Choosing the Right Material for Your Home Windows | New Windows in Lewisville

Choosing the Right Material for Your Home Windows | New Windows in Lewisville

Whether you are building a new house, remodeling it, or just thinking about replacing the windows, there are several different window options that you should be aware of. Windows are one of the essential components of any building’s finished look.

We do not realize that almost every building we enter would have a different window than the last one we saw. The number of choices available is overwhelming when you actually look into them.

However, choosing the right windows might be much more enjoyable than we make it out to be because the end result would be a beautiful window gracing your home.

Windows, unfortunately, are not praised for adorning our homes as much as they should be. They are one of those extremely subtle components of the home which give it a cozy touch.

They are the integral elements that allow the sunshine to enter into our homes, and let us enjoy the cool breeze of the spring without having to step out of our homes. Though all of this is true, it does not mean that finding the right window for your home is easy.

There are so many different types to choose from that you might feel dazed when trying to pick the right one. The windows that are often available are chosen based on their function and how they compliment the aesthetics of the house.

Different types of windows will yield different open areas which will differ according to the importance that individuals hold. For example, if you buy a larger window your opportunity of getting a larger, breathable space would increase and when you get a smaller window, you can get improved security.

You can also consider different energy efficient style windows, and you will definitely have to consider the maintenance requirements of every window. For example, the hinged windows are designed in a manner that minimizes the leakage of air through it, making it more energy efficient.

When considering maintenance, the sliding windows are a much more convenient option since they only require occasional cleaning.

A lot of things go into buying the right home windows, in Lewisville. You will have to look at the different window styles depending on the direction that your house is facing and where you would want your home windows to face, in Lewisville.

Windows withstand harsh winds, heavy rains, and biting snow. Over time your home windows, in Lewisville, are bound to wear out or may need strict maintenance. So before you go looking for home windows to embellish your home in Lewisville, make sure to do a thorough research on the types of windows.

The main component of choosing the home windows, in Lewisville, is evaluating what sort of material do you want. The materials in which the windows are mostly available are wood, aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass.


Frames made of wood are a common choice made by those who want to remodel their homes. The wood windows have protective qualities; however, they do need some maintenance. They have a tendency to rot easily because of which they might not be the ideal choice for places wit rainy or humid climates.

Good quality wood will prove to be a very durable material for home windows, in Lewisville. In fact, it can be observed that a lot of original woods in homes that have been standing for a long while are still in good shape and withhold their premium quality.


Vinyl is famous for being thought of as a cheap material. If well-constructed and properly installed, a vinyl window can be a perfect choice for a home window, in Lewisville, budget-wise. Its insulated glass and fitting construction help reduce air leakage which makes it very energy efficient.

One thing that may be a cause for hindrance is that the vinyl may look cheap and it does not offer as many color choices to choose from. But they don’t need as much maintenance as wooden windows do. This makes them the perfect choice for a home window, in Lewisville.


They may not be the first choice when it comes to taking heat transfer and its loss into account, but they are the more befitting choice in areas where the climate is much more humid, rainy, or is more prone to hurricanes.

In fact, in many states, the window material is stated in a lot of building codes as the ideal material to be used. Economically, and due to its resistance to harsh weather, aluminum has proven to be the perfect choice for home windows in Lewisville.


This type of window offers the best of both worlds. With this type of window material, you get a low maintenance rigid material such as aluminum or vinyl. On the inside, it is a beautiful wooden structure that flatters the interior of your home. The wood is temperature transfer resistant so it helps keep your home temperature normal, regardless of the temperature outside.

However, the clad windows are not water-resistant so if there is rain or flood, your windows are likely to be prone to rotting since the water gets stuck in the sills and jambs.

If you still wish to install the wood clad windows then make sure to install the windows with waterproof rubber membranes attached to the sill pane. The sill pane would drain any water that gathers around the sills and jambs, which ceases wood deterioration.


If you want to install wooden windows as your home windows in Lewisville, then your best bet would be to use the composite material. This material is made of wood shavings and plastic resins, and it can easily imitate the look of the wood. The best part about this is that it looks like wood but it comes without any demands for maintenance that original wood requires.


These are also composite materials, but instead of wood shavings and plastic resins, fiberglass is made up of glass fibers and polyester resins. Though the fiberglass is a bit more expensive than wood, it has quite a lot of advantages. Due to their low thermal conductivity, they happen to be highly energy efficient.

These sorts of window materials also are very strong and extremely durable. They can be repainted as many times as you like and they don’t warp, unlike vinyl or wooden frames. If you want a high-quality home window in Lewisville, then your best bet would be fiberglass materials.