4 Alarming Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Get Your Windows Replaced | Energy Efficient Windows in Dallas

4 Alarming Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Get Your Windows Replaced | Energy Efficient Windows in Dallas

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The importance of having high-quality, durable windows in your house is indispensable. They are the most fundamental part of your exterior. In fact, when homeowners are buying a new house, the first thing that they look at is the condition of the windows.

Whether you’re buying a house or building a new one, windows should be the first thing on your mind. Your windows and your roof are primarily meant to protect your house from any external dangers.

If the windows are broken or made of poor materials, your house will quickly lose its curb appeal. They define the comfort of your house by giving it warmth, light, and ventilation.

However, not many homeowners are open to the idea of getting their windows replaced or re-installed. This is because the expenses tied to installing and maintaining windows are normally thought to be extremely costly. People also shy away from getting energy efficient windows in Dallas because there isn’t much knowledge about their cost-saving benefits.

The quality of the windows you do get installed can have a huge impact on your utility bills. They can negatively impact the energy efficiency inside the house and end up exhausting the electrical appliances. Windows that aren’t insulated well or have been constructed from poor materials can put a toll on your heating and cooling unit.

You may start thinking that it is the appliances that are faulty and are not doing their job well. If you have a tight budget, then buying energy-efficient windows in Dallas is far better than getting normal windows installed.

Not only do they lower down your electricity bills, but they can also add an unmatched comfort factor to your house. As a homeowner, window replacement and maintenance should be your top priority. However, if you’re still unconvinced, then here are 6 alarming signs that show it’s time to replace your windows.

1.  You’re Living with Poor Insulation

Insulation is the most important factor when it comes to house windows. If your windows are not protecting the house from external weather, then it’s time to get an urgent replacement. Most people strain their heating and cooling units to an unimaginable extent when their windows have been poorly installed.

There are many tell-tale signs that can indicate your windows have been under-insulated. If you’re noticing fluctuating temperatures too often throughout your entire house, then it’s a clear sign your windows are not doing their job well.

Having a freezing attic and super-cool kitchen as compared to the living room is a clear indication of under-insulation. This is one issue that energy-efficient windows in Dallas can solve in a sweep.

You will actually be surprised to know how amazing energy efficient windows in Dallas are at maintaining indoor temperatures. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a Sahara or a storm outside, these windows form a perfect barrier against extreme weather conditions. Your house will stay cozy and warm during the winters, and super cool and breezy during the summers.

This is because energy efficient windows in Dallas are equipped with fantastic insulation that protects your interior from the cold winds and the blazing heat. Not only that, but they also have an incredibly long shelf-life so you won’t have to get them replaced for years. Even when there is little to no air-conditioning, you will still be able to enjoy a pleasant indoor living space.

2.  Utility Bills that Have Hit the Roof

One of the most common complaints by house owners is exceptionally high electricity bills. However, if you’re still unaware of the damage poorly installed windows have done to your house, then try inspecting your energy bills in the past few years.

If your bills have increased without any logical reason, then the culprit could be your windows. Before you suspect your heating/cooling unit, have a look at the cracks and dents around the windows.

There could be a possible leak in the insulation or it may need a full replacement. Get in touch with a professional to decide how and when you can get energy efficient windows in Dallas. It’s true that the weather in this city can be a little too extreme so energy bills are high by default.

However, there are chances that the blown-in insulation from the walls and attics may have settled in the house, which may leave some areas unprotected. There could be wasted heat or cooling that might be escaping from the windows causing the sudden rise in those bills. Whatever the issue, every professional window installer will claim that energy efficient windows in Dallas are the best solution for your house.

3.  Increased Heat in the House

An extension of the previous point, if your windows have been poorly installed, you are likely to notice less natural light and more heat in the house. The biggest advantage of energy efficient windows in Dallas is that they can allow ample light without allowing the heat to enter the house. This way, you will be using less artificial light and enjoying decent warmth in the house during winters.

4.  The Window Frames Are Decaying

While soundproofing is one of the lesser obvious signs, if you’re looking for a clear indication, then check your window frames. Over time, when wooden frames are exposed to moisture, they begin to swell and grow mold around them.

Prolonged exposure can cause the frames to decay completely and lose their insulation. If they are not decaying, your windows could be leaking from a particular spot. If you’re suspecting that moisture is the culprit, you should watch out for mold growth. The bad news is that once the frames have decayed, there is no option but to replace them.

The good news is that this will be the perfect chance for you to get energy efficient windows in Dallas. They provide terrific insulation and don’t leak.

If by reading the above-mentioned signs, you are convinced that it’s time to buy energy efficient windows in Dallas, then it’s time to take action. Get in touch with Energy Window Solutions and buy the highest-quality energy efficient windows in Dallas or opt for 24/7 maintenance and repair.