7 Common Signs Of Poor Window Installation And A Need For Replacement Windows | Fort Worth, TX

7 Common Signs Of Poor Window Installation And A Need For Replacement Windows | Fort Worth, TX

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Properly installed windows can help you save more energy. When it’s efficient in keeping heated or cooled air inside, you do not only save money but your home stays warm and comfortable. This is why it’s important to hire only qualified installers for either your new or replacement windows to ensure that you won’t have problems down the road.

Below are the common signs that your windows are poorly installed. Get help right away when you notice these signs.


Hearing squeaky noises after opening or closing the windows is a sure sign that it’s poorly installed. You can’t really tell where the sound originates but it’s there. If this isn’t resolved, it’s possible for it to progress to an even bigger problem. The squeaky noise comes from the glass – it means they are not correctly installed. You can avoid this when you hire only qualified window installers.

Keep in mind that windows are a major contributor to heat loss. You just cannot afford to have defective or poorly installed windows. Otherwise, your home won’t be as comfortable and warm. When you decide to get replacement windows, do make sure that you hire professionals only for installation.

Messy Caulking

That clay-looking sealant found around your windows is the caulking. They help to completely seal off windows so heat doesn’t escape and to also keep pests away from your home. When the caulking is not properly done, it will not do what it’s supposed to do. While a professional may still be able to fix a botched caulking job, it’s always better to do it right the first time.

Improper caulking could be due to a rushed job – and this usually happens when you are working with an inexperienced handyman. You can completely avoid this when you work only with professional window installers. With an experienced installer, proper caulking is always a guarantee. They never rush into finishing the job.

Should you decide to get replacement windows, work only with a professional.

Skyrocketing Bills

Heating is expensive especially during the winter when most residents are indoors most of the time. When you have Smart HVAC but you keep getting higher bills every month, this could be because of poor insulation or you are losing heat through your windows.

What type of windows do you have in your home? If you have single pane windows, then that is not very efficient in keeping the heated air inside. If you have a double pane or triple pane but the bills are still sky-high, your windows could be poorly installed. When you purchase new or replacement windows, hire only qualified installers in Fort Worth, TX to ensure that the windows are properly installed.

Problems Opening & Closing

If you had your new windows installed during the winter, it is likely that you won’t notice this problem until summer comes. When this problem isn’t resolved sooner, you may not be able to really fully open or close them.

This is one of the signs that your windows are poorly installed. Chipped frames and rusted hinges are the other signs. If you want to get either new windows or replacement windows, hire only qualified installers in Fort Worth, so you won’t have this problem in the near future.

Your windows need to be completely sealed if you are trying to keep the heated air or cooled air inside your homes. When they escape, your work HVAC will work harder and you get higher energy bills.


Condensation is completely normal. What’s not normal is when your windows look wet on a dry day. When you have double panes or triple pane windows, and the condensation is found between the panes, this means that the window isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do. This is due to poor installation.

Double pane and triple pane windows are equipped with seals protecting the interior of the window from moisture and air. When the moisture has formed in between the panes, that means that the seal is broken. When this happens, you may have to get new windows. Hire only qualified installers to ensure that the windows are correctly installed.

Uneven Windows

When you get new or replacement windows, make it a point to hire only qualified installers. Why? To make sure that your windows fit perfectly in place and to avoid window issues down the road.

It’s common for windows to move and shift over time though especially with older houses. When you move into an older home, have a professional check your windows to make sure they are still efficient in keeping the heat inside. Otherwise, you should get new windows. It would be best to either go for double pane or triple pane windows to save more energy.

Hiring a qualified installer ensures that your window will last longer albeit it may move or shift over time.

Discoloration and Glass Stains

Another sign that the windows are poorly installed is when you see discoloration in the glass. You might find a yellowish tint on them and that is very unsightly. Thankfully, you can spot this right away and you can hire a professional to remedy this problem. If your windows are older though, it may be better for you to get replacement windows instead.

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