5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wooden Home Windows | Lewisville, TX

5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Wooden Home Windows | Lewisville, TX

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When remodeling or building a new home, most homeowners are usually in a dilemma when selecting the best home windows for their project. At the end of the day, the windows you choose for your home in Lewisville, TX, will affect the appearance of the interior and exterior side of your home as well as make a difference in your overall level of comfort.

If you’re shopping for home windows, you can go for wood windows. They will give your home in Lewisville, TX, a classic and refined look as well as a luxurious appearance. Wood windows are usually designed from quality and energy efficient materials to achieve a sophisticated look.

Due to their versatility, insulation properties, and availability, wood windows have remained the material choice for many years. However, some homeowners’ preferences have changed to PVC, vinyl, and aluminum home windows. Many folks have forgotten the benefits of using natural materials over artificial ones. Below are some reasons you should consider wood windows for your home, especially if you need to give your property that polished look.

Dimensional Stability

It may surprise many homeowners, but wood is one of the most dimensionally stable materials used during construction. Although you may hear the attic and stairs creak as things cool down on summer nights, that shouldn’t be a reason to doubt their stability.

If you prefer unusually shaped windows, then it’s vital to choose hardwood sash windows. Wood windows have been known to hold the glass securely in place for years. To extend the life of your wood windows, you can have a professional window installer reinforce the wood frame at the joints to reduce wear and tear through thermal cycles.


Most individuals who choose aluminum and PVC windows for their homes are convinced that these windows last longer compared to wood windows. However, if you protect the wood from fire, pets, moisture, and impact, it can last for even centuries. In fact, well-maintained wood windows, floors, and walls have the best overall value of any building material.

It is recommended to choose hardwoods for your home windows because they are more robust and durable. For instance, most hardwoods have a tighter grain that blocks water from seeping in, hence you won’t have to worry about decaying or rotting issues.


Wood windows are primarily associated with historic homes or conservation areas. However, you can install wood windows on your property to create a gorgeous face for your house. You can paint the material to make your house vibrant or stain the wood windows to make the home attractive.

You can go for Oak, which has remained the preferred traditional choice for timber windows. Besides, Oak is a classic building material; some folks are drawn to it for its distinctive lavish grey patina, especially if allowed to age, and the fact that it has a beautifully detailed grain.

Another option is to go with Sapele, famous for its dark reddish-brown color. When you put a transparent coating on Sapele windows, you’ll enhance the natural beauty and add functionality to your home. To ensure your wood home windows last for long without peeling, just use the right paint, and you won’t see it cracking, fading, or peeling for the next 10 years.

Environmental Benefits

Going green equates to eco-friendly living. Homeowners are advised to cut back on emissions and use non-renewable resources. Those using wood home windows are on the right track to reducing their carbon footprint. Wood window frames are an environmentally-friendly option for individuals looking to “go green.”

Did you know that PVC and vinyl window frames produce 43 percent more waste than wood windows? Well, that’s why it’s advisable to use wood windows, designed from timber, which has been known to be among the most sustainable resources available for construction.

Energy Efficiency

Wood windows, especially those designed from hardwood, are energy efficient. Besides their thermal insulating capability, they also have a noise-dampening ability, thus reducing much of the external noise.

Wood windows don’t form gaps or cracks around your home window frame, causing air leaks, hence this helps keep your energy bills as low as possible. For maximum energy efficiency and soundproofing, it’s advisable to consult with the proper home window manufacturer to get double pane windows in a wood frame.

Variety Of Styles

The style of home window you choose should complement your property’s architectural style. For a stunning architectural elevation, the style of your home windows has to suit your overall home design.

This is why wooden windows remain popular because they provide various styles and designs to match any architectural design, whether contemporary or traditional.

Easy To Maintain

Many consumers avoided wooden windows because a lot of maintenance was necessary to keep them looking good. But with the introduction of water-based sealants, maintaining your wooden windows is not that hard.

Simply wash and wipe your home window, and your maintenance is complete. Water-based sealants are produced using modern technology, hence they are not only durable but can withstand the harshest climates, are easy to apply, and dry quickly.

Wooden Windows Can Come Pre-Sealed and Pre-Glazed

Today most wooden windows come out of the factory 100 percent complete, pre-sealed, and pre-glazed; thus, homeowners don’t have to worry about further treatment after installation.

The glazing is installed before the windows leave the factory, saving the contractor and homeowner time and money and ensuring the doors and windows are protected against exposure to the elements.

Wooden Windows Are Timeless

You can’t beat the timeless elegance of wood windows! That’s why they are still in demand for individuals to replace their home windows. Wood windows simply grow in appeal with time and do not date, unlike other types of windows.

Your Trusted Home Windows Provider In Lewisville, TX

Even with various home window options in the market, wood windows are still popular because they satisfy homeowners’ demand for energy efficiency, beauty, minimal upkeep, and durability. True to their reputation, they are widely recognized for their authentic beauty and style.

Wood Windows aside, yon rely on us for bay, casement, double and triple pane, picture, awning, and double-hung windows. For more information about wood windows, you can contact our experts at Energy Window Solutions.