Which Material is Ideal for Replacement Windows in Sunnyvale, TX?

Which Material is Ideal for Replacement Windows in Sunnyvale, TX?

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If you are thinking about replacing your existing household windows with new ones, you have a wide variety of choices to take in consideration. Each of these options has its own pros and cons.

You may stumble upon vinyl, wood, fiberglass and aluminium materials in the market. However, it is important to choose a material that best suits your particular needs.

This article will examine the pros and cons of wood and vinyl materials as replacement windows in Sunnyvale, TX homes:


Energy Efficiency and Insulation

In terms of energy efficiency, both vinyl and wood are energy efficient to a certain limit. In the case of vinyl, its insulation properties can be strengthened by filling it up with foam. Moreover, it tends to contract and expand much more than any other window materials, including glass and wood. This contraction and expansion can distort its frame, causing it to develop an air gap.

On the other hand, unmaintained wood can rot and may develop air gaps, allowing heat and cold to pass through easily.

Before looking for a service provider that installs replacement windows in Sunnyvale, TX, it is critical for a homeowner to think about the longevity of the materials first.


Ease of Installation

In comparison to its wooden counterpart, vinyl windows are much easier and faster to install. Since these windows are custom designed, it is quite easy to take them out and put a new one in their stead. This provides immense convenience for DIY enthusiasts.

On the other hand, wooden windows take some time to install as precision and expertise are required to install it securely in a window frame. Due to this reason, the installation time and labor costs increase as only experts can install wooden-framed windows.

For house owners who are also DIY enthusiasts, it is advisable to look for vinyl windows in Sunnyvale, TX.



If maintained properly, wooden windows can last for many decades. Scraping and painting prevent them from rotting and ensures that they remain in optimal condition.

Vinyl windows are low maintenance materials, but their lifespan isn’t as much as that of wood. They tend to crack or warp after a few years which means the constant hassle of replacing them on a regular basis.

Before installing wooden or vinyl replacement windows in Sunnyvale, TXhomes, it is important to factor in the associated long-term costs of both materials.


Weak Security

Whether a homeowner installs wooden or vinyl replacement windows in Sunnyvale, TX constructions, both of these materials can be easily compromised. In the event of a break-in, these materials can expose your house completely. Wood can be splintered easily whereas vinyl can bend and crack when pressure is applied.

For safety purposes, it is advisable to opt for casement windows which have a crank for security. On the other hand, windows with stops which allow small openings are also just as secure.



Wood windows require constant maintenance in order to keep them in optimal condition and prevent them from decaying. They should be kept clean and dry, and any paint that is peeling should be repainted immediately to prevent the wood from rotting. More so, wooden windows that are cladded with vinyl or an aluminum exterior rarely need maintenance.

On the other hand, vinyl windows are low-maintenance. They can be easily wiped clean with just a cleaning cloth. It does not crack, peel or rot.

For those house owners who are strapped for time, it is advisable for them to look for vinyl replacement windows in Sunnyvale, TX.


Resistance to Fire

Wooden-framed windows are highly susceptible to fire. On the other hand, vinyl-framed windows are immune to flames. However, they do melt when exposed to flames. Temperature beyond 165º F starts to melt and distort the shape of vinyl windows. More so, it can also melt when exposed to direct sunlight. However, vinyl does not spread flames to other parts of the house.

However, wood can cause a fire to spread rapidly in its immediate surroundings.

Before looking for wood or vinyl replacement windows in Sunnyvale, TX, a house owner needs to be fully aware of the points of entry of sunlight. This will enable him to make wise purchasing choices.


Overall Appearance

In terms of appearance, wood windows easily trump all of the variants currently in the market. They are ideal for old homes and new homes which have a rustic look and feel.

Conversely, vinyl windows have few options to choose from when it comes to appearance. It is due to the reason that the greater the amount of faux wood grain and ridges a vinyl window has, the greater the amount of grime it gathers over time. They come in white color for the most part, but customers can order different colors to suit their needs. Their thickness and range of sizes also determine their functionality over time.

A house owner looking for options of replacement windows in Sunnyvale, TX needs to select a material which suits the interior feel of his humble abode.


Resale Value

As per a Remodeling Magazine in 2018, the vinyl replacement windows have a better resale value in comparison to wood replacement windows. The return on investment of vinyl windows stood at 74.3% whereas the return on investment of wood stood at 69.5%.

For a house owner, installing vinyl replacement windows in Sunnyvale, TX homes will be more beneficial when the house is put on the market.


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