Window Installation Service: Common Types Of Energy Efficient Windows Ideal For Your Home | Dallas, TX

Window Installation Service: Common Types Of Energy Efficient Windows Ideal For Your Home | Dallas, TX

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Windows play a huge role in determining the outlook of your home and influence how much energy your household utilizes. Experts agree that drafty windows can account for 10 percent of your home’s utility bill. That’s why it’s necessary for Dallas, TX, residents to invest in energy efficient windows for aesthetic and energy-saving purposes. Additionally, energy efficient windows provide better privacy and security to the home dwellers as they are made of thicker and less transparent glazing than traditional window models. They also increase access to natural light and heat from the sun.

With this in mind, various types of windows suit your home. Continue reading to discover the type of windows recommended by window installation service experts for your home.

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows have two sashes, an upper and lower one, moving upwards and downwards vertically along a track. The sashes are the frames that hold the double or triple glass panes in place. While traditional-style double hung windows have weights concealed inside wall pockets behind the window’s case moldings to help counterbalance the sashes, modern double hung energy efficient windows have springs in the vertical track to help balance the sashes.

Homeowners seeking extra ventilation solutions can reach out to window installation providers for this type of window. These windows are recommended for classic traditional-style homes. However, homeowners with traditional-modern-style houses can also install these windows as they are easier to maintain because you can tilt the sashes and clean between the window panes. Window installation technicians also recommend double-hung windows because their vertical tracks are difficult to fill up with dirt and debris. They are the most common windows in American homes.

Slider Windows

Window installation service providers recommend these windows because they have a simplistic yet unique mechanical design. They feature side-by-side sashes that slide horizontally along the top and bottom tracks. Some slider windows have multiple movable sashes while other windows have one movable sash as the other one remains stationary.

Window installation service technicians propose these energy efficient windows for mid-century home designs. They are also ideal for Dallas, TX, homes with dwellers that constantly need to open and close their windows. Their simple design also makes them relatively cheaper than other complex designs, and they offer long-term service as they have no mechanical cranks. These types of windows are known to last beyond the 20 years shelf life of average windows.

Fixed Windows

Homeowners living in Dallas, TX, can request window installation technicians to furnish their homes with fixed windows. As the name suggests, these windows feature a glass pane surrounded by an immobile window frame. They are also known as picture windows as they do not feature any handles, hinges, or operational hardware. Additionally, they do not open to the outside environment while allowing light to penetrate through to the house.

Window installation service providers recommend these windows for homes that don’t need excess ventilation. It’s because the windows don’t open and are a perfect fit for modern design houses and contemporary and traditional style houses, providing a sophisticated and timeless view of the outdoor environment while simultaneously allowing sunlight and solar heat into the building. The window’s basic outlook makes them cheaper compared to other window designs. They are also easy to clean as they do not let debris and dirt get into the crevices if they are properly installed.

Casement Windows

These types of windows open horizontally, rather than vertically, using the hinges fitted on either side of the sash at the top or bottom. While the side with the hinges cranks open like a door, the opposite side remains immobile. They are the second most popular window type after double-hung windows, meaning they are a good choice.

When in the market for new windows, request your window installation service contractor for this type of window as they provide an avenue for the direct cool breeze to enter your residence. They are also less susceptible to air drafts than double-hung windows as their seals are generally tighter, making them more energy efficient. Homeowners who prefer as much outdoor air inside their homes should consider these types of windows for their homes. Request your window installation service provider for casement windows as they also provide extra security because their openings remain narrow once open.

Awning Windows

Awning windows are a good choice for homeowners wishing to go energy efficient. They are hinged at the top and swing out from the bottom, opening at the turn of a handle. These windows open from the bottom, and the edge of the top sash remains fixed on two hinges while the bottom section pivots outwards and outwards when the window is cracked open.

Ask your window installation service technician to install awning windows for extra ventilation in your home while keeping rainwater away from the house. The windows are also ideal for the kitchen and the basement as they are light in weight and easy to open without having to lean over the counter. In low-level homes, awning windows provide extra security from possible intruders.

However, your window installation service technician should warn you that awning windows are susceptible to wear and tear, especially during extreme weather conditions. You can add to the architectural design of awning windows by choosing from the different materials available, including vinyl, fiberglass, and wood.

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