What To Consider When Buying New Windows From A Shutter Company Near Me? | Fort Worth, TX

What To Consider When Buying New Windows From A Shutter Company Near Me? | Fort Worth, TX

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Purchasing a home is the most significant investment most people will make in their lives. With folks investing a considerable chunk of their life earnings on buying or building a home, choosing crucial house components like windows can be a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. On top of complementing a house’s exterior design, windows boost airflow and ventilation as well as enhance natural light levels.

The right kind of window will elevate your house’s look and fill the home with fresh air and light. Additionally, high-quality replacement windows can also increase your house’s value. Given their integral role, it is essential that you take a while to research before reaching out to a shutter company near me for new windows. If you are planning on installing windows in a new Fort Worth, TX home or replacing old ones, consider these factors before you make a purchase.


Since the cost of a new window will depend on a couple of factors, including window design and style, it can be difficult to project exactly how much a shutter company near me would charge you for a window replacement. What is the maximum amount of money you can afford to spend on the project? Note that this will include the cost of the windows as well as labor, which will depend on the size of the project and how long it takes.

The following factors will influence the overall cost of the window replacement project:

  • Window type and material: Certain types of windows and materials will cost more than others
  • Window size and quantity of glass: Larger windows require more glass and frame material
  • Installation requirements
  • Special features, custom designs, and extra options
  • The amount of labor required
  • The window repair service you employ

The best course of action would be to hire a shutter company near me to come to your home, take measurements for the windows and give you a quote. A professional window repair service can also recommend window style and frame materials that best suit your home.

Window Style

The professional shutter company near me provides a wide variety of window styles to choose from. Each style is more suited for a certain function. For instance, a room with plenty of wall space that needs lots of natural light would benefit from bay windows.

Here is a quick overview of the different types of windows you can find in Fort Worth, TX:

  • Bay and bow windows – This window style consists of several windows joined to each other in a curve. Bay and bow windows require a lot of wall space, and they are great for significantly boosting natural light levels and ventilation.


  • Single-hung and double-hung windows – This design consists of one or two movable sashes attached to a single frame. To open or close a hung window, you move the sashes up and down. They are great at boosting ventilation and are quite energy-efficient.


  • Awning windows – Awning windows have their hinges at the top and open upwards from the bottom. There are two types of awning windows; manual and hand-cranked. They provide lots of light and boost airflow. Awning windows can also keep water out as they open upwards, even during light rains.


  • Casement windows – This window style is the most secure and energy-efficient. They are hinged to the side of the window frame and are usually opened using a hand crank.

All of these window styles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. A knowledgeable shutter company near me will be able to examine your house and advise you on the window styles that would best suit the home in both functionality and aesthetics.

Window Material

Once you have chosen one or more window styles for your window replacement project, your next consideration should be the material. If you are replacing old windows, you should also consider whether or not you should do a complete replacement or just replace specific components of the window. The window frame material is also important. You will need something sturdy that can withstand regular use for a long time and fits snugly with the window panel for energy efficiency.

The window frame and panel materials should also look nice and fit your home’s aesthetic. Some common window materials include:

  • Hardwood and softwood
  • Aluminum window
  • Aluminum clad windows
  • Aluminum composite windows
  • UPVC, plastic, or vinyl windows


You will want a window that offers your home a reasonable amount of security. Some windows are more suited for this function than others. Casement windows, for instance, are virtually impregnable as the critical hardware is safely tucked away in the frame. Hand-cranked awning windows are also quite safe since the crank mechanism that opens them cannot be accessed from the outside. Additionally, they are usually installed high up on the wall, making them harder to reach.

On the other hand, double-hung windows can be opened using a crowbar from the outside. Their latches are just meant to open them, not security. However, newer double-hung windows are built with more safety considerations. A professional shutter company will walk you through the different types of windows and how they stand against security risks.


You should also consider how eco-friendly the windows are before making a purchase. A sustainable window has been made with minimal wastage and environmental pollution and has a reduced carbon footprint. Such windows can increase the value of your home and will attract plenty of environmentally conscious buyers if you ever put it on the housing market. Reach out to a shutter company near me in the area for advice on how to find sustainable window materials that best suit your home and have no negative environmental impact.


Ideally, the seller should provide warranties for new windows. It is the stamp of confidence on their product’s quality and assurance against unexpected issues of the shutter company near me. As long as you take good care of the windows and practice proper maintenance, the seller will step in and fix unexpected problems. However, you should note that the warranty will only cover the cost of parts. The labor cost will likely be on you. A lifetime warranty will provide coverage for all parts of the window and cover 100% of the replacement costs to the original owner of the home if a failure occurs within the first ten years after purchase.

A limited lifetime cover will only provide coverage for certain parts of the window, and likely won’t cover labor. A timeframe warranty will expire after a certain number of years. Make sure you ask a shutter company near me about warranty details, especially regarding how long it lasts and what exactly it covers.

Shutter Company Near Me in Fort Worth, Texas

Windows are a significant investment. They determine the quality of your day-to-day life and, with proper care, can raise the value of your home. If you are looking for a window repair and replacement service in Fort Worth, TX, Energy Window Solutions is the company for you. We’ve been repairing and replacing windows for over three decades and have built a wide range of products from the most affordable line to our most energy-efficient, feature-rich product systems. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get estimates.