Your Energy Efficient Windows Can Affect Your Energy Bill | Dallas, TX

Your Energy Efficient Windows Can Affect Your Energy Bill | Dallas, TX

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Did you know your energy bill might be high because of your windows? Research shows that you could be losing 25 to 30 percent of your residential heating and cooling energy through your windows alone. This is an epic amount of energy waste. To stop this energy waste, you may either need to replace or update our windows for more energy efficient options. When considering what kind of energy efficient windows to get, it is important to always take the following factors into consideration.

  • Window Pane Count
  • Window Frame
  • Window Installation
  • Window Placement

These four factors will either help you save energy or lose it based on how you incorporate all of these energy-saving window solutions. If you live in or around the Dallas, TX, area, and are interested in energy efficient windows installation updates, contact the staff at Energy Window Solutions to schedule a consultation today.

Window Pane Count

There are 3 main types of windowpane counts. There is the single-pane window, the double-pane window, and the triple-pane windows. Each window pane has its benefits, however, the triple pane window is by far one of the most energy efficient windows available.

Single Pane Windows

Single pane windows are the least energy efficient out of all the windows. Single glass pane windows are the most common and affordable window on the market, however, what you save in equipment will be made up in energy waste and cost.

Single pane windows are made up of one layer of glass. One layer of glass between the outside world and your home is not really much protection. Single pane windows are thin and aren’t capable of the insulation needed to prevent loss of energy and high energy cost. Single pane windows are also more prone to breakage and other issues. If you only have single-pane windows and are interested in more energy efficient windows, you should start the upgrading process by updating a few at a time. Changing over a few single pane windows to a more energy efficient option at a time will help you save energy. You may be able to see a difference, with just a couple of window replacements.

If upgrading the entire single pane window to a double pane or triple pane window isn’t possible or viable, you can increase its energy efficiency by ensuring there are no gaps, drafts, or frame issues, with the help of a window service provider. If you live in or around the Dallas TX area, contact the staff at Energy Window Solutions for all of your window installation and repair needs.

Double Pane Windows

When it comes to energy efficient options, double pane windows are much higher on the scale than single pane reasons, and part of that reason is the insulation provided with double pane windows that just aren’t present in single pane ones.

A double-pane window is 2 panes of glass instead of a single one. These panes of glass are put together and spaced with an insulating gas.

Energy efficient windows require this insulated gas space to save more energy. This insulating gas is one of the components that help make windows more energy efficient and capable of preventing energy loss. Double pain windows only have one layer of this insulation gas and therefore, are more efficient and prevent energy loss than their single-pane counterparts. When something is insulated, it will lose less heat or cold energy, it will also become stronger. Double pane windows aren’t as thin as single pane ones, and therefore, are less prone to breakage.

Triple Pane Windows

Tripple pain is by the most energy efficient windows available. These windows have three layers of glass attached to create a triple-paned window. Like double-paned windows, triple pane windows have spaces in between each glass with some sort of insulated gas inside. The gas used is usually Argon or Krypton. These gases are the standard for efficient insulation.

Triple pane windows have three panes of glass. Each is insulated with one of the insulation gases. This extra layer of insulation is what makes triple-pane windows the most energy efficient windows on the market. The triple pane window is the thickest and sturdiest of all windows. These windows are less prone to breakage, and can greatly reduce the amount of energy you lose.

When installing these windows, it is imperative the installation is done correctly to avoid more energy waste and other issues from occurring. If you live in or around the Dallas, TX, area, and are in need of energy efficient window installation, contact the staff at Energy Window Solutions.

Proper Installation

Proper installation is an important part of energy efficiency. Improper installation would completely cancel out the effectiveness of energy efficient windows. Proper window installation can stop air from seeping both in and out of the air conditioning system. Improper window installation can actually cause more energy loss. For proper window installation, hire a window installation service provider you can trust.

Window Placement

Window placement is another factor that plays an important role in the effectiveness of energy efficient windows. Certain types of windows work best in certain parts of a property. Using certain gas coating for specific areas can help make your windows much more efficient. For example, areas that get a lot of sun may benefit from glass coating that is capable of blocking harmful sun rays that can cause damage and fading to your windows.

The Window Frame

The frame of a window can actually affect your energy retention. Wooden frames are the most commonly used frames. Wood does not conduct heat or cold very well and therefore makes the perfect type of frame for an energy efficient window. Vinyl is a type of plastic. Vinyl window frames are great for preventing heat energy loss. Vinyl frames are also easy to clean and maintain. Whether wood or vinyl frames are best for your property is determined by the area in which you live and which would be more compatible.

If you are looking to save energy, money, and reduce your carbon footprint, you should consider installing energy efficient windows. It lives in or around the Dallas, TX, area, contact the staff at Energy Window Solutions for a consultation and window installation services.