3 Glass Features To Look For In Energy Efficient Windows | Southlake, TX

3 Glass Features To Look For In Energy Efficient Windows | Southlake, TX

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Many homeowners are now focused on making their homes as energy efficient as possible. This can Include things like upgrading their plumbing appliances or even their insulation. Some homeowners are even interested in looking at how energy efficient their windows are. The windows in your home may allow a lot of heat to escape.

The nearest thing to hit the market is energy efficient windows. These windows prevent ultraviolet rays and heat from passing through the windows. They can help either keep your rooms cool or warm depending on the climate that you live in and the type of results that you desire.

There are many different factors to consider when you’re looking at windows that are more energy efficient. One of the main factors and features that you should look for is the type of glass that is in the windows. In this article, we will break down three of the most important glass features that you should know about when it comes to these windows.

#1. Choose Double- or Triple-Pane Windows

Single pane windows are now a thing of the past. Nowadays, most homeowners will offer either double or triple pane windows. Double pane windows are the absolute minimum. They can provide excellent thermal insulation. Triple pane windows are great for combating extreme periods of cold weather. they also tend to have stronger frames and are a bit more durable than double pane windows.

Some homeowners are interested in triple pane windows because they are able to offer excellent noise reduction features. Those who live in noisy neighborhoods will find a quiet solace in their home after they have installed these types of energy efficient windows. Double pane windows are also good at reducing noise; however, they are not as efficient as triple pane windows.

Double pane windows usually have an R-value that ranges anywhere from 3 to 3.8. Triple pane windows, on the other hand, have an R-value around 7 to 8. Due to this reason, they are generally more effective. However, those who live here may not need such high efficiencies.

#2. Look for Low-Emissive (LoE) Coatings

Triple pane windows will allow for LoE window coating. To most people, this coating will look like a window tint. It doesn’t necessarily stand out at all and will not affect the overall look of the window. With that said, this extra coating can make a huge difference in energy efficient windows.

LoE coating can minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared light that passes through the glass. In short, it prevents the sun’s rays from entering the home. The heat or light energy that passes through the energy-efficient windows will be shifted away by the air or it will be radiated by the glass surface.

Types of LoE Coating

There are two main types of low E coding: high-solar-gain LoE coating and low-solar-gain LoE coating. The two types of coatings do completely different jobs. Depending on what you want for your home, you will want to install a different type of coating.

High-solar-gain LoE coating is usually designed for cold northern climates. It allows more heat and light into the room. This type of coating prevents interior heat from escaping the room and will keep those within the home warm.

Low-solar-gain LoE coating, on the other hand, is designed for hot southern climates, like Southlake, TX. This type of window coating will prevent solar heat from entering a room without interfering with the amount of natural light that passes through. This type of coating will keep the room cool and bright.

Studies show that high-solar-gain LoE coatings are able to offer energy savings of about 13% to 17% compared to conventional windows. On the other hand, low-solar-gain LoE coatings can offer energy savings of 8% to 10%. These coatings practically pay for themselves. You’ll enjoy a ridiculous amount of energy savings throughout the years.

#3. Opt for Gas-Injected Glass

Inserting an inert gas in between the glass panes can also make your windows a lot more energy efficient. Inert gases tend to be denser than air and will offer better insulation. Argon and krypton are two particularly popular gases found in energy efficient windows. They do a great job at providing protection from cold weather, condensation and heat loss. Both of these gases are safe for humans.

Argon can also enhance the soundproofing characteristics of energy efficient windows, and can be combined with low-e coatings for enhanced efficiency. Best of all, this gas is really affordable. It’s not too expensive, and will save you even more money in the long run.

Krypton is more expensive than argon; however, it has better insulating properties. These gas particles are smaller and can usually do a better job at filling smaller spaces. Due to this reason, argon is generally recommended for double-pane windows while krypton is generally recommended for triple-pane energy efficient windows.

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Switch your windows to energy-efficient windows, and you will see a huge difference in your energy bills. Your home will also feel a lot warmer, as less heat is lost. Energy efficient windows practically pay for themselves with time. They’re definitely a very worthwhile investment that can also improve the overall resale value of your home.

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