When Do You Need New Windows in Plano?

When Do You Need New Windows in Plano?

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Windows are a very important part of your household not only in terms of functionality, but also in terms of the overall look of your house. They guard the openings of your house ensuring dust does not enter, all while making your house look beautiful and elegant. Most people do not believe in getting new windows for their house unless they are renovating their house or want to change the look of their house completely.

This blog tells you about a few signs that tell you that you need new windows in Plano.

Worn Out Windows

If you see any signs of warping on your windows, or you see that the glazing is wearing out, chances are that you need new windows in Plano. This is especially true when you have wooden frames in your windows since it is hard to keep them in mint condition owing to the weather conditions and protecting them from termites. You windows can only last longer if you take care of them properly and call for maintenance regularly. In case you are already doing all of that, but your windows are still worn out, you should replace them immediately and get new windows in Plano.

Difficulty in Opening or Closing

If your windows are not opening and closing easily, then that means they are not functioning properly and you need to get new windows in Plano as soon as possible. This is a very essential feature of windows since they are your escape route from your house in cases of emergency.

There can be a lot of reasons why your windows are not opening or closing properly. It might be because they are painted shut, or because they have decoration items around them that are not allowing easy movement, or because you have uPVC windows that expand in hot weather. You could also face problems with opening and closing your windows because the foundations of your home have shifted. In such cases, you need to call a professional for inspection immediately and get new windows for yourself.

Leaking Windows

If you see rays of sunlight seeping into your house, that shows you that the functionality of the window is impaired. This could be because of condensation on the inside or because of excess moisture between the panes. All this primarily happens due to certain weather conditions. When you see such signs, it is always best to get new windows in Plano for yourself, rather than risking it by trying to get them repaired. Leaking windows can also lead to mold growing inside of them. In case your windows are leaking, the reason can be that they were not installed well right at the start and this is exactly why you should get the services of a professional to help you.

High Energy Bills

If your windows are too old, they might have impaired functioning, which leads to heat escaping your house. This places more burdens on the central heating system which is why your energy bills can be really high. If you see higher than usual energy bills, you should treat this as a red flag and inspect your windows.

The most cost effective way of dealing with old and inefficient windows is to replace them. If you do not replace your windows in a timely manner, they can cause you a lot of trouble in the future. You can actually end up spending more money in the long run by having very high energy bills. This is why you should get new windows in Plano immediately if you notice even the slightest increase in your energy bills. Even in the case of hot weather conditions, inefficient windows might place more burdens on your central cooling system since all the heat escapes.

You Have Single Pane Windows

Most old windows are single pane windows and do not allow a comfortable temperature to be maintained in your house. You might feel that your house is too hot in the summers and too cold in the winters, and the main reason for this is that you don’t have double glazing. It is in your best interest to get new windows in Plano for your house since single pane windows are not efficient enough. They don’t do the job well, which is why you should shift to double glaze or triple pane windows at your earliest.

A Lot of Sound

Single pane windows mostly allow the sound from outside to come into your house. This can be really annoying especially when you’re trying to concentrate on your work, trying to sleep or trying to make your toddler sleep. Energy efficient windows absorb these sound waves and create a peaceful atmosphere in your house. If you notice excess sound entering your house, then this is a sign for you to get new windows in Plano at the earliest. It is best for you to get triple pane windows for this purpose since they help maintain the peace and tranquility in your house.


If you often see condensation or fog build up on your windows, then it is a matter of concern. If the condensation is building up between the two panes of glass, then this means that you need to get yourself new windows in Plano. This is a sign for you telling you that your windows have failed and you should get them replaced at the soonest.


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