Why Triple Pane Windows Are Better Than Double Or Single Panes For Your Home | Flower Mound, TX

Why Triple Pane Windows Are Better Than Double Or Single Panes For Your Home | Flower Mound, TX

On the surface, choosing new windows can seem a simple and easy matter, but what not many people will tell you is how incredibly difficult the task will be, or how many decisions you are going to have to make during the selection process. Because of the wide range of choices, shapes, materials, and technologies, choosing your new windows is going to take some time and a lot of patience. In this article, we will cover the benefits and value of triple pane windows as compared to their double pane counterparts. We will also talk about the differences and which ones are better for your home in Flower Mound, TX. With that in mind, let’s get started.

What Exactly Are Triple Panes?

The definition of triple pane windows is exactly what you think it is. These are windows that are manufactured with three glass panes. In a similar fashion to double pane windows, they also include a spacer between the panes to keep them at a consistent distance. Additionally, they include air or gas between each pane to maintain their stability and increase their energy efficiency. This also helps them block out noise from the outside.

Are They Expensive?

Compared to single and double panes, triple panes will cost more than the others. This is because their construction requires an additional pane of glass, which translates to more material and a more specialized installation, which, as with anything else, will increase their price. Even so, the amount of money you can save by having them installed in your home will more than make up for the additional cost over their lifespan.

How Long Do They Last?

When triple panes are installed correctly, they can last more than 25 years, helping you avoid an excessive demand on your home’s HVAC system thanks to their energy efficiency. By comparison, double pane windows only have an estimated life span of 8 to 20 years if they are installed by a knowledgeable professional. This alone is a good reason to choose triple panes when you are looking to change your existing ones.

So, Besides the Difference In Price, Double and Triple Panes Are More or Less the Same, Right?

Not exactly. While double and triple panes can seem to be the same, there are basic differences in what refers to their efficiency and safety. This comparison table should give you a good idea of why they are different.

Triple Pane Windows Double Pane Windows
-Provide the highest amount of efficiency. -More energy efficient than single panes, but less than triple panes.
-Cost more than double and single panes, which means it can take more time to recover the money you invested. -Costs more than a single pane but less than triple panes, so you will see a return on your investment much sooner.
-The highest level of soundproofing -Soundproofing is higher than single panes but less than triple panes.
-Excellent at regulating the temperature inside your home. -Good temperature regulation but less than triple panes
-Make your home safer -Not as safe because they break easier than triple panes.

Tell Me About Their Energy Efficiency

One of the best features of triple pane windows is that they are designed to be highly efficient. Because of the additional panes of glass, in which the spaces are filled with air or gas, they can greatly reduce the transfer of energy from within your Flower Mound, TX, home and the outside. This ensures that during the winter, your home will be warmer, and during the hot summer months it will remain cooler. Research and testing have shown that in all, triple panes provide between 20 and 50 percent more energy efficient than single or double pane windows. For those living in areas in which the summer can bring sweltering temperatures, or in which the winter can see freezing temps, this feature can help cut down their power bills in a very significant manner, which, in turn, results in a full return on their investment over time.

How Soundproof Are They?

The short answer to this question is “very much so”. Triple panes are great at blocking noise from the outside, which makes them a great option when you live in areas that have to deal with the sounds of heavy traffic and noisy neighbors.

I Heard They Can Help Regulate My Home’s Temperature

You heard correctly! Triple pane windows are great at helping with the regulation of your home’s temperature. This is because the additional glass, together with the gas between the layers works as a reflective layer to ensure the heat of your home stays inside during the cold winter months. In the same manner, this reflective layer keeps the cool air indoors during hot summer days, something that single pane windows simply can’t do.

Can They Improve the Safety of My Home?

Yes! As we’ve already mentioned, triple pane windows are built with three panes of glass, which makes them much harder to break than single or double panes. In certain resistance tests, triple panes were hit over 25 times with a bat before they showed any signs of cracking. Think about it this way, no home invader has the time to hit a window so many times before giving up and finding another house to break into.

Are They Worth It?

Yes! Given all their features, their energy efficiency, the fact that they can make your home safer, and because they simply look great, triple pane windows are one of the best choices you can make for your home in Flower Mound, TX.

Looking For Triple Pane Windows?

If you are in the market for new windows or would like to know more about the advantages of installing triple pane windows in your home, at Energy Window Solutions we have all the answers you will need. So, don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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