5 Preparations To Make Before A Window Installation Service Arrives | Fort Worth, TX

5 Preparations To Make Before A Window Installation Service Arrives | Fort Worth, TX

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Once you’ve chosen the type of new windows that you’d like for your home, speak with a window installation service in Fort Worth, TX to schedule a time for them to come install the windows. Many people don’t realize that window installation is a lot of work. The technicians will need to carry a lot of heavy pieces. They may also need to bring some specialized equipment and tools with them.

In order to make the process smoother, there are some preparations that you can do ahead of time before the window installation service arrives. We’ll explore some of them below.

#1. Remove All of the Accessories

Most homeowners have shades or blinds on their windows. Before the window installation service in Fort Worth, TX arrives, remove all of these accessories, so it’ll be easier for the professionals to get to the windows and to remove the existing frames and panes. You can set aside these shades or blinds for after the new windows are installed.

Now is also a good time to wash the shades or blinds. If you have aluminum binds, all you have to do is give them a quick wipe with a damp cloth. If the blinds are especially dusty, consider vacuuming them first. If you have linen shades, toss them in a washing machine. Shades and blinds are actually one of the many home accessories that many homeowners fail to clean regularly.

#2. Cover Up the Surrounding Area

During the window installation process, you can expect a fair amount of dust and dirt to get into the air. Most window installation services will clean up after they’ve installed your new windows; however, you’ll be able to keep your home even cleaner and also expedite the cleanup process if you cover up the surrounding area with dust covers or even a towel to prevent dirt and dust from getting everywhere.

If you want to prevent the dust from getting into the cracks, you should tape the side of the covers down whenever possible. You can also ask the window installation service whether they plan on covering up the surrounding areas with dust covers as well. If this is already included with the window installation service, you can consider leaving it to the professionals.

#3. Clear the Way

From the front door to the areas where the new windows will be installed, clear a path. Make sure to remove any items that are sitting on the floor, as they can easily become tripping hazards that are dangerous to not only you but also any technicians who come to your home. Try to move heavy and large furniture out of the way as well. The windows, especially if they are triple pane ones, will be quite heavy and large, so you’ll want to provide the technicians with a lot of space when they’re moving them.

Another thing that you might want to consider is to provide the technicians with a place to park their car and a place to lay the windows down if they need to move more than one into your home. As windows can be rather heavy, it would be best if their parking space is as close to an entrance as possible. Consider the route that the window installation technicians will need to take to get to the rooms.

#4. Get Pets and Young Children Out of the Way

Avoid disrupting the technicians by making sure that any pets or young children that are at home are preoccupied when the windows are getting installed. It’s also a good idea to let the window installation company know ahead of time if you have any pets, as some technicians may have pet allergies.

Move your pets to another room. Make sure that you leave some toys, water, and food for them. If you have young children, you might want to hire a babysitter who will be able to keep them occupied if you’re busy. If not, you might want to come up with some fun activities that will keep them distracted. For example, consider getting them to do a puzzle. You can also consider bringing them over to a friend’s house if possible.

#5. Make Sure that the Window Installation Service Has Access to Your Home

Last but not least, make sure that the window installation service has access to your home. You’ll need to figure out when to schedule the window installation. Consider what time may be most convenient for you and when you’ll be home. If you won’t be home, make sure that the window installation technicians have access to your home through either another family member, a friend, or a neighbor.

Some homeowners have automatic locks and can unlock the door from their phones when the window installation technicians arrive. Other homeowners may want to provide the technicians with a code for unlocking the door if they’re not at home or if they’ll be busy.

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