10 Main Features of Energy Efficient Windows in Flower Mound, TX

10 Main Features of Energy Efficient Windows in Flower Mound, TX

If you are planning to install energy efficient, replacement windows in Flower Mound, then you are advised to go through this article.

In this post, we are going to cover the main characteristics of replacement windows that make them efficient, reliable and a profitable investment.

Before investing in the energy efficient window system you should look for these top 10 qualities and characteristics in a replacement window:

1.   Energy performance ratings

The most salient aspect of a replacement window for which they are installed is their capability to save energy.

Energy performance ratings actually analyze the energy saving capability of an energy window. These ratings are determined by certain factors that are:

· Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC)

The SHGC is the solar radiation that comes through the windows and is measured in fractions. A lower value means less amount of heat will be transmitted through your windows.

· U-factor

U-factor is the rate at which an energy window conducts non-solar heat flow. The lower the number, the more energy efficient the window will be. U-factor less than 0.35 ensures the least amount of heat is transferred.

· Air leaks

This factor refers to the amount of air leaking from around the window frame. An efficient replacement window in Flower Mound has a low air leak rating.

2.   Low- Emissivity glass

Emissivity is the measurement of the ability of a glass to absorb or reflect radiant energy. It greatly affects the efficiency of a replacement window.

Low-E is a reflective coating that goes on the glass that helps reflect sunlight and keeps the home warm in winter by not allowing the heat to exit through the windows.

3.   Argon gas

A replacement window contains multiple panes which are separated by a spacer bar and seals to create a sealed environment. Argon gas is filled between the panes of glass because it is known for increasing the efficiency of replacement windows in Flower Mound, by increasing the insulation properties of the glass.

This gas has about 34% lower thermal conductivity than air and is therefore commonly used for the insulation purposes.

Moreover, Argon fillings are long-lasting and don’t leak out even after years of installation of energy windows. Just about 5% of the gas level will drop over a span of 25 years.

4.   Frames

Window frames are one of the most important aspects when it comes to energy efficient windows in Flower Mound. They serve as the structural backbone of each window unit, which will keep it running for long period of time. A weak frame might not be able to support the weight of the glass and might fall causing potential harm.

Improving the thermal resistance of the frame can contribute to the overall efficiency of the replacement windows in Flower Mound. Different types of frames have following unique benefits:

  • Composite frames are very stable and have same structural and thermal properties as a traditional wood frame. They are tolerant to decay and moisture problems.
  • Fiberglass window frames are dimensionally stable and contain air cavities that can be filled with insulation which gives them better thermal performance compared to other frames.
  • Vinyl frames are made up of PVC with a protective layer to withstand sunrays. They are moisture resistant and provide superior insulation than wooden frames.

5.   Intercept spacers

Intercept spacing is a technology introduced PPG Glass Technologies and is common in many replacement windows in Flower Mound.

This technology binds together the different panes of a replacement window and significantly reduces condensation on the glass.

6.   Style of the window

Replacement windows’ efficiency also depends on their style and design. For example, windows with large glass area are more energy-efficient because they allow plenty of sunlight in the house.

On the other hand, windows with an operable design, lets the breeze inside the house which helps the HVAC system to function more efficiently.

One of the most crucial characteristics that should be kept in mind while installing the replacement windows in Flower Mound is to always choose them according to the orientation and size of glass for maximizing the sun’s heat in winter and minimize it in the summer.

7.   Weather sealing

When considering a replacement window system in Flower Mound always make sure that it is weather sealed. Weather sealing ability of a window comes in play when it comes to blocking air and water infiltration.

When looking at samples of different energy windows, you should always check for weather stripping around the edges of the sashes where the window meets the master frame.

8.   Spectrally Selective Coatings

These windows come with a special type of low-E coating that  has the ability of reflecting particular wavelengths, while remaining transparent to others at the same time.

These coatings are optically designed to reflect infrared portion of the solar spectrum, while allowing more visible light. It can block up to 70% of unwanted heat that is normally transmitted through the replacement windows without this technology.

9.   Operating type

Another important consideration while choosing the replacement windows in Flower Mound, TXis to determine the operating type of the system.

This is because some operating systems have less air leakage than other system. So it is vital to choose carefully that which system is best for your needs.

10.  Interlocking Meeting Rail

Last but not the least, in case of double hung and gliding energy windows make sure that the frame has an interlocking meeting rail. It is the point where the window meets in the middle; there is a channel that looks together when the window is closed.

This feature does a tremendous job in keeping out drafts and reducing condensation issues. This is a must have feature and if the energy window you are looking at does not have it, move on to the next.

Well, another aspect that shouldn’t be ignored or taken lightly, is getting your energy efficient windows installed from a reliable service provider in Flower Mound. We recommend Energy Window Solutions, if you want your replacement windows installed safely and efficiently.