Why You Need to Replace Your Windows with Energy Efficient Windows

Why You Need to Replace Your Windows with Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that being a US citizen you are contributing to greenhouse gases that are double the amount of emissions worldwide?

What is your carbon footprint?

Your carbon footprint comprises of your total impact on the environment through activities or consumptions of goods and services. The amount of carbon emitted could be from your lifestyle, belongings, workplace or country. Carbon footprint is measured in tons of carbon dioxide released in a given country per year. US is notorious for being the greatest environmental polluter in the world. In the US alone, even the lowest energy consumers are emitting more carbon dioxide than the global per-capita average. These footprints increase steadily in proportion to increase in incomes. Despite that, we have walked away from efforts to combat climate change. That does not mean that we stop doing our part in minimizing emission of greenhouse gases.

Why switch to energy-efficient windows

Therefore, one of the ways to reduce your carbon footprints, inside your very home, is to get energy efficient windows. Consider the cost of your utility bills per year. What if we told you that your house windows affect how much you pay for electricity bills?

What is one of the things that you consider while buying a new home? Windows. Windows are an importance source of light, warmth and ventilation. But if you compare single-pane or traditional windows to the modern energy-efficient windows, single-pane windows could cause your house to become too warm or too cold during summers and winters. Due to the extreme cold or heat, you would be bound to keep the air-conditioning and heating system on throughout or most of the times during the day. Imagine how much that adds up to your annual expenses for electricity bills.

What’s more? Single pane windows cannot block out all that noise from outside.

Let’s face it. If you are living in a locality that is close to the airport, railway or commercial streets, you have to deal with those sounds and distractions all day, even while you have to do important work. All that noise can be frustrating to deal with.

If you are looking for new windows to replace the ones in your home, office or company, NOW is the time to start saving energy. The triple pane windows have been increasing in popularity because of their Low E coating and capacity to balance extreme temperatures inside the house. Therefore, the main benefit is that energy efficient windows keep the heat and cold out; therefore, reducing your need to use the AC or heating systems several times a day.

During summer, you wouldn’t have to worry about dehydration or sweating a lot while you are at work or in the middle of an activity, such as the kitchen. Also, during the cold season, you wouldn’t need to sit in one place all day with the blanket on. It’s one thing not being able to go outdoors much during the winters; it’s another to remain in the same place all day, hardly moving when you could have been doing a lot of fun stuff. Therefore, energy-efficient windows help you get back to your activities without obstruction.

Benefits of energy-efficient windows

The trouble with old-fashioned windows is that they easily allow the heat, cold and noise to escape. Energy-efficient windows are a wonderful opportunity to sound-proof your home. So, what you have is that you would be sparing yourself from frustrating headaches or migraines due to all that debilitating noise. Furthermore, the noise inside your home does not escape the house windows. So, no more complaints from neighbors and warning to keep it down.

There is no doubt that you should still be responsible about loud noises inside your home. Consider family times or when there are get-togethers at your place. With energy-efficient windows, you wouldn’t have to worry about pissing off your neighbors. Noise is a major distraction for student as well. Therefore, get energy efficient windows and watch your grades go up gradually. Other than that, if yours is a commercial locality, forget sleeping peacefully at night as there are always a few loud cars roaming the streets at night and maybe some activities. These would no doubt prevent you from having a good night’s sleep and keep you disturbed, irritable and drowsy throughout the day. Help yourself. Help your family. For all that expenditure going into electricity bills, you would now be able to save thousands per year and spend all that on other stuff or experiences that could actually keep you and your family happy.

Home is where the heart is. Thermal windows create a barrier between the window panes that filter in or out noise pollution, heat and cold. At times, the house may grow unusually warm or unusually cold. Energy efficient windows help in balancing the temperatures inside the house or office. Moreover, you may have noticed that the temperature might be different inside various rooms. Energy efficient windows help in keeping temperatures even throughout the house.

Energy efficient windows are composed of insulating gas, which help in minimizing outside noises. Furthermore, the paint inside your home would be less prone to molds or fungus. Consider these windows as an investment. Manufacturers are now coming up with innovative solutions to reduce carbon footprint. Now is a good time to give this a go.

You want to get these right away because…let’s spell it…global warming. Temperatures would keep rising at a faster rate. Your house would already be taking in more heat. If you happen to live in a colder climate, well your house would be freezing. All that makes you go heavy on central air conditioning and heating systems. Feel the comfort in your own home. Stay safe. Feel fresh. Consider all of the aspects of your life that windows can affect. Save energy and protect the environment.

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