might have to change the frame of your windows as well. This means that the cost of getting these windows will be pushed higher. This can mean that homeowners will have a bigger expense to shoulder, which they are not prepared for at times. Keep in mind that you don’t always have to get the frame changed.

It is only necessary for some cases where changing the frame becomes a necessity. Doing so not only makes it more energy efficient, but it also allows the frame to support the additional weight of the new windows. Triple pane windows in Flower Mound can be rather heavy, and a poor or old frame can break or collapse under its weight. This can mean that you have to deal with bigger repairs or have poor performing windows. It’s a good idea to make room for this expense in your budget to ensure that you have issues. In many cases, your windows will be evaluated and if the frame is in good condition, you won’t have to get it changed.

Better for Extreme Weather

The kind of weather you experience can also help you get the most benefits out of the use of triple pane windows in Flower Mound. The high insulation properties of these windows tend to make them perfect for extreme weathers. This doesn’t mean that you use these windows just for cold weather. You can also use these windows for hot summers when the weather is hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk.

When used in either weather condition, triple pane windows in Flower Mound can help to maintain the indoor air environment. This also means that you don’t have to shoulder high HVAC bills, maintenance costs, energy consumption and more. However, if you’re situated in an area where the weather changes are mild at best, you will benefit more from having double pane windows. However, triple pane windows can also offer viable benefits in such temperate areas as well, so don’t be too quick to overlook them.

The Savings Are Worth It

You might be feeling a little disheartened when you look at the price tag of triple pane windows in Flower Mound. The fact that you need them for all the windows of your house to get their benefits, you could be looking at a bill of that is in the thousands. However, before you change your mind, you should consider that triple pane windows can offer some major savings.

It’s a well known fact that double pane windows can allow you to save as much as 30% to 42% on your energy bills on an annual basis. With triple pane windows, you can enjoy an additional 15% and enhance your insulation as well. The savings they offer are further substantiated by the fact that this window type tends to increase your house value as well. Homeowners are now more interested in houses which have green and energy efficient features.

When it comes to triple pane windows in Flower Mound, 90% of new buyers are willing to pay more for homes which have this feature in their house. Remember that the savings you enjoy with triple pane windows are seen in the long run, so you will have to be a bit patient as well.

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