5 Things to Expect from Your New Energy Efficient Windows | Dallas, TX

5 Things to Expect from Your New Energy Efficient Windows | Dallas, TX

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When selecting new energy efficient windows for your Dallas, TX home or business, there are many factors to take into consideration. Among the most important is who you decide to buy them from and how long it takes to have them installed. You’ll also want to know what to expect in terms of energy savings. Each of the factors contributes to the overall satisfaction you have with your windows.

Energy Star is a revered rating given to windows and appliances that are deemed energy efficient. It’s something that many customers look for because they want to reduce their dependency on electricity as well as their HVAC systems throughout the year. The right windows provide ample light as well as heat from the sun. During the colder days Dallas, TX experiences, it’s imperative to have a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution.

Before replacing all the windows in your home or business, it’s essential to know why Energy Star windows are your best bet for lowering costs and reducing your dependence on utilities. They’re an option that has less negative impact on the planet by providing you with natural energy sources to harness and use to light, heat, and cool a house or building efficiently.

Read more about what to expect from the energy efficient windows you’ve chosen to buy from us. That way, you’re making an informed decision that benefits you physically and economically.

What You’ll Get from Buying Energy Efficient Windows Such as Energy Star

You likely have some expectations for the energy efficient windows you’ve purchased. You want them to be more environmentally-friendly than the options you’ve chosen in the past. You also prefer to see cost savings once they’re installed, and you receive your home or business energy bills.

The five things to expect from your new Energy Star windows are:

  1. The Rehau Window prevents heat loss better than other options. One of the most important factors in choosing energy efficient windows in Dallas, TX is how it’s able to retain heat and prevent cool air from an air conditioner to escaping during heatwaves. The attractive window is durable and long-lasting. It blocks thermal conductivity better than fiberglass, wood, and PVC. If savings is a goal you’re reaching for, you’ll get it with Rehau.
  2. Each window sold is made at our manufacturing plant. It’s one of the things that sets us apart from the competition. We have a hand in making every single window we sell. It doesn’t matter if it’s Rehau, Slimline, or Triple Pane. We give each window the time and attention needed to ensure that it’s energy-efficient and ideal for your home or business. We see the manufacturing process from start to finish, so we’re able to deliver a superior product to you. When you invest in our windows, you’re letting us know that you trust us and the way we operate as a company.
  3. There are many energy efficient windows options to choose from. You’re not limited in your selection. In fact, you have many options to consider. To best meet your needs, we take great care to create consistency across our window types. You’ll get the same level of quality and craftsmanship no matter which type of window you choose for your residence or commercial property.
  4. We make all of our windows with lead-free PVC lineal from VEKA, which is a well-known extrusion technology leader worldwide. This extra step helps maintain the quality of the product long-term. That means fewer repairs and replacements for you. Lead-free also makes a safer environment for anyone coming into contact with the windows. It’s a precautionary measure that delivers immediate results.
  5. Our windows stand up to the weather and do not fade, leak air, or shatter like other windows on the market. What more could you ask for in an energy efficient window? When you buy from us, you’re investing in your future. You’ll be able to make use of the windows that you purchased long-term. You’ll see a distinct difference in how your home or business looks and feels thanks to the addition of new energy efficient windows. You’ll receive far more in savings than you initially paid in when you buy Energy Star windows from Energy Window Solutions.

There are many benefits to investing in energy efficient windows, as noted above. You’ll find that they’re a far better choice than other types of windows you can buy. Not only do they provide better protection from the hot sun, they also make it easy to harness the brilliant glowing orb’s natural light and heat to your advantage.

They withstand everyday wear and tear and protect from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. The windows prevent furniture and furnishings from fading, too. During the colder days of the year, you can tie back your curtains and raise your blinds to make use of the natural heat coming through your windows.

Durability is another advantage of buying from us. The windows that we manufacture and sell consist of the highest quality materials. They’re attractive, long-lasting, and better able to handle the weather than our competitor’s offerings.

When you buy from us, you’re getting a guarantee that the Energy Star windows that you purchased will withstand the test of time. That means fewer worries and less expense for you. The windows do what you want them to at all times without issue, which is ideal in a sunny location such as Dallas, TX.

What Makes Energy Window Solutions Your Source for Energy Efficient Windows

Get to know your new Energy Star energy efficient windows right away. Energy Window Solutions has your best interests in mind. In addition to working with residential clients, we also serve commercial clients, too. Allow our three decades plus in the industry speak of the quality of customer service we provide. Lowering your energy consumption costs is easy with the right windows. Call us at 972-290-1848 for more information or to schedule a time to meet with us.