What’s The Best Frame Material For Energy Efficient Windows? | Fort Worth, TX

What’s The Best Frame Material For Energy Efficient Windows? | Fort Worth, TX

With windows accounting for 15%-20% of a typical wall’s surface, it’s not surprising that the average house loses 25%-30% of energy through the windows. Energy efficient windows employ various strategies to improve thermal performance, including low-E glass, spacer systems, multiple panes, and frame materials. But with so many options available today, finding the perfect frame material for your Fort Worth, TX, home can be challenging. But don’t fret! This post points you in the right direction by exploring everything you need to know about frame materials for energy efficient windows.

Choosing the Right Frame Material for Your Home Is Crucial

Modern frame materials offer energy efficiency at levels that weren’t possible 50 years ago, and technological innovations in this industry continue to improve. When you purchase replacement energy efficient windows in Fort Worth, TX you can expect even the low-budget frames to significantly reduce air leakage and energy use.

With that said, below are the three main factors to consider when choosing frame material for energy efficient windows.

  • Architectural style: Your home’s architectural style will impact the type of frame material you choose for the windows. For instance, vinyl windows would stick out like a sore thumb in a Victorian-era home, while wood would be a perfect fit.
  • Climate: The climate and weather of your area significantly impact the window frame material that best suits your home. For instance, vinyl is made of PVC that stabilizes UV rays, making it ideal for hot and sunny climates. Similarly, wood is an excellent option for areas that don’t rain often.
  • Budget: Costs vary from one frame material to another, so it’s okay to consider your budget during this process. Wood is a natural resource material and, as such, can be quite expensive. Vinyl energy efficient windows are more affordable and offer the added benefit of being low-maintenance.
  • Appearance: The appearance of the frame material you choose for your energy efficient windows matters. For instance, wood frames are highly versatile, offering a variety of color and stain options. Vinyl and fiberglass frames offer the widest assortment of colors and you can even opt for dual colors.

Popular Frame Material Options for Energy Efficient Windows

Different frame materials have upsides and downsides, but aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, wood, and some composite frame materials offer the best thermal performance.

Aluminum Energy Efficient Windows

Aluminum outperforms many other frame materials in terms of energy efficiency, strength, adaptability, low maintenance, and aesthetic appeal. Thanks to cutting-edge thermal break technology and advanced manufacturing, it can achieve incredibly high energy ratings and low U-values.

Modern aluminum window frames eliminate the age-old issue of expanding and contracting in the sun’s heat. As a result, you can expect your aluminum windows to hold and not warp in the Texas heat.

If you decide to choose an aluminum frame for your replacement windows, ensure it has a thermal barrier. The thermal barrier is a plastic or rubber strip that separates the inside and outside of the frame. It helps limit heat conduction and condensation.

Fiberglass Energy Efficient Windows

Premium fiberglass windows last for 80+ years with proper sealing and maintenance, are solid and durable, and offer design flexibility. However, fiberglass is also highly energy efficient. It is so efficient that many newer commercial buildings use fiberglass windows in new constructions.

The material holds in indoor air and prevents heat loss in winter and vice versa in summer. Fiberglass frames also minimize the risk of caulking cracks and unit failure. They provide superior performance when it comes to water and air infiltration. All these factors combine to save you 20% to 40% in heating, cooling, and energy costs over other frame materials.

Vinyl Energy-efficient Windows

Vinyl windows were first introduced in Germany in 1954 as an alternative to expensive aluminum windows and wood windows, which were in short supply. They became increasingly popular over the next two decades as their energy-saving benefits became more apparent. Today, vinyl is the most used material in construction projects.

Vinyl windows are preferred for their cost-effectiveness, durability, environment friendliness, and durability. Vinyl is also incredibly insulating, which minimizes the amount of air that flows in and out of your home. It reduces light penetration and heat transfer, allowing indoor temperatures to be more regulated. This means you end up consuming less energy and reducing your energy costs.

Wood Energy-efficient Windows

The main benefits of using a wood frame for your windows include aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency. As costly as it can be, genuine wood looks better and is more durable than most frame materials. This translates to top-notch insulation, reducing your energy costs. However, wood window frames are vulnerable to insects and need to be repainted regularly.

A cheaper alternative to genuine wood is clad wood. This frame material offers the look of real wood without the associated high costs. The problem with clad wood is that it doesn’t offer the same energy efficiency as genuine wood.

Composite Energy-efficient Windows

Composite windows combine the attractiveness and insulation of timber inside with the durability and ease of maintenance of aluminum cladding. They are an excellent option if you are looking for something that’s high-performance, long-lasting, and attractive.

Composite energy-efficient windows have a longer lifespan of 40 years over the 25-35 year lifespan of uPVC units. The timber interior offers insulation properties that allow your home to retain heat in the winter and stay cool in the summer. It inhibits energy loss, is recyclable, and offers a wide range of design options.

Learn More About Frame Materials at Energy Efficient Solutions

Replacing the windows of your Fort Worth, TX, home is a financially involved decision. As such, you want to ensure that you get it right the first time. Our window installation experts are happy to make this process stress-free and have your new energy-efficient windows installed to your specifications. Contact Energy Window Solutions today to learn more about our services and request a free quote.

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